65 BEST Tips on Tools To Create Top Blog (2023)

William T Johnson Jan 18, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. From scratch I built two $550 million companies.
  2. Your blog is a business not a hobby.
  3. You will win by using these 3 tools.
  4. My wife has forbidden me to publish this post.
  5. I earned, I retired, I made a bet. I am on a win trajectory again.
  6. No mumbo jumbo truth on high traffic blog tools.
  7. Three solutions and three tools in an assembly line. Rank IQ, Jasper, JetPage.
  8. Part A. Your Web Development Team caged in 1 tool: JetPage.
  9. Part B. Your Content Research and Creation Team caged In 1 tool: Jasper.
  10. Part C. Your Keywords (Topics) Research and Quality Check Team caged in 1 tool: Rank IQ.
  11. The Most Important Rule.
  12. Your life has just been changed for better.
  13. Affiliate Disclaimer.

Disclosure: In order to help keep this site running and do research, I may receive a commission if you purchase using some of the links. This adds ZERO cost to you and allows me to research and find you the best prices. I only recommend products that I personally believe in. Thank you for your support!  

From scratch I built two $550 million companies.

Starting from nothing, I've constructed two companies worth $550 million.

Having been in the trenches myself, I can confidently say that business is all about building. Exactly the same is with a blogging business.

And to truly be successful in business you must have both bold dreams for inspiration and to keep you moving...

...as well as practical tools which will make your aspirations come true.

Exactly the same is with a blogging business.

my pic

Your blog is a business not a hobby.

(1/65) Start to view your blog as a business and not just a hobby if you want to succeed.

an assembly line in a car factory with red robots

(2/65) I am fully confident that, if you take this approach, success will be yours - I have seen it happen multiple times and for impressive amounts in many industries. Blogging is no different.

You will win by using these 3 tools.

(3/65) Don't even start blogging without having

JetPage (for maintenance free technically best websites in the net, which you can set up in 3 minutes as opposed to torture and frustration with WordPress)

Jasper (for the best quality content you've ever seen in the net and this done by you with Jasper's hands)

and Rank IQ (for somebody giving you ready topics or low competition keywords to write about that will generate for you massive preciselly estimated traffic...

...and for ensuring before publishing that your content does include all necessary phrases there should be included...

...so the massive traffic will come onto your site starting from 30 days as opposed in 360 days or never)

nice old fashion robots toys in a row

These nice robots got a gift for You - Please click now the link below and get a free 14-day trial (NO CREDIT CARD required) and start trying JetPage for yourself in seconds!

Your Link for JetPage free trial.

(4/65) These 3 tools are essential for a successful blog.

Skipping them would leave you wasting 9 to 12 months of valuable time!

(5/65) I am certain that these three solutions are the only ones you should ponder. Do not waste your time looking for others.

Trust me, I'm being genuine and straightforward here for a reason - JetPage, Jasper and Rank IQ effectively and quickly solve the biggest dilemmas of bloggers today!

(6/65) Employing them will give your blog an explosive boost in traffic--upwards of 50K visitors per month! if you use these tools as they should be used which is also very easy, pleasant and almost a magical experience.

(7/65) So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Or as we rather should say in today's AI powered world and turbo productivity of your competition: Better be hero, than zero!

(8/65) After all, who knows better than me? With two companies under my belt, I was able to retire young by leveraging what works best from experience.

Get started with these 3 tools now and be prepared to win big while smiling wide along the way!

My wife has forbidden me to publish this post.

(9/65) My wife has strictly forbidden me from sharing this post with you, as in her mind it would create more competitors for myself.

Yet, here I am - two large companies built and the money maker of our household! So let's have a little fun with her and publish anyway--what can she do?

Life is about balance after all :)

I earned, I retired, I made a bet. I am on a win trajectory again.

(10/65) After retiring from being the CEO of two well-established businesses, I was left with plenty of money but a need to find something new that would bring me some joy.

That's why I decided to venture into the online world and create multiple blogs - not only because it makes me happy, but also in order to show those who doubt how much money you can make off it!

I have made a bold wager with my two business partners that I can set up blogs and begin monetizing them within 12 months.

Initially, they sought to keep me occupied and out of their business. Although this was a clever trap set for me, I'm thankful for the challenge!

Determined and believing in the content found on WordPress tutorial pages, I have eagerly taken action to launch these blogs!

