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Funny Cow  


Delivering tragedy and comedy in equal measure, Funny Cow charts the rise of a female comedienne through the 1970s and 1980s industrial Northern England. 

From her violent childhood to her turbulent adult relationships, she uses the raw material of her life experiences to bring comedy to the stage as the sole stand-up comedienne in an all-male world. 



"One of the best British features of the year so far" - THE INDEPENDENT 

"Maxine Peake blazes… [her] anti-heroine explodes like a firework" - THE GUARDIAN 

"Darkly funny and quietly brilliant" - SUNDAY EXPRESS

"Good lord, this is strong" - THE TIMES

"Maxine Peake is wonderful" - EXPRESS

Genre: Films

Sub Genre: Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1 x 102-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:A Laughing Girl Ltd Production