65 BEST Gifts For 13 Year Old Tomboy (Selected)

William T Johnson Feb 12, 2023
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Are you looking for gifts for a 13 year old tomboy? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of great gifts out there that can show your favorite tomboy how much they mean to you.

Here are 65 gifts selected specifically for 13 year old tomboys!

1. Mechanics Tool Set

This tool set provides all the necessary tools needed to complete basic repairs and maintenance projects around the house or car.

It includes a variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers and more — perfect for an aspiring mechanic or engineer!

2. Retro Cassette Player Boombox

Give your teen's room some throwback vibes with this retro cassette player boombox! It comes with dual stereo speakers and FM radio stations, plus it plays CDs too!

The best part is that it looks just like those classic portable radios from back in the day - sure to make any 13-year-old girl smile.

3. Resistance Band Set

Looking for something active? This resistance band set will help them stay fit while having fun at home or on the go!

Each set comes with five color coded bands ranging from light (5 lb) to extra heavy.

4. Digital Voice Recorder

This digital voice recorder is perfect for any teen who's interested in recording their lectures, conversations, and more!

It comes with a built-in microphone and up to 8 GB of storage space — enough for many hours of audio recordings.

5. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

With this wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone, your 13 year old tomboy can sing like a star!

The real time music equalizer will make sure they sounds their best while singing along to all their favorite songs.

6. Outdoor Exploration Kit

Get your tomboy out into the great outdoors with this exploration kit!

It includes tools like a magnifying glass, binoculars, tweezers and other essential items that are perfect for nature walks or camping trips with family and friends.

7. Portable Charger

For those tech savvy teens on-the-go, this portable charger makes sure they never run out of battery life while they're out exploring the world around them!

Great gifts for any 13 year old girl who loves using her gadgets wherever she goes - plus it'll charge two devices at once thanks to its dual USB ports too!

8. Cooking Set

Give your budding chef a helping hand with this kitchen utensil set!

It includes all the essential tools she needs to practice her culinary skills, such as measuring cups and spoons, whisks, spatulas, tongs and more.

9. Karaoke Machine

Now they can host their own karaoke nights at home with this awesome karaoke machine!

With dual microphone jacks, an LED display screen and built-in speakers — it’ll be like having their own mini disco right in the living room!

10. Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Whether they're listening to music or playing video games - these wireless headphones will make sure they always have crystal clear sound at all times!

Plus it comes with active noise cancelling too so no outside distractions can disrupt their gaming sessions for maximum focus.

11. Digital Camera Kit

Introduce them to photography or videography with this digital camera kit! It includes everything you need get started - from a camera body and lens to a tripod stand and memory cards – plus it even has its own carrying bag so they can take photos anywhere they go without hassle.

12. Science Experiment Kits

This science experiment kit is perfect for any curious minds out there!

With over 100 experiments and an instruction manual, your teen will have plenty of materials to explore their scientific interests!

13. Art Set

This art set is perfect for any creative tomboy looking to express themselves through drawing and painting!

It includes colored pencils, markers, crayons, sketching paper and more - all neatly organized in a handy carrying case so they can bring their artwork anywhere they go.

14. Sewing Kit

Teach your teen the basics of sewing with this comprehensive beginner's kit! It comes with everything they need from spools of thread to measuring tapes — plus it has its own built-in storage box too so clean up time is always a breeze.

15. Bluetooth Speaker

Make sure your 13 year old girl never runs out of music when she's on the move with this bluetooth speaker!

Its sleek design fits perfectly in her backpack or gym bag and the long lasting battery will make sure she won't be running out of tunes anytime soon either!

16. Makeup Set

For those teens who love experimenting with makeup, this full starter set provides all the necessary tools needed to create stunning looks every day — including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blushes and more!

Plus it also contains an instructional guide that teaches them how to use each product properly too.

17. Video Game Console

For the ultimate gaming experience, get your 13 year old tomboy a new video game console!

Whether it's an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch - they'll have plenty of games to choose from and hours upon hours of fun with their friends at home.

18. Bike Helmet

Safety first! Protect them while they're out pedaling around town by gifting them this stylish bike helmet — perfect for any adventurous teens who love exploring on two wheels!

19. Jewelry Making Kit

Boredom-busting gifts don't come much better than this jewelry making kit!

It comes with all the components needed to make beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets — plus it also includes instructions too so your teen won't ever feel lost when crafting pieces she can keep forever as memories (or gifts!).

20. Telescope & Astronomy Guidebook

Get their minds soaring up into outer space with this telescope set complete with its own guidebook about astronomy basics!

Perfect gifts for any wannabe astronauts looking to explore beyond Earth's atmosphere without leaving the comfort of their homes.

21. Portable Charger

Let them charge their phones and other small devices while they're on the go with this portable charger!

It comes with two USB slots and a lightweight design, perfect for any adventurous teens who don't always have access to a wall outlet when they need it most.

22. Wireless Earbuds

Upgrade your teen's listening experience with these wireless earbuds! They come with built-in noise cancelling technology so no outside distractions can get in the way of their tunes - plus its ergonomic design ensures comfort all day long too!

