53 BEST Valentines Ask Ideas (Selected)

William T Johnson Jan 21, 2023
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Are you looking for a special way to ask the love of your life to be yours this Valentine's Day?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Especially for you I have compiled a list of 51 valentines ask ideas that are sure to make your valentine swoon!

From creative and romantic gestures, heartfelt notes and messages, or fun activities together—these valentines ask ideas will help you create an unforgettable memory with your loved one.

So get ready for some major romance as we explore these unique valentines ask ideas!

1. Recreate Your First Date

Going back to the place of your first date and doing the same activities you did that night can be a great way to rekindle those flames of love and create new memories.

2. Make-Your-Own Pizza Night at Home

Get all the ingredients for homemade pizza, such as dough, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, sausage (or whatever toppings you like), breadsticks and more. Then get creative with your valentine by customizing individual pizzas with unique topping combos!

3. Love Letters Exchange

Writing down why you love each other is a great way to express feelings in an intimate setting without feeling embarrassed or shy in front of one another. You can make it even more special by surprising each other with handmade cards or writing letters on parchment paper!

4. A Picnic Under the Stars

With some blankets and pillows spread out under the open sky filled with stars, enjoy quality time together while surrounded by nature’s beauty! Prepare dinner ahead of time for a hassle free evening spent cuddling up close next to one another enjoying delicious food outdoors – don’t forget dessert too!

5. Spa Night

Give your valentine a night of relaxation with a spa-like evening at home. Set up an area that is just for them, complete with comfortable pillows and blankets, scented candles, slippers and some relaxing music! Then give each other massages or do facemasks together before enjoying a cup of hot tea or cocoa.

6. Play Tourist in Your Hometown

Spend a day exploring the city like tourists by visiting all the places you’ve never been to or had the chance to go to yet! Take pictures and make memories – try not to forget those funny moments too!

7. Make a Memory Book

Collect your favorite photos from old times together, along with other items that remind you of each other, such as ticket stubs or cards. Then put them into a scrapbook and write down what made those moments special to you.

8. Explore Local Art

Visit art galleries, shops, museums or even music festivals in your area – there’s always something new to discover! Have fun taking pictures of each piece with one another and appreciate the beauty together!

9. Late Night Drive

Whether it’s watching a beautiful sunset or simply driving around town looking at Christmas lights (depending on when valentines is), take some time for yourselves and make sure to not forget the snacks!

10. Movie Date Night at Home

Prepare snacks and make sure to have plenty of blankets and pillows on your couch! Choose a movie you both haven’t seen yet or watch an old favorite – either way, valentine’s day is the perfect time for some quality cuddling while watching a great movie.

11. Book-Themed Picnic

Bring some books with you on your picnic date that represent different stages in your relationship or just books that remind you both of each other! Enjoy reading them together under the stars and then discussing what they mean to the two of you.

12. Cooking Together:

Take turns experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen – it can be as simple as making breakfast for dinner or trying something totally out there like an exotic dish from another country! Have fun cooking up something special together!

13. Go to a Concert (or Festival):

Whether it’s rock, jazz, classical music, hip hop… whatever genre suits your valentine best – grab tickets for a show nearby so you can dance, sing along and share those precious moments during live sets by their favorite artists!

14. Go Stargazing:

Grab some blankets and snacks then go out in the dark night to find constellations and admire the beauty of starry skies. Talk about your valentine’s dreams and set goals together as you both look up at the stars!

15. Have a Date Night at Home:

Set up a romantic dinner with candles, soft music, rose petals on the floor – don’t forget dessert either! Make sure both of you feel special by taking turns planning surprise activities for each other throughout the evening!

16. Take a Dance Class Together:

Put on some upbeat music and learn various dance styles like salsa or swing dancing! It can be silly or serious, but you will definitely make some fun memories as you learn new moves together.

17. Organize a Scavenger Hunt:

Hide valentine’s day cards, chocolates and other small gifts around the house or outside in your backyard for your valentine to find! Make sure the clues they will get while searching are thoughtful and creative – it can be anything from a riddle to making them solve a puzzle.