And soon it turned out that setting up a really successful blog in WordPress (in today's world of huge competition) was simply not possible.

Why? Three major problems:

(11/65) Firstly, I became a web developer. It was dull work - more time spent tinkering and troubleshooting than actually doing something!

Maybe it's just me, but the majority of my hours were devoted to building WordPress sites from scratch – getting them up and running...

...and then constantly maintaining them and constantly improving in so many absurd details it finally made me laugh.

There wasn't enough energy left for writing posts when I was still preoccupied tweaking the back end functions.

a man welding in the factory with a lot of sparks

(12/65) Secondly, I had realized that writing a blog was taking me much longer than expected.

It requires an immense amount of content to create something noteworthy and giving required authority to generate traffic and I just couldn't manage to create it all by myself.

What once seemed like a dream rapidly became my worst nightmare.

Often times when creating a serious blog post you have to reach 2,500 words or more and they need to make sense!

Without the help from additional tools this job can be done only 4 out of 10 times correctly - not nearly enough for success.

Thus, implementing supportive tools is absolutely necessary if you want your work to stand out amongst competitors in today's competitive world. And if you do not stand out you do not exist.

(13/65) Ultimately, what I wrote failed to draw any interest from anyone.

Not a single soul was really captivated by my writings!

My posts were not even showing up in Google search results on first pages, so there wasn't much of an audience for me.

Same with social media. Drought of the century.

I expected tens of thousands people and yet, only several hundred reached out - that's all the readership this content garnered.

(14/65) It appears that everything is wrong, as it usually does.

Fortunately, there are always solutions to be found!

After a rigorous 6-month testing period and an investment of more than $3,500 in data acquisitions, I have found the tools needed for success.

And I myself use JetPage, Jasper and Rank IQ or to put them...

... in step by step order: first Rank IQ, then Jasper, then Rank IQ again, then JetPage every day.

Like couple of hours every day I use all of them. For real. I have to win the bet with my friends.

assembly line of luxury cars

No mumbo jumbo truth on high traffic blog tools.

(15/65) This may be the most honest post you've ever seen regarding what it takes to successfully begin blogging.

I'm not suggesting that you purchase all of these tools, as then we'll become competitors!

The fact is though, if you want to save yourself months of frustration and disappointments while getting a head start on your blog journey - don't take any steps without having the these essential tools in place first!

Trust me - these tools are essential. If you don't invest in them, it's best to quit blogging and find another career path.

You'll only be wasting your precious time if you decide not to purchase the necessary tools.

A year will pass without any significant outcome for all of your efforts.

Three solutions and three tools in an assembly line. Rank IQ, Jasper, JetPage.

(16/65) When I tried to start up a blog, it was like all the other business situations I have encountered - a confusing mess with nothing working and no one caring.

My winning strategy is what helped me tackle this problem. So, as usual, I divided these issues into three separate areas and resolved them accordingly - A,B and C.

Going backwards in the whole process of creating a blog with 50k+/month traffic (that will bring you money):

(17/65) Part A. You must have a website that is maintenance-free and better than 75% of other blogs:

  • works technically better than others and google algorithm just loves them

  • requires no maintenance and lets you focus on creating content

  • includes only but all key features

  • is not overloaded with a million bells and whistles and shining extras

a machine making a lot of sparks in the factory

(18/65) As a content creator, you should dedicate your time and effort to creating remarkable content that makes people hungry for more rather than worrying about the tedious web design process in WordPress.

You need a platform that can save 90% of those inconveniences by eradicating the need for consistent website creation and upkeep or maintenance.

Instead of wasting precious energy on unnecessarily laborious tasks – focus it on what matters most: creating great content!

(19/65) Rather than just another web builder that allows you to run hobby blogs, what your business needs is an all-encompassing solution.

You need a website platform with the

  • swiftest hosting available,

  • secure access

  • and everything already in place

so you can simply write blog posts and watch as traffic floods into your site.

new factory with chimneys at the lake

(20/65) If someone offers chance for any such a solution to you, it means that a team of specialists must create it in the first place. And it costs.

And that's very good, because when something costs money and people buy it, it means it has value.

If something has value, you can make money using it.

And this is your goal. Your goal is to make money with your blog.

Don't think you'll get it for free. Free are problems, not solutions.

(21/65) Starting my blog on WordPress turned out to be more costly than I expected.

Not only did I need to pay for hosting, but it also cost extra money if I wanted the plugins and themes to work properly.

