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Living Universe

Living Universe   


Living Universe is an interstellar adventure that seeks to answer the most profound question of all: are we alone?  Based on the latest scientific knowledge, we will take a journey to a planet beyond our solar system in search of life.

We ask the world’s leading space scientists what we might find if we travel to a neighbouring star system.  Recent breakthroughs have proven that every star we see in the sky is orbited by at least one planet and many are similar to our own Earth.  How do we get to these “exoplanets”? Once there, what will we find? And what will it mean for humanity when we discover we are not alone?

Our speculative journey through space is set 150 years in the future - when we have the technology to journey well beyond our solar system. On this first expedition, our interstellar star ship will be piloted not by astronauts, but by the artificial intelligence (A.I.) we call Artemis. We learn how Artemis travels through space, on its 50-year journey, at twenty percent of the speed of light.  Its objective is Minerva B, an imaginary planet much like our own, with an atmosphere, temperature and liquid water that appears a likely candidate to hold life.

With spectacular visual effects we reach and explore a new planet as we seek to answer the most profound question of all: is there life elsewhere in the universe? Our guides on this journey are narrator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and as the voice of our AI, Artemis, real-life astrophysicist, Professor Tamara Davis.

Inspired and informed by our rapidly developing knowledge of far-off worlds, our best scientists - including NASA engineers, astrophysicists and astronomers – we learn that this amazing journey is not only possible, it is inevitable. To venture into distant space is our destiny.

Living Universe captures a pivotal moment in the human story. A film full of insight and inspiration certain to thrill anyone who dreams of distant worlds, or have ever wondered: why are we here?

Press Quotes

Profoundly optimistic and eternally excited, Living Universe helps instill the notion that one day, mankind will find itself not alone in this wide universe.”



**** "This documentary will inspire and fill you with hope that we are not alone.” - THE CURB

Straps you in and takes you to places of interstellar wonder” - CURIEUX

**** "Mesmerizing... will leave both dreamers and doers pining for what the future folds” - SCREEN-SPACE

"Fascinating and optimistic... a well-researched, nuanced and thorough update on how far humanity has come, and how far it still has to go" - INDAILY

"Absolutely teeming with life... wonderfully upbeat and optimistic" - FILMINK

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Science, Education, Documentary

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 1 x 85-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: France/Australia

Production Company:Essential Media and Entertainment