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Clink (wt)  


An original prime-time drama set in the fictional HMP Bridewell women’s prison. No ordinary prison drama, Clink will focus on the emotional heart of a community of women who are thrown together and forced to confront their own realities and, in most cases, accept the consequences of the decisions which have brought them here. From the pregnant, scared Chloe and self-harmer, Laura, to the ‘Prison Mother’, Joyce, and self-styled queen of the block, Sherri, our girls are many things - drug users, robbers, some are killers, but all are survivors. Well, most of them are…

But this isn’t a melting pot of violence and anarchy, quite the opposite. Bridewell is a real community, a sink estate with locks but also bags of heart and humour. Our girls might be dealing with big, big issues, but they’ll always find time to see the funny side of any situation, however dark it might be.

At Bridewell, barriers get broken, hopes get raised and hearts get broken, but no-one ever finds themselves alone. With so many of these women coming from places of hopelessness and darkness, the friendships they form in prison can ignite real flames of hope, however faint.

Presiding over all the girls is new Governor Dominique Darby, herself thrust into the limelight in tragic circumstances. At just 31, is she ready to cope with such a demanding job? With pressure mounting from above and below, Dominique will do battle not just with the board who appointed her, but the inmates she’s charged with protecting.

Expect tears, comedy capers, high jinx and a snapshot of modern Britain as we follow the lives of our lovable women in dorm style ‘houses’ within the prison walls.

Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Drama, Crime

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 10 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:LA Productions for Channel 5’s 5Star