B.B King: On The Road
BB King: On The Road

B.B. King: On The Road   


Bringing home the portion of B.B. King’s life that has yet to be told: “What really happened on tour all those years?”

A loving tribute to a man who contributed to the landscape of music with a unique style imitated to this day, as told by those who knew him best: his crew, friends and many band members as they symbolically travel from Nashville across America's deep South in B.B. King's tour bus. 

In a music career spanning five decades, B.B. King and his band were infamous for their gruelling worldwide tour schedule which covered some 300 nights per year. King spent a good portion of his 89 years on the road and there are more than a few recollections of memorable events, reflected in the people and places that shaped one of the most prolific careers in music history.

B.B. King: On The Road takes viewers through the days spent travelling and the nights spent performing in between life’s milestones featuring new and exclusive contributions from B.B. King as he began to wind down touring, until the one night he set his guitar (Lucille) down and silently walked off stage, never to play publicly again. Director Jon Brewer also includes precious footage of the funeral of B.B. King to share with fans for remembrance.

This is a film which reflects on the trials and tribulations, hilarity and rewarding moments of B.B. King’s years of tenacious commitment to his audience, sometimes at great personal cost, but also as is obvious, his life's joy. 

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Biopic Documentary, Arts & Culture, Music, Documentary

Running Time: Feature-Length & 2 x one hour versions available

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:An Emperor Media Ltd. and B.B. King On The Road Ltd. Production