18. Enjoy an Outdoor Activity Together:

Whether it’s going on a hike, camping in nature, kayaking on a lake or playing sports at the park – there are so many fun activities you can do together outdoors! Make sure you dress warmly and take plenty of pictures along the way too!

19. Have Indoor Picnic with Blankets & Pillows:

Spread blankets out all over your living room floor then add pillows and snacks so that you both have somewhere comfortable to sit down together! Pick some movies or shows that represent different stages throughout your relationship to watch during the picnic date night as well – it’ll make for some wonderful memories.

20. Go Shopping Together for Your Valentines Gift:

Instead of just getting one generic valentine’s gift for each other this year, why not head out shopping together and pick out something you both like? It’ll make for a fun valentine’s day experience, plus it can be a great way to bond over shopping!

21. Create a List of Your Top 10 Favorite Songs:

Make a valentine’s playlist together with your favorite songs that have special meaning for both of you! Each song should be one that reminds you both of different memories throughout your relationship.

22. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum:

If you and your valentine are art enthusiasts, take some time to explore the city’s museums and galleries on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy looking at artworks from different eras as well as learning more about them in the museum or gallery gift shop afterwards.

23. Get Ice Cream Together:

Who said valentines is just for adults? Kids love valentine's too! Make sure to include them in all the fun with a trip to get ice cream together – it can be any flavor they want, so long as everyone gets their own bowl full of happiness!

24. Go Fishing & Camping:

Pack up some snacks and head out into nature for a peaceful camping weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Spend quality time fishing then end each night by roasting marshmallows over an open fire while stargazing under moonlit skies… what could

25. Attend a Concert or Music Festival:

Give your valentine the gift of music with tickets to their favorite band, artist or genre! Not only will they have an amazing time at the show but they can dance, sing along and share those precious moments during live sets by their favorite artists!

26. Take a Cooking Class Together:

Spice up valentine’s day with a cooking class that teaches you both how to make delicious dishes from scratch – think pasta making, baking breads, homemade pizzas etc. Make sure to taste test each dish as you go too!

27. Visit a Local Farm:

Spend some quality time together visiting local farms that offer pick-your-own produce activities like blueberries, strawberries and apples! Plus it can be fun feeding the animals there too if available – just remember not to feed them anything unhealthy like candy or chips.

28. Play Board Games & Video Games Together:

Instead of going out on valentines day this year why not stay in and spend quality time having fun playing board games or video games? It can be something simple such as monopoly or something more complicated like dungeons & dragons – either way you are bound create great memories together while

29. Have a Movie Marathon:

What better way to spend valentine’s day than having a romantic movie marathon together? Pick some of your favorite movies that you both love then pop some popcorn and watch them all in one night!

30. Go on a Picnic & Pack Candies or Treats:

Take your valentine out for an outdoor picnic date – make sure to bring blankets, pillows and treats like chocolates and candies too! Find the perfect spot either at the park, beach or even just in your own backyard where you can both enjoy each other’s company while admiring nature around you.

31. Play Board Games Online Together:

If board games are not available why not play online versions instead? There are plenty of digital versions of classic board games as well as new ones that come with extra features like multi-player modes so that more than two people can join in on the fun. Plus it does away with any mess or clean up afterwards too!

32. Try Out A Virtual Escape Room Challenge:

For something totally different this valentines day why not take part in virtual escape room challenges online? You will be taken through mysterious scenarios full of puzzles

33. Recreate Your First Date:

Take a look back in time by recreating your first date together! Whether it was dinner and a movie or a picnic at the park, go all out to create the same atmosphere – even if that means taking extra steps like dressing up, eating at the same restaurant as before etc.

34. Make A Scavenger Hunt:

Get creative with valentines day this year by creating an interesting scavenger hunt for your valentine! Hide clues around your home then lead them on a journey that ends with either a gift or surprise activity like breakfast in bed waiting for them when they finish finding everything.

35. Paint & Sip Wine Together:

Relax and have fun together painting pictures while sipping on some wine – perfect for anyone who loves art but doesn’t want to leave their house (or budget) on valentines day! It can also be really romantic if you turn off all other lights in the room so just the canvas is illuminated while you two bond over great conversation and artwork creation.