23. Slime Making Kit

Get creative and make some wacky slime creations together — like neon glitters or spooky Halloween designs — by gifting this fun slime making kit as gifts for 13 year old tomboys!

It comes complete with instructions too so you'll never feel lost on what steps to take next during craft hour time either.

24. Robot Toy Building Set

A great gifts for science buffs looking to build their own robots from scratch - introducing this robot toy building set into her life will help fuel her creativity and imagination even further!

She'll be able to construct almost anything imaginable from windup cars and submarines to walking dinosaurs.

25. Camping Gear

Help her stay safe and prepared on all her outdoor adventures with gifts like this camping gear set!

It comes with everything she'll need — from flashlights and fire starters to whistles and first aid kits — so there's never a dull moment out in the wilderness.

26. DSLR Camera & Photography Lessons

For budding photographers looking to take their skills up a notch, gifts like these photography lessons paired with a DSLR camera can help them learn more than just Instagram-filters techniques too!

It'll teach them how to use aperture, framing and shutter speed properly - plus they get to keep the prints of their work as memories forever afterwards!

27. Art Supplies Set

Unleash your teen's inner artist with gifts such as this art supplies set!

From pastel pencils for drawing landscapes or watercolors for painting flowers - it has everything needed for dreamers (or realists) of any kind to create stunning pieces that come straight from their heart.

28. Wireless Headphones

Let them listen to music without being tied down by cords or wires — these wireless headphones provide clear sound quality without ever having an annoying cable getting in the way during workouts or other activities.

29. Yoga Mat

Perfect gifts for any health-conscious teens, this yoga mat will make stretching and exercising much more comfortable than before — plus it comes with an adjustable strap so they can take it wherever their active lifestyle takes them!

30. Skateboard

Let them skimboard around town on one of these awesome skateboards gifts! Its solid wood construction ensures stability and durability no matter how many flips or jumps they do in a single ride — perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboys whose days are always filled with fun outdoor adventures!

31. Digital Drawing Pad

Help your teen explore her creative side even further by gifting her this digital drawing pad!

It lets kids draw freely without worrying about making mistakes as the pen never actually touches the paper - plus its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around too whether she's at home or away from home.

32. Graffiti Art Kit

For brave creatives who want to express themselves through art, gifts like this graffiti art kit can help bring out their inner artist even further!

Learn different techniques such as shading, blending and proportioning through step-by-step instructions that come included inside each package - or get wilder and create unique designs all.

33. Electric Guitar

Get your teen rocking out with gifts like this electric guitar that comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools and accessories!

From beginners who want to learn their favorite songs or even experienced players looking for a new instrument - it makes an ideal gifts for 13 year old tomboy who loves music.

34. Microscope Set

Spark her curiosity in science by gifting her this microscope set — perfect gifts for any micro-explorers wanting to look into the small world under the lens! With over 20x magnification, she'll able to examine everything from plants and rocks to bugs and other specimens too!

35. Headlamp LED Flashlight

Light up those dark paths on their midnight adventures together with gifts like these headlamp LED flashlights !

It's adjustable, so it will fit comfortably around her head no matter how long they have to travel through rough terrain - plus it also comes with a powerful beam range of almost 100 meters as well!

36. Hiking Backpack

Get her ready for any outdoor activity by giving gifts such as this hiking backpack! It comes with adjustable straps to make it fit comfortably on their backs and the spacious interior can store enough items for a moment out in the wilderness.

37. Adventure Kit

Let your teen explore their curiosities even further by gifting them this adventure kit which includes everything they need when going outside — from multi-functional tools, carabiners and paracord rope too!

38. Telescope Set

For aspiring astronomers wanting to explore space, gifts like these telescope sets are perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who likes discovering new things about our universe!

All kinds of celestial objects come into view such as stars, planets and galaxies - plus it also comes with an easy to follow guide book so she'll get familiarized quickly!

39. Binoculars

Let them explore the outdoors with gifts like these binoculars which come with a powerful zoom range of up to 10 times — perfect gifts for spotting birds or any other interesting creatures in their natural habitat!

40. Drone Quadcopter

Get your teen flying high with gifts such as this drone quadcopter !

It's easy to control and offers an immersive aerial experience that they can share with friends and family too - plus it also comes equipped with additional safety features like auto-landing, return home, headless mode and low battery protection functions!

41. Portable Speaker

Give them music wherever they go by gifting gifts such as these portable speakers that are designed specifically for outdoor use!

Waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant — you name it - all the necessary components needed makes it one of the best gifts for 13 year old tomboy whose days are always filled with fun adventures outdoors!

42. Bluetooth Headphones

Get her jamming out to all the latest hits in style with gifts like these Bluetooth headphones that come equipped with a built-in microphone for phone calls!

It's lightweight and comes with an adjustable headband so it will fit comfortably on their heads, plus its also resistant to sweat and water - perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who likes staying active outdoors!

43. Portable Charger

Never run out of juice while they're outside by gifting gifts such as this portable charger — it fits easily into their pockets or bags and provides enough power to keep devices going throughout the day, even when there are no plugs around!

