61 BEST Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (NEW)

William T Johnson Jan 21, 2023
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Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year and what could be more special than announcing your pregnancy on this special day?

Whether you’re looking for cute, funny, or meaningful Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas, this guide will help you make a lasting memory.

1. The Red Dress

Have you and your partner both wear matching red dresses for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot. You can add a tiny pair of baby shoes or even a small onesie with the announcement to make it extra special.

2. The Video Announcement

Make an adorable video announcement that you can share with family and friends. You can do this by having your partner record themselves reading a sweet poem, have them sing a song, or just have them express their joy in front of the camera.

3. DIY Valentine's Card

Make an eye-catching valentine's card with your own design using construction paper, glitter, and other supplies you have at home! Place the onesie inside the card as a surprise.

4. Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Get dressed up and have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot with props to represent your pregnancy such as baby shoes, stuffed animals, a balloon or two, and any decorations you can find in reds and pinks.

5. A Message in a Bottle

Fill a bottle with sand or glitter, write your announcement on a tag & place it inside the bottle! You can even stick small valentine’s themed items inside the bottle such as hearts or mini cards to add an extra touch of romance.

6. The Belly Painting:

Have someone paint your belly with valentine's-themed designs like hearts and cupids then take a picture of your masterpiece to share with family and friends.

7. “Love Is Brewing”:

For the coffee-loving couple, announce your pregnancy with a valentine’s day mug that reads “love is brewing” or another cute valentine's themed message! You can give this as a gift to your partner or even just buy two mugs and put them in an Instagram post announcing the news.

8. Notecard Scavenger Hunt:

Write valentine's-themed notes for your partner to find all around the house leading up to the big announcement like “I love you with all my heart” and “You are going to be a dad!”

9. The Gift Box:

Have your Valentine's Day gift box come with a big surprise - the onesie! Place it inside of a valentine’s themed box and give it to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

10. “Picture This” Announcement:

Take an adorable valentine’s day picture of you holding the positive pregnancy test and then post it as an announcement on social media. Make sure to add a cute valentine's themed message in the caption!

11. Love Letter:

Write a love letter to your partner expressing how much they mean to you and how excited you are for them to become a parent. Include the pregnancy test results in the envelope and give it to them on Valentine’s Day.

12. Take Out Box:

Present your partner with a valentine's take out box that is filled with all of their favorite things AND the pregnancy test results inside!

13. Puzzle Piece Announcement:

Cut a valentine's themed puzzle into two pieces and write the announcement on one of them, then have your partner put the pieces together to make the big reveal!

14. Paint & Crafts:

Get creative by crafting something special for Valentine’s Day that acknowledges the pregnancy like painting a beautiful canvas or making a decorated picture frame.

15. Scavenger Hunt 2.0:

Send your partner on an epic Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt that leads to the big reveal. You can start with clues like “the greatest gift I could ever give you” and finish with a tiny valentine's themed onesie as the grand prize!

16. "You're Going to be a Parent" Cake:

Decorate a Valentine’s Day cake with the words “you’re going to be a parent!” or something similar along with cute valentine's themed decorations like red and pink hearts.

17. Memory Book:

Make an adorable valentine's memory book for your partner that includes all of the special memories you have shared together, photos from your relationship, and finally the big announcement!

18. A Surprise Basket:

Fill up a valentine’s themed basket with gifts for your partner such as chocolates, flowers, their favorite snacks & drinks … and don’t forget the positive pregnancy test results in there too!

19. Musical Announcement:

Have fun by recording yourself singing or playing an instrument while announcing the news of your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day – it doesn't have to be perfect; just make sure it comes from the heart!

20. Flower Bouquet Delivery:

Get creative by having someone deliver flowers to your partner's office on Valentine’s Day with either a card attached or even better - place some tiny baby shoes inside one of them too!

21. Scratch Off Card:

Create a valentine's-themed scratch off card that your partner can open on Valentine’s Day to reveal the big news!

22. “Love Is in the Air” Sign:

Buy or make a valentine's themed sign that reads “love is in the air” and place it somewhere obvious where your partner will see it when they come home from work.

23. Gift Wrapped Announcement:

Get creative and wrap up either a onesie or baby shoes along with an envelope containing the pregnancy test results and give it as a valentine's gift!

24. Red & Pink Balloons:

Fill up some red, pink, and white balloons with helium then tie them to something special like a Valentine’s Day card announcing the news!

25. Video Message Montage:

Put together an adorable video montage for your partner featuring photos of you two over time, moments of joy shared between you two, ending with revealing that there is another blessing coming into both of your lives soon - announce in style!

26. Photo Collage:

Make a valentine's themed photo collage with pictures of your partner, yourself, and something cute like a baby onesie or shoes to hint at the big news!

27. Valentine's Potluck:

Invite some close friends and family members over for a Valentine’s Day potluck dinner – when everyone is gathered together you can break the exciting news!

28. Social Media Posting:

Go live on social media using valentine's-themed decorations as your backdrop; surprise your partner by sharing the good news with them as well as all of their followers online!

29. A Date Night Announcement:

Plan a special Valentine’s Day date night for your partner, then have them open the menu to reveal that you are expecting!

30. Valentine's Day Card:

Make or buy a valentine’s card for your partner with something extra inside like a photo of an ultrasound or baby shoes – don’t forget to make it valentine's-themed too!

