79 BEST Piano Gift Ideas (Selected)

William T Johnson Feb 08, 2023
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If you’re looking for piano gifts, then look no further! We've compiled a list of 79 piano gift ideas that are sure to make any piano lover smile.

Whether they want something practical or fun, there is bound to be the perfect gift here.

1. Piano Method Books

Piano method books come in all different levels and styles, so it's easy to find one that suits your needs.

From scales and chords to improvisation techniques, these books have everything a beginner or experienced musician needs for learning piano basics.

2. Digital Pianos

For those who already know their way around the keys but need an upgrade from their old school upright piano, digital pianos are an excellent choice.

They come with hundreds of tones and rhythms and often include built-in lessons and mini synthesizers – great for experimenting with new sounds!

3. Keyboard Stands

A keyboard stand is essential if you plan on gigging or recording music at home.

As well as providing stability for your instrument during performance, it can also help protect against dust buildup which could damage delicate keys over time.

4. Piano Benches

Piano benches provide comfort during long practice sessions - plus they look great too!

Look for one with a padded seat and adjustable height to ensure the best playing position.

5. Keyboard Covers

For those who want to protect their piano from dust and dirt, keyboard covers are an ideal purchase.

Not only do they keep dust and dirt away from the piano keys, but many of them also feature beautiful designs which can make any piano look more attractive!

6. Piano Tuning

If you know someone who loves their piano but it hasn't been tuned in a while, then why not give them the gift of piano tuning?

The process can help restore a piano's sound quality by realigning strings and adjusting the action, giving them the perfect tool for playing their favorite songs with better accuracy.

7. Metronomes

Metronomes are a vital tool for musicians of all levels, helping to develop timing and rhythm skills through counting beats and keeping tempo steady.

Many modern metronomes come equipped with extra features like adjustable tempos, rhythms, accents and subdivisions – great for practice or performance!

8. Music Stands

Whether it’s a professional or amateur musician, every piano player needs a music stand to hold sheet music while performing or practicing.

Investing in a sturdy music stand that can adjust to different heights is key to getting the most out of this essential piece of equipment.

9. Headphones

Headphones are essential for anyone who likes to practice their piano playing in peace – after all, no one wants to disturb their neighbors with loud notes!

Fortunately there are plenty of high-quality headphones on the market that provide great sound isolation allowing the user to concentrate on technique without worrying about loudness levels.

10. Apps

For those who prefer learning piano digitally rather than with physical books there are some amazing piano playing apps available such as Skoove or Simply Piano which allow users to learn at their own place without feeling intimidated by an instructor or having difficulty following along with lessons due to language barriers.

11. Keyboard Sustain Pedals

A piano sustain pedal is a great gift for piano players who want to add expression and depth to their music.

It can be used for softening notes, adding vibrato and controlling the speed of arpeggios – perfect for creating more dramatic compositions!

12. Piano Movers

If your piano-playing loved one needs to move house, then piano movers might just be the best gift ever!

These professionals know how to safely transport pianos from one location to another without damaging any of its delicate parts or risking injury in the process.

13. Music Theory Books

For those looking to sharpen their knowledge on chords, progressions and scales, music theory books are a must-have resource.

Plus they make great gifts as these books come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy find one that fits every budget.

14. Synthesizers

Many modern keyboards come with sound banks full of different instruments but if you really want something special then why not invest in a synthesizer?

With hundreds of sounds available at your fingertips this electronic instrument provides endless possibilities when it comes composing unique pieces from scratch!

15. Portable Keyboards

For those who need an on-the-go piano, portable keyboards are the ideal gift.

These light and compact instruments come with all the features of a regular piano – minus the weight!

Plus they’re extremely versatile and can be used to create any type of music.

16. Piano Bench

A piano bench is an important accessory for any piano player, providing support and comfort while playing.

Investing in a piano bench can make all the difference when it comes to posture and technique; plus they come with adjustable height settings which make them suitable for both children and adults alike!

17. Piano Covers

If you’re looking to keep your piano in great condition then why not invest in a piano cover?

Not only will this help protect it from dust and dirt, but many of them also feature beautiful designs which can make any piano look more attractive!

18. Lesson Books

For beginners who want to learn the basics of piano playing or those who are simply looking for some new pieces to practice, lesson books are key resources that provide step-by-step guidance on mastering particular techniques or pieces.