44. Camera Equipment Set

Help them capture special moments forever by giving gifts such as this camera equipment set which includes everything they need to get started taking photographs - from lenses, filters and tripod mounts too!

45. Skateboard

Let them express themselves through freedom of movement by gifting gifts like these skateboards !

Lightweight yet sturdy construction make it one of the best gifts for 13 year old tomboy who loves living life on wheels - plus different designs are available so she'll be able to find something that suits her style perfectly!

46. Frisbee Golf Set

Perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who loves playing in the sun, this frisbee golf set helps improve their accuracy and aim when throwing discs thanks to its lightweight construction - plus it comes with a handy carrying bag too!

47. Bike Lock

Keep her bike safe while she's away by giving gifts such as these bike locks — they come with 3-digit combination numbers so only she can open the lock, plus they're also made of durable materials that will stand up against harsh weather elements if needed!

48. Tree Tent Hammock

Get her camping in style with gifts like these tree tent hammocks — each piece is designed specifically for outdoor use and can be easily assembled without any tools required - perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who wants to explore nature while still being comfortable at night!

49. Portable Campfire Stove

Help them cook meals wherever they go by gifting gifts such as this portable campfire stove which is perfect for cooking up lunches or dinners outdoors quickly and efficiently!

It's light enough to carry around yet sturdy enough to withstand changing temperatures — making it one of the best gifts for your teen explorer!

50. Survival Kit Backpack

This gifts for 13 year old tomboy are perfect for any outdoor adventure!

This survival kit backpack includes all the essentials they may need during an emergency - from a compass, flare gun and fire starter to fishing line, first aid kits and more!

51. Telescope

Get their imaginations running wild gifts such as this telescope!

With a powerful magnifying lens, they'll be able to see stars, planets and galaxies in the night sky like never before - perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who wants to explore the universe from up close!

52. Survival Kit

Make sure they're always prepared with gifts such as these survival kits that come packed with essential items such as fire starters, compasses and whistles - plus each piece is designed to fit comfortably into pockets or backpacks which makes it one of the best gifts for 13 year old tomboy who loves spending time outdoors!

53. Hammock Chair

Let them relax in style with gifts like these hammock chairs — made of weather-resistant materials so it can withstand any outdoor conditions thrown its way, plus its also lightweight enough for easy transport too — making it one of the best gifts for your teen explorer!

54. All Terrain Scooter

Get her speeding through gravel paths and dirt roads in no time by gifting gifts such as this all terrain scooter !

It's durable yet lightweight construction make it perfect for conquering any type of surface while offering plenty of comfort - ideal presents for active teens.

55. Hiking Backpack

Help them stay organized while exploring the great outdoors gifts like these hiking backpacks — they come with plenty of storage and adjustable straps to fit different body types plus they’re also waterproof too! Perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who loves spending time in nature.

56. Portable Speaker

Let her jam out wherever she goes by gifting gifts such as this portable speaker !

It comes with Bluetooth technology so she can connect any device wirelessly and its built-in mic lets her take handsfree calls - ideal presents for teens on-the-go.

57. Light Up Shoes

Get her grooving all night long gifts such as these light up shoes !

They're designed to keep feet comfortable no matter how energetic she gets, plus their colorful LED lights will make sure everyone knows when she's around - perfect gifts for your teen music lover!

58. Paintball Gun Set

Help them have a blast gifts like this paintball gun set which includes everything needed for an exciting day at the fields — from safety masks, protective gloves and even some paintballs thrown in too! Ideal presents for active teens who love shooting games!

59. Virtual Reality Headset

Get her exploring the boundaries of reality gifts like this virtual reality headset — they come with a built-in screen, immersive audio and adjustable straps to fit different head sizes plus their lightweight design make them perfect gifts for 13 year old tomboy who loves discovering new worlds!

60. Zip Line Kit

Give her an adrenaline rush gifts such as these zip line kits - each piece is designed for outdoor use and can be setup quickly without any tools required - making them great gifts for adventurous teens!

61. Drone Quadcopter

Let her take flight gifts like this drone quadcopter which comes with a durable frame and intuitive controls giving your teen plenty of control over how it moves in the sky - ideal presents for those who want to capture stunning aerial views from above!

62. Paint by Numbers Set

Help hone their artistic skills gifts such as paint by numbers sets which come complete with everything needed to get started on creating unique masterpieces - perfect gifts for creative 13 year olds looking to express themselves through painting or drawing!

63. Solar Powered Charger

Make sure she never runs out of juice gifts like these solar powered chargers which are designed specifically to charge devices while on-the-go — perfect gifts for your teen explorer who needs a reliable source of power no matter where she is!

64. Subscription Box

Keep her entertained gifts like these subscription boxes which come with monthly deliveries full of fun activities, games and surprises - ideal presents for teens who love discovering new things and staying busy!

65. Telescope Kit

Let her explore gifts such as this telescope kit which comes with everything needed to set up and start stargazing - perfect gifts for curious 13 year old tomboys looking to discover the night sky!

This list of gifts is sure to please any thirteen year-old tomboy. Whether they're looking for something to do outdoors or just need a new gadget to enjoy, there's something here for everyone. So take a look and see which gifts are perfect for the tomboy in your life.

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