31. A Movie Moment:

Rent out an entire movie theatre and invite your partner over for what they think is just another romantic movie night - surprise them when the lights go dark by announcing the news with fun valentine's decorations on display!

32. An Unexpected Gift:

Wrap up some baby items as gifts such as tiny onesies or booties in valentine-inspired wrapping paper and present it to your partner on Valentine’s Day. It will be an unexpected surprise that both of you can cherish forever!

33. Popcorn & Movies Snack Mix:

Get creative by making a popcorn & movies snack mix featuring red candied hearts and other valentines themed candy - add in positive pregnancy test results too so that once they finish eating, they get a sweet surprise!

34. Special Message In A Bottle:

Place a valentines day message in a bottle with a baby onesie or shoes inside to clue your partner into the news - make sure you add some valentines decorations inside too!

35. Candlelit Dinner:

Set up an intimate valentine's dinner for two and surprise your partner by having them open the menu to reveal that they are expecting!

36. Treasure Hunt Clues:

Get creative and design valentine's-themed clues that lead your partner on a scavenger hunt around the house – when they get to the end, have them find something special like a baby onesie or pair of tiny boots as their “treasure

37. Chocolate Box Surprise:

Fill a valentine's-themed box of chocolates with positive pregnancy test strips or even an ultrasound photo – your partner will be in for a sweet surprise!

38. Love Letter Scavenger Hunt:

Get creative and design valentine's themed clues that lead your partner on a scavenger hunt around the house - when they get to the end, have them find something special like baby shoes as their “treasure”!

39. Special Date Night Invitation:

Plan a Valentine’s Day date night for you and your partner then have them open the invitation to reveal that you are expecting!

40. Heart Shaped Balloons:

Decorate the room with valentine's-themed balloons such as red, pink, and white hearts; Attach an envelope containing results from your pregnancy test so that it falls out once they pop it!

41. Customized Onesie/Tee Shirt Announcement:

Have custom onesies or t-shirts made up announcing the news – make sure to add some valentine’s decorations too to really drive home this special announcement!

42. Baby Bump Reveal Picture:

Take some valentine’s themed pictures with your partner and then use them to surprise them when you finally reveal your baby bump!

43. Surprise Present:

Wrap up a Valentine’s Day present for your partner but sneakily add in something special like a pregnancy test or even some tiny booties – they will be in for a wonderful surprise!

44. Love Note Clues:

Write romantic Valentine’s Day love notes and leave them as clues throughout the house, leading up to an exciting announcement at the end!

45. Video Message:

Record a valentine’s-themed video message announcing that you are expecting - add in some valentine decorations too make it extra special!

46. Photo Frame Announcement:

Create a valentine's-themed photo frame and place inside it either a positive pregnancy test or an ultrasound image as your special announcement!

47. Bowl of Valentine’s Day Sweets:

Fill up a valentine-themed bowl with candy hearts and other valentine treats – add in something special like a pair of baby shoes or booties for them to find when they finish eating!

48. Candy Hearts Message:

Spell out the news using personalized Valentine’s Day candy hearts - make sure you use some fun valentine decorations too to really drive home this special announcement!

49. Targeted Ads:

Buy targeted ads on Valentine’s Day promoting something such as “the best gift ever” or “the ultimate surprise”, then have them open it up to reveal that you are pregnant!

50. Special Delivery:

Have someone dress up as Cupid (or any other valentine's themed character) and deliver balloons filled with notes announcing the exciting news – don't forget to include some romantic elements too!

51. Music Video Teaser:

Create a Valentine’s Day themed music video and only release the teaser to your partner – let them know at the very end that it’s revealing something special like a pregnancy announcement!

52. Heart-Shaped Cake:

Bake a Valentine’s Day cake in the shape of a heart, then have your partner pull out some sort of message from inside like an ultrasound photo or positive pregnancy test strip!

53. Scrapbook Message:

Put together valentine's themed scrapbooks with pictures, quotes, and messages leading up to your special announcement – make sure you add some valentine's decorations into each page too!

54. Special Meal:

Cook up a valentine’s Day meal for two and have them open their plates to reveal that you are expecting!

55. Valentine Card Announcement:

Write out the news on one side of valentine’s cards and give it to them during dinner - make sure you include some romantic elements too!

56. Love Note Clues:

Hide valentine's love notes around the house that lead up to your exciting announcement – make sure they all contain fun valentine decorations too

57. Balloon Cascading Announcement:

Hang valentine’s day balloons from the ceiling with notes inside that all eventually lead to your pregnancy announcement!

58. Puzzle Piece Clues:

Create valentine's themed puzzle pieces and have them assemble it together leading up to an exciting reveal at the end!

59. Pre-Made Card Announcement:

Buy a pre-made valentine's card with some valentine’s decorations on it, then write out your special news in the inside!

60. Rhyming Poem Message:

Write a romantic valentine's day poem for your partner, but make sure you add some clues about what you're really trying to announce – being creative will go a long way here!

61. Valentine's Card Video:

Record a valentine's message onto a video and place it inside of either an envelope or a card - let them open it up and see the surprise for themselves!


Tissue Box Surprise:

Decorate one side of tissue boxes with fun valentine designs and place pregnancy tests within each box as an extra surprise when they reach for tissues later on in the night!

These Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to make your partner swoon and set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration.

Have fun creating memories that will last forever!

Good luck!

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