Plus they also contain tips on how to develop improvisation skills as well as advice on perfecting sound quality too – making them perfect gifts for aspiring pianists!

19. Sheet Music Magazines

Whether it’s classical music scores or pop songs, sheet music magazines offer countless arrangements of different genres at various skill levels so there’s something for everyone.

20. Piano Tuners

For piano players who want to keep their instrument in perfect condition, piano tuners can help ensure it’s always sounding its best.

Plus this is a great way of improving the sound quality and sustaining tuning for longer periods of time!

21. Digital Pianos

If you really want to spoil your piano-playing loved one then why not invest in a digital piano?

With advanced features such as built-in speakers and headphone jacks these stylish instruments are ideal for creating great music anytime, anywhere!

22. Metronomes

A metronome is an important tool for any musician, helping them stay on tempo while playing pieces at varying speeds.

They come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that fits every budget – plus they make great gifts too!

23. Piano Stools/Benches

While piano benches offer comfort when playing, piano stools provide extra posture support as well as storage space underneath – making them perfect gifts for pianists who need both convenience and stability while performing!

24. Sheet Music/Songbook

Expand any piano player's repertoire with a selection of sheet music or song books – whether it’s classic hits or contemporary pieces, you can find something that suits their taste!

25. Music CDs/DVDs

For those looking to learn more about musical genres or get inspired by different styles of piano playing then why not invest in music CDs and DVDs?

This is a great way to discover new pieces, as well as gaining insight into the history and development of piano performance!

26. Piano Accessories

From piano lamps that provide additional lighting while playing at night, to book stands for holding sheet music when practicing- these accessories can help make any piano player’s life easier.

Plus they come in various designs so it’s easy find one that suits any budget!

27. Piano Method Books

If your loved one is serious about mastering the piano then method books are essential tools which help build technique through practice exercises and theory lessons.

Investing in a good selection of resources can be an invaluable aid when starting out on their musical journey!

28. Gift Cards/Vouchers

Not sure what to buy? Why not purchase gift cards or vouchers from specialist piano stores which allow you recipient to choose whatever item takes their fancy – giving them complete freedom with no pressure involved!

29. Piano Methodology Books

For piano players who want to improve their technique and refine their sound, piano methodology books are great resources which provide detailed guidance on key elements such as finger placement and articulation.

Plus they often feature illustrations of correct hand positions – making them perfect gifts for students looking to take their playing up a level!

30. Record Players

While digital pianos may be the way forward for many piano players, some prefer the charm of an acoustic instrument – in which case a record player is ideal!

Not only do these vintage-style instruments look stunning but they also offer authentic sounds too – so it’s worth investing if you really want to surprise someone special with a unique gift!

31. Music Cases/Bags

To make transporting sheet music or other piano accessories easier, why not invest in some stylish music cases or bags?

From leather satchels that hide away important documents to multipurpose backpacks with compartments for all types of items – there are plenty of designs available that can suit any budget!

32. Keyboard Covers

If your loved one is frequently on the move then keyboard covers can help keep their prized possession safe from dirt and spills while travelling between gigs or performances.

33. Piano Tuning Kits

For piano players who want to keep their instrument in top condition, piano tuning kits make great gifts!

They usually include all the tools and materials needed to retune a piano, as well as provide guidance on how to carry out the process properly.

34. Custom Piano Covers

If you really want to make a statement then why not have a custom piano cover made?

These can be designed to incorporate personal photos or favourite colours/patterns – making them ideal for anyone who loves unique and one-of-a-kind items!

35. Personalised Sheet Music

Another thoughtful gift idea for piano players is personalised sheet music, which can be printed with their name, photo or a special message.

This is a great way to show how much you care while also giving them something practical that they can use time and time again!

36. Digital Pianos

For those who prefer the convenience of digital pianos, there are plenty of options available on the market today.

From portable instruments that are perfect for taking on holiday to advanced models with built-in speakers and headphone jacks – there’s sure to be one that suits every budget!

37. Piano Accessories

If you’re looking for some practical piano gifts then why not invest in some piano accessories?

These can range from metronomes, which help improve timing and rhythm, to music stands, headphones and foot pedals - all of which will make life easier for piano players!

38. Piano Benches

For those who spend a lot of time at the piano, having comfortable seating is essential – so why not invest in an adjustable bench?

Not only do these provide superior support but they often come with handy storage compartments too – making them great gifts for musicians who want to keep their instruments organised!