To make sure my website was optimized at all times, I had no other choice than hiring someone.

This was around $80 per month, while it was meant to be zero.

Although one may think that using WordPress would come at no costs - these are the hard truths about running a successful blog online.

(22/65) Summing this up - you need your web development team caged into 1 tool.

This toll is called JetPage.

(23/65) You must have some magic research and writing tool that:

  • allows you to easily write not 1 post per week, but 3 posts ... per day

  • each post will be over 2,500 words

  • each will be written in a perfect language

  • will not tire you to death in the process

robot with hands up showing a win

(24/65) Forget that you will be writing your blog posts yourself.

Yes, unfortunately. You dreamt about being next Hemingway but it will not happen.

You must have a tool that practically writes for you along outline you specified.

(25/65) Artificial intelligence is used for this.

Well, this artificial intelligence has read 20% of the entire internet, has learned to write like people and writes even better than 80% of people.

And it also has data, figures, numbers, bullet points, ready tips, everything you have ever seen.

(26/65) Don't fool yourself into thinking you can outsmart 20% of the internet and work faster than a computer - let your Artificial Intelligence do it for you!

With AI, there's no need to be intimidated by vast amounts of data. Your machine will take care of all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

(27/65) Moreover, many of your competitors already employ these tools. They generate content swiftly and 24/7 and soon it'll become difficult to function in this business since the best bloggers became turbo loaded with AI powers.

They create content every moment now - even as you read this post!

They're preventing you from achieving what you want. If don't join them now in using AI, and best AI at that, don't waste time thinking that you can do it at some point in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is the key to achieving success in this field. Without it, you simply don't stand a chance. There's no sugarcoating it - that's just how it is!

(28/65) Using AI, you also need the best AI, with the best looks, manners, user interface, and the hardest working and best quality.

(29/65) So you need your content research and creation team caged in 1 tool.

This tool is called Jasper.

(30/65) You must have a magic tool for statistical analysis of topics that people want to read (SEO analytics) that:

  • will give you ready pre prepared for you topics to write on

  • that guarantee you 50k+/ month traffic to your blog

  • and the tool that will, after you write a post, check whether this post has all the phrases required to generate high traffic

a worker welding metal in the factory

(31/65) Forget that you will be writing on the topics you want.

Forget that you will be writing on topics you are passionate about.

Nobody cares. Do not believe? Try. Come back.

(32/65) If you want to write about what you really like, then write on a private FB, as your hobby.

(33/65) You are here to earn money. You're supposed to go and seat at your computer like in an office and work like in an office.

(34/65) It can even be boring and stupid. But it's supposed to be effective and it's supposed to give you money.

(35/65) Someone has to do all the analytical work for you. So you need your topics (keywords) research and quality check team caged in 1 tool.

This tool is called Rank IQ.

Summing Up: You Need 3 tools:

  • (1/3) one tool that will de facto create a website for you (JetPage)

  • (2/3) one tool that will write content along the outline given by you (Jasper)

... and then check if what you wrote is right quality to give you a chance for this traffic (Rank IQ)

even children have no problem with understanding robots

Part A. Your Web Development Team caged in 1 tool: JetPage.

(36/65) I was using WordPress. I wasted a lot of time. The technical effect was weak.

The nightmare was mainly about:

1. Finding a hosting that will not be as slow as a turtle plus will fail Google tests (Core Web Vitals) and no matter how good the blog itself is, I will be ranked low in the Google search engine because the hosting is too slow;

2. Then buy a secure SSL link, which costs not free at all and you have to ... manage it (know how and waste time on it);

3. Then constantly searching for the right plugins in endless lists of WordPress plugins;

4. Then switching on these plugins to work and of course it turned out that what I want from these plugins they do only in the premium version for which you have to pay and ... manage them (know how and waste time on this);

5. The next total nightmare was setting up the email to have a domain like the blog's domain, then connecting the SMTP service, then connecting forms (more WordPress plugins), then connecting to a company offering bulk mailing (Convertkit).

puzzle a lot of it all mixed up pretty well

I had to learn a dozen or so strange things and to this day I don't know how I managed it.

I lost so much time that I could write 3 books just in Word and earn on their old-fashioned bookstore sales.

(37/65) In WordPress, it doesn't matter that they say everything is free and simple. The truth is that almost nothing is free (which is not a problem, but it is annoying because we are constantly being lied to that it is free) and most of all, nothing ever works.