36. Have An At-Home Spa Day:

Bring some luxury into valentines day with an at-home spa day! Create relaxing baths with Epsom salt and essential oils, give each other a massage, do facials and make sure to have some soothing music playing in the background.

37. Build A Fort & Watch Movies:

Put your construction skills to work by building a blanket fort together then snuggle up with valentines day movies! Whether it’s classic chick-flick romance or action-packed thrillers – just make sure there are plenty of snacks nearby to munch on while you watch.

38. Dance The Night Away:

Get the valentine’s day party started by having an impromptu dance competition at home! You can turn up the tunes from your favorite genres like salsa, pop, hip hop etc.,

39. Play Dress Up:

If you and your valentine are into fashion then why not have a dress-up date night where you both get to showcase your best styles? You can raid each other’s wardrobes to create new looks, switch outfits with one another or even just play around with accessories like hats and scarves etc.

40. Go Stargazing:

This valentines day take the opportunity to go out and admire the stars! Find a spot away from city lights for optimal visibility then set up some blankets, sit back, relax and learn about constellations together.

41. Try Out A Virtual Cooking Class Together:

Show off your cooking skills by joining in on virtual cooking classes – there’s plenty of themes you could try out ranging from baking desserts to mastering sushi rolls etc! It’ll be a fun way for both of you to learn something new while bonding over great food too.

42. Have Dinner at Home With Candles & Music On:

Enjoy the simple things this valentines day by having dinner at home together – make sure everything is extra special by using candles as lighting instead of artificial lighting, playing romantic music in the background as well as dressing up for the occasion.

43. Make Dinner Together:

If you and your valentine don’t mind getting a little messy in the kitchen then why not try making dinner together this valentines day? You can take turns picking out recipes, gathering ingredients and taking over different tasks like prepping, cooking etc.

44. Play Video Games Together:

Have some friendly competition with valentines day video game night! Whether it’s classic retro games or new releases – have fun competing against each other to see who comes out as the winner of valentines day gaming!

45. Take A Virtual Museum Tour:

Explore artworks from around the world by going on virtual museum tours online!

46. Create A Memory Box:

Make valentines day extra special by creating a memory box full of photos and mementos from your time together. This can be filled with little trinkets, handwritten notes, cards or even postcards you both have picked out during travels etc.

47. Have A Movie Marathon:

Snuggle up on the sofa for valentines day movie marathon! Whether it’s cheesy romcoms or horror movies – just make sure there’s a great selection to work through preferably with popcorn and snacks nearby for optimal comfort and enjoyment!

48. Take Part In An Online Escape Room:

Test your mental skills together this valentines day by taking part in an online escape room! You don’t need anything fancy other than access to the internet, so whether it’s a simple mind puzzle game or something more elaborate like solving murder mysteries; enjoy each other's company as you complete tasks with creative problem-solving techniques.

49. Have Breakfast In Bed Together:

Surprise your valentine in the morning by bringing them breakfast in bed! When choosing foods try to create dishes that are not only tasty but aesthetically pleasing too – think

50. Have a Picnic:

Enjoy valentines day outdoors with an outdoor picnic date! Pack up your favorite snacks, drinks and blankets then pick out the perfect spot whether it’s in a park or at the beach to enjoy some quality time together.

51. Learn Something New With Coursera Or EdX:

Make valentines day about learning something new together with courses from popular platforms like Coursera and EdX – choose topics that are interesting for both of you so that your experience is enjoyable regardless of ending results!

52. Take Part In An Online Quiz Competition Together:

Compete against one another this valentines day by taking part in an online quiz competition! Not only will you both be able to show off what you know but also learn something new too!

53. Host A Karaoke Night:

If you have access to karaoke equipment then why not host a valentines day karaoke night? You can get creative by choosing songs from different genres as well as picking out themes – make it extra special by giving awards for best performance etc.

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the love between two people.

So don't be afraid to get creative with your valentines ask ideas and have some fun together!

Pick one (or more) of these valentine's ask ideas, and make sure you both enjoy every second of it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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