39. Sheet Music Books

To boost repertoire or build up a library of favourite tunes, books are ideal gifts that any piano player would appreciate.

From classic jazz standards through to contemporary pop hits - there are plenty of musical collections available on the market today that suit all levels and styles!

40. Soundproofing Materials

Whether it’s professional recording equipment or just soundproofing materials such as acoustic foam panels – investing in these items is always appreciated by serious pianists who need clear audio quality when practising at home or performing live venues!

41. Piano Lessons

For piano players who want to take their skills to the next level – piano lessons are always a great investment!

These can either be taken one-on-one or as part of larger classes, depending on what type of tuition is preferred.

42. Sheet Music Holders

To keep sheets organised during performances, holders and clips make great gifts for any piano player!

Not only do they make it easier to quickly switch between pieces but they also help reduce the risk of pages getting lost in the heat of the moment!

43. Piano Lamp

This is a classic gift for those who love traditional décor and furniture items – not only does this provide illumination that’s needed when playing at night but it also adds an extra touch of style to any piano setup too!

44. Digital Piano Stand & Stool Set

If you know someone who wants both comfort and convenience then why not invest in a digital piano stand & stool set?

This usually includes adjustable heights so it can suit any size user – making them ideal for long practice sessions with no back strain afterwards!

45. Metronome Apps/Software

While physical metronomes are popular options, there are now plenty of digital versions available, such as apps and software programs, which piano players can use instead.

This is a great gift for those who are tech-savvy and want to improve their timing without relying on bulky equipment!

46. Piano Tuning Kit

For piano players who want to make sure their instruments are always in tune, a piano tuning kit is a great gift idea.

It includes all the tools needed to get any piano sounding perfect – from tuning forks and mutes to digital tuners and more!

47. Piano Keyboard Cover

To protect delicate keys from dust or other debris, keyboard covers are essential for maintaining your piano’s pristine condition.

These come in fun prints and designs that will make playing even more enjoyable!

48. Music Stand Light

Ideal for when extra illumination is needed during late-night practice sessions – music stand lights are both practical and stylish gifts that any pianist would love!

Most of these can be adjusted so they can provide the perfect lighting at any angle or height too!

49. Headphones & Ear Plugs

Whether it’s recording audio or practising without disturbing others - having headphones or ear plugs will help block out unwanted noise while still allowing you to enjoy your favourite tunes uninterruptedly!

50. Personalised Piano Ornament/Decoration

Make someone feel special with a custom piano ornament/decoration which can feature prints of family photos, pet portraits, love ones.

51. Piano Stickers/Wall Art

Create a unique piano setup with wall art and stickers – these can be completely customised to suit any decorating style or colour scheme!

They’ll also add an extra touch of personality to any piano player’s practice space too.

52. Keyboard Cleaning Kit

To reduce the risk of dirt and grime building up on piano keys, invest in a cleaning kit that includes everything needed for maintenance such as cloths, polishes, lubricants, brushes and more!

53. MIDI Controller & Software Bundle

For those who want to broaden their piano playing into digital music production – investing in a MIDI keyboard controller (and accompanying software bundle) makes for an amazing gift idea!

These allow you to produce professional sounding tunes from your home studio - making it perfect for aspiring producers or composers alike.

54. Portfolio Case/Bag

Great for transporting delicate instruments safely whether it’s between rehearsals or performances - getting someone one of these bags is sure to make them smile!

Most come with storage compartments so they can keep items organised during their travels too!

55. Digital Aural Trainer App/Software

If someone you know is looking to improve their aural skills, then a digital aural trainer app or software program is an excellent piano gift idea.

It provides various exercises to help improve pitch recognition, rhythm, timing and more - allowing piano players to reach their full potential in no time!

56. Sheet Music/Songbook

Expand any piano player's repertoire with a selection of sheet music or song books – whether it’s classic hits or contemporary pieces, you can find something that suits their taste!

57. Piano Method Books & Tutorial DVDs

These are great for those who want to improve their technique or learn new styles quickly and easily – most piano method books are accompanied by helpful tutorials so users can get the hang of challenging passages more quickly too!

58. Piano Bench Cushions

For added comfort while playing, consider investing in piano bench cushions – these come in various sizes to suit almost any size piano seat!

Plus they’re available in a range of colours and prints so they can easily match any décor style too!

59. Electronic Tuner & Pitch Pipe Set

This handy instrument allows players to tune up instruments accurately and quickly every time - making them ideal for both practice sessions and performances alike!