WordPress = nothing works right away, you have to toil and work like you're discovering America all over again.

(38/65) And when it works and you think it's cool, just do technical tests of the site and you'll see the truth about your wonderful work.

There are always zillion bugs. And when you eliminate them after weeks of dealing with them, you already have another trillion bugs ready to be dealt with.

(39/65) In the end, it turns out that instead of creating content, you are fighting 3/4 of the time with the technicalities of the website itself.

Instead of writing a book, a writer spends 3/4 of the time fighting to make his pen work. It's just sick.

building managers going up on the stairs

(40/65) I didn't see any way out for this, because all these web builders are not for bloggers who want to earn money from advertising or affiliate marketing, only for people who write for pleasure, or - on the other hand - for some e-commerce online stores.

(41/65) This is a real vicious circle. It's a never-ending cycle.

Furthermore, everybody is always raving and gushing about how amazing it all is because they're only offering you affiliate links - so everything in their tale must turn out as if it were perfect.

(42/65) All of a sudden, I was looking for podcasts to listen to while going on runs.

/Marathons grew boring to me (I've run 11 of them). Stopped. So started to put on weight, like immediately. Now all I do is pretend that at least occasionally jog./

Fortunately, by listening to these podcasts during my 'runs', it also turns into quality time away from wifey's nagging!

As fate would have it when searching Google Podcasts for some affiliate marketing content - Affiliate Marketing Millionaire podcast came up in an episode about exploiting specific niches and creating blogs around them.

Little did I know what kind of life-changing journey this could take me on...

(43/65) As I was jogging, an idea from the running podcast popped into my head: figure out what this JetPage is.

Lo and behold, diving into that page saved me hours of time in the long run, it gave me a new lease on life - so much so that I'm ready to begin blogging again! All thanks to having extra time on my hands now.

(44/65) I stumbled upon JetPage, and after a few clicks it was clear that this was the answer to all my problems, because:

1. I have the fastest server as hosting in the JetPage package.

I don't have to look for anything anymore and nothing will break down here.

In addition, I pass the Google Core Web Vitals test and even as a new blog I win with more than half of older blogs, because they are technically slower and do not pass this test;

2. I have an SSL certificate in the package and I don't have to look for anything, pay who knows how much and manage this service.

It's ready right away;

3. I don't have to look for any plugins like in WordPress, I have what I need at its best right away.

I never wanted any bells and whistles on a website, just to make it work so I could focus on writing and have traffic.

Here I have everything at once, everything works for me and I don't have to update;

4. Everything works right away, unlike WordPress, where - speaking as a seasoned new blogger - nothing ever works.

Here you set up a website in 10 minutes, from scratch;

You only need to have your image files at hand - photo, logo and a short bio.

a team of supporters in the office helps you

5. I have a built-in photo bank here in JetPage for free, so I don't have to waste time searching for photos externally and uploading.

Of course, I have my photos and AI art, but when I need to write a content, I write a content and not every 5 seconds I break away from it.

And if you need just normal photos to illustrate the content I have them at hand and I add them right away.

The nice thing is that such a photo immediately has a field to describe what you see in the photo (alt text), which speeds up indexing and searching in Google.

6. What I like is the in-page SEO at the bottom of the page already automatically filled in

7. Another total relief is that JetPage is fully integrated with email.

And it just works. Full stop.

8. I love that you turn on the table of content with one click.

Just thinking that I should make a table of content in html made me sweat cold

9. The good thing is also that with one click you enable the disclaimer that the site has affiliate links, which is displayed on every page.

Thanks to this, you will not forget and you will not be punished by Google.

10. I also like in JetPage how easy it is to connect a new domain.

And how everything is shown simply what and how to do. 'Only simple things work' rule in practice.

(45/65) My goal is just to do it - create a blog here for 100k+ visits per month from SEO alone for free, i.e. to have the so-called free traffic.

And then turn affiliate marketing on products that I like.

And since I spend so many hours on this thing, I also want to turn on ads from

Mediavine or AdThrive to earn some sensible money.

a team om people in the office

(46/65) Switching from WordPress to JetPage is like taking a luxurious getaway vacation under the swaying palm trees and sipping on free, refreshing drinks.

(47/65) JetPage has made it possible for me to express myself through blogging without having to delve too deeply into the technical details and nuances of website building.

I want my blog content to be meaningful, not just drown in endless minutiae. Bottom line: JetPage makes this goal achievable!

Please don't get me wrong - being a web developer is a great and super needed job, but these people don't have to conquer the world with their blog. And you must.

That's why JetPage is your tool. Full stop. Click here to have 14-days free trial (no credit card required!).

Part B. Your Content Research and Creation Team caged In 1 tool: Jasper.

(48/65) I went through all the major AI tools for content creation.

I have purchased 4.

Jasper won for quality and ease of use.

I write using Jasper (not this post, because this one is fully mine :), but the rest at this website I do.

(49/65) I work with Jasper everyday.

Yesterday I wrote 11 posts on 4 pages, a total of 43,000 words. Not bad huh?

Well, if you take something seriously.

old fashioned robot toy wind up

(50/65) It's me, the human being, not the tools, who slows down the work, because I spend a long time messing around with other household chores (I have 4 children and a lot of duties.

Plus when my wife heard that I would not be doing business anymore, she gave me a lot of everyday tasks).

(51/65) Forget about other apps than Jasper. Seemingly cheaper. They are actually more expensive, because they give a lot less for a slightly lower price, so in fact they give it more expensively.

(52/65) In Jasper you have everything automated and in several ways, as you like.

There are many long articles about Jasper and its functionality. They accurately describe all Jasper features.

Instead I will tell you that it all comes down to the following simple steps:


Firstly, from the tool I describe below (Rank IQ) I have a specific post title for the topic I am writing about (keyword) that will get me a lot of traffic - I put this title into Jasper.


I can also generate a post title in Jasper, but I want to have a statistically precise best topic and the best titles for this topic, which, if the content is appropriate, will give me a sufficiently large, precisely estimated traffic per page (I use Rank IQ for this).

So I have a post title ready (from Rank IQ) and put it into Jasper and Jasper generates me an outline for such a post with that title.


As a perfectionist, I guarantee the best outcome by generating three distinct outlines in Jasper.

Utilizing these drafts, I can create one robust outline that is sure to captivate attention and cover every element of my topic!

When I have such a beautiful outline, then I create an introduction to the post completely automatically in Jasper.

robots on the assembly line in factory

The quality of the text is so good that I couldn't have written it better myself. Never.


Then, under each subheading, using Jasper, I automatically create the content of a given paragraph (as long in number of words as I want). It is just being generated by Jasper! And it is 100% relevant, awesome, amazing and best quality.

Jasper generates content with a quality that is simply on a par with the best literature.

If I need any data, additional figures, Jasper provides them.

Jasper can list the data out, give you bulleted points, numbered points, chart descriptions and whatever you really want.

Jasper can do everything the best team of assistants and researchers and writers could do for you on a big budget.

Only 100 times faster. And 500 times cheaper.


And so I create with Jasper's hands paragraph by paragraph. As long as I want. A nice skyscraper if you know what I mean.


Then at the end of the post, using Jasper, I create a conclusion.


(53/65) I know it sounds pretty incredible and actually ridiculous, like some kind of dream, but it's true.

You can actually generate anything you want on any topic you want just that simple.


(54/65) The coolest thing is that it is as if someone was writing in your google docs in front of your eyes.

It writes itself in what looks exactly like Google Docs.

All these texts are formed in front of your eyes on a white sheet of paper after a few commands that you give Jasper in normal plain language (as if you were talking to a friend).


(55/65) Now, other tools instead actually force you to make your own patchwork from the little bits of text they generate.

They give you pieces and pieces, and you have to put them together to make a whole puzzle that makes sense.

With Jasper, you get it all right away.

All logical text is created in one stream. And the quality is absolutely stunning.

Part C. Your Keywords (Topics) Research and Quality Check Team caged in 1 tool: Rank IQ.

(56/65) The key to your blog's success is the right topics you post about.


(57/65) You should not write on topics you want to write about, but instead you should write only on topics people want to read.


(58/65) What people want to read can be seen from what they type into the Google search/ browser while looking for answers to their questions.

To understand exactly what people want, you do an analysis of what they type into Google, the so-called keyword analysis (phrases people type into Google every time they want any piece of information from Google are these mysterious keywords).

business success of two partners giving high five to each other


(59/65) Various tools are used to perform this keyword analysis. I researched two flagship tools - Semrush and Ahrefs.

These are excellent tools.