Most electronic tuners also include pitch pipes which provide additional reference notes if needed as well.

60. Keyboard Stand / Rack

With one of these stands, anyone is able to set up multiple keyboards together or have extra room on the side while practising - perfect for those who perform and practise regularly with different instruments too!

Most models also come adjustable so they can fit almost any piano size.

61. Piano Keyboard Cover

This piano keyboard cover helps protect the piano keys from dirt, dust and spills which can occur during practice sessions or performances.

They come in a range of sizes to fit most piano keyboards and are machine washable for easy cleaning too!

62. Compendium of Keyboard Chords & Scales

For those who want to take their playing to the next level - try investing in this compendium that contains all the chords, scales and arpeggios needed for any piano piece!

63. Digital Metronome & Countdown Timer

An essential piece of equipment for any pianist - this digital metronome will help keep users on time with its adjustable tempo settings as well as flickering beat indicator lights – it also features a countdown timer so they know exactly how long each exercise should take them before starting!

64. Piano Lamp/Lighting System

Give someone extra illumination while practising with one of these lamps or lighting systems – ideal if there’s a lack of natural light in their room or studio space!

Most models are easily adjustable so they can provide just the right amount of brightness at any angle or height too!

65. Piano Maintenance Kit

Give them the gift of piano care with this piano maintenance kit which includes everything needed for maintenance such as cloths, polishes, lubricants, brushes and more!

Plus, it’s also useful for piano tuning and other repairs – so it's a great all-in-one piano accessory!

66. Digital Keyboard Stand & Bench Combo

For added convenience – why not get someone a digital keyboard stand that also comes with its own adjustable piano bench?

This way they can easily move the entire set up without having to worry about two separate pieces being taken apart every time!

67. Music Stand & Light Set

Get them a music stand complete with an integrated light so they have all the tools necessary for sight reading - most stands come in various sizes and angles so you can pick the perfect one according to their needs!

68. Personalised Piano Lesson Book or Journal

Great for recording progress during lessons or practising sessions - these personalised piano lesson books make it easy to keep track of goals and new techniques learnt over time too!

69. Online Piano Classes/Lessons Gift Voucher

If someone wants to learn at their own pace from home – consider investing in an online piano classes/lessons voucher so they can use it towards taking private lessons with some of the world.

70. Keyboard Stand & Bag Set

A great piano gift for a beginner - this set includes an adjustable keyboard stand as well as a carrying bag to make transporting the piano easier!

71. Music Score/Sheet Storage Folder

Keep their music sheets neat and organised with one of these folders which come in various sizes and colours to suit any style!

72. Piano Method Books

Great for those wanting to learn piano from the basics – piano method books can help users master different techniques step by step, while also teaching them how to read music too!

73. Digital Recorder & Looping Pedal Device

Perfect for recording performance pieces or practising sessions – this digital recorder will allow pianists to easily playback their own recordings afterwards so they can review what’s been played at any time during practice too!

It also comes with looping pedals so users can continue playing over sections that may have been difficult before more quickly too.

74. Piano Tuning Tools Kit

Get someone all the tools needed for tuning up different types of piano tunings such as equal temperament, diatonic tuning etc., with this piano tuning tools kit which includes a piano tuning hammer, a tuning fork, and other necessary tools!

75. Digital Piano Stickers

An ideal piano gift for beginners! These digital piano stickers are designed to help users learn the notes on their piano keys quickly and easily – they come in different colours so can be used as a visual aid during learning too!

76. Sheet Music Stand & Storage Rack

Perfect for keeping all of your sheet music neatly organised - this stand comes with its own storage rack so you can keep track of different pieces at home or in the studio too!

77. Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Give someone the gift of piano hygiene with this keyboard cleaning kit which includes everything needed to properly clean both digital and acoustic pianos including cloths, polishes, disinfectants etc...

78. Portable Piano Keyboard Case Bag

Protect any digital piano model when travelling with these portable cases which feature adjustable straps as well as padding to protect against scratches and bumps along the way too!

79. Magnetic Felt Key Covers

A great addition for anyone's piano setup - magnetic felt key covers help keep dust away while also providing some extra protection from any spills that may occur during practice or performances too!

So there you have it – 79 piano gift ideas that are sure to please even the most discerning piano player in your life!

From sustain pedals to synthesizers, these items are sure to keep their fingers busy for hours on end. Happy shopping!

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