Only one fundamental problem arises. If you're not an analyst who's going to sit on it for hours and make precise analyzes with these tools, they won't do you any good.

You'll spend a lot of money. You will have dozens of rows and columns of data and so what.

You will simply not have a clearly proposed topic to write a blog post about that will get you a lot of traffic. And that's it.

And you need a toll just giving you what you need here - A TOPIC TO WRITE ABOUT TO HAVE A BIG TRAFIC...

... and NOW, THIS SECOND, without spending 5 hours for analyses every single time you chose title for your blog post, come on!

a person in factory programming robots

Do you have 5 hours to analyze each time what topic is best to write about? You do not have!

(60/65) That's why you need to have someone who will do it for you and give you a ready topic to write with an estimated traffic that this post will generate for you.

You need a tool that will accurately give you a keyword, that is, a low-competitive writing topic which will get you a lot of traffic.


(61/65) The only such tool on the market currently that can do it in a way that

will not kill you with the amount of data, and at the same time will precisely tell you how much traffic you can count on for each topic is Rank IQ.


(62/65) Forget all other keyword tools. In Rank IQ you have thousands of precisely selected keywords that will ensure your success.


What's most important about all this is that you get ready-made keyword lists for yourself to write and you don't have to spend 20 hours analyzing all that keyword data.

team together support each other

(63/65) In addition, what is completely unique, this Rank IQ also has a function that when you write your content on a given topic (keyword)...

...then you can put this content into Rank IQ and it checks whether all the terms, points, phrases, subtopics that should statistically be in the post are in your post. To ensure high traffic on your site.


If you don't have them, you just insert them and then you see this information in real time (as green lights on your right margin) that everything has been included.


(64/65) So when you publish after such a check, you know that all topics have been discussed in an appropriate way, all words and phrases have been used and are included.

And your are safe to publish a post and it will give you estimated traffic during an estimated timeframe.

happy blogger having great results thanks to AI tools

The Most Important Rule.

(65/65) To attain success, the most critical rule that no one bothers to mention is:

you must be willing to work 12-14 hours a day with dedication and humility.

If it takes a divorce to achieve it then divorce, if it takes resigning from meeting friends then resign. I'm exaggerating here, but on purpose... You got the point.

You will have to generate lots of quality content while ensuring it meets all SEO standards.

Make sure it remains top-notch by using reliable tools I've highlighted.

Don't skimp on the necessary instruments!

You are a chief doctor in this hospital and it is impossible to perform an operation without instruments, right?

Your life has just been changed for better.

Creating a successful blog is not an easy feat.

It requires time and effort in order to produce high-quality content that will bring in over 50,000 visitors each month.

happy guy with a computer

But mostly it requires tools.

Three tools: Rank IQ, Jasper and JetPage combined together as at the assembly line, will give you chance for success.

In the end, what truly matters is devotion and hard work (utilizing these 3 tools).

By applying consistent effort and utilizing these 3 specific tools consistently, you can guarantee success with your blog!

When you have a success then please remember this article - it changed your life for the better forever.

a running competition

Affiliate Disclaimer.

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at ZERO cost to you if you decide to purchase.

It allows me to research and find you the best prices.

I only endorse products I personally do believe in.

Thank you for your support!

This site is not intended to provide financial, legal, nor medical advice and is for entertainment only.

Medical, health and beauty discalimer.

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Table of Contents
  1. From scratch I built two $550 million companies.
  2. Your blog is a business not a hobby.
  3. You will win by using these 3 tools.
  4. My wife has forbidden me to publish this post.
  5. I earned, I retired, I made a bet. I am on a win trajectory again.
  6. No mumbo jumbo truth on high traffic blog tools.
  7. Three solutions and three tools in an assembly line. Rank IQ, Jasper, JetPage.
  8. Part A. Your Web Development Team caged in 1 tool: JetPage.
  9. Part B. Your Content Research and Creation Team caged In 1 tool: Jasper.
  10. Part C. Your Keywords (Topics) Research and Quality Check Team caged in 1 tool: Rank IQ.
  11. The Most Important Rule.
  12. Your life has just been changed for better.
  13. Affiliate Disclaimer.

Disclosure:  In order to help keep this site running and do research, I may receive a commission if you purchase using some of the links. This adds ZERO cost to you and allows me to research and find you the best prices. I only recommend products that I personally believe in. Thank you for your support!