53 BEST Gift Ideas That Start With D (Selected)

William T Johnson Jan 24, 2023
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Finding gift ideas that start with the letter D can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Especially for you I've collected 53 gift ideas for you - from delightful and delicious to downright daring - all starting with the letter D!

Whether you're shopping for a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or just something special for someone close to your heart, we've got you covered.

From diamond earrings and designer bags to drones and do-it-yourself project kits, there's something here for everyone.

So take a look at our list of gift ideas starting with the letter D and find something they'll love!

1. Drone – A drone is a great gift for someone special this holiday season.

It can be used to capture stunning aerial views with its built-in camera and is an excellent choice for outdoor fun.

2. Diamond Necklace – Who wouldn’t love a diamond necklace? Give your loved one the gift of sparkle with an elegant piece of jewelry that they’ll never forget!

3. Desk Lamp – If you know someone who needs some extra light in their workspace, why not gift them with a modern desk lamp? Choose from adjustable styles or decorative pieces that add character to any room.

4. Dog Treats - Show your pup how much you care by gifting them with delicious dog treats! Available in different flavors and sizes, these are sure to make both puppy and pet parent happy!

5. Dinner Set - Everyone loves dinnerware sets and what better way to show your appreciation than gifting one? There's something unique about all dinner sets so find one that speaks out loud to you and gift it away!

6. Deodorant - A classic stocking stuffer idea, deodorant is a gift that never goes out of style. Choose from natural and organic brands or gift a gift set with multiple varieties for added fun.

7. Digital Camera - Whether you're looking for a gift for a photography enthusiast or someone just starting out, why not gift them with a digital camera?

8. Donut Maker – For the donut lovers out there, gift them with their own donut maker! The perfect gift for anyone who loves to make and eat delicious treats.

9. Dream Catcher - Dream catchers are a popular gift item that has been around for centuries! Each one is unique and beautiful, making it the ideal gift to give someone special this holiday season.

10. Drink Coasters – These stylish coasters are not only practical but also look great in any home decor! Choose from different materials such as wood or cork depending on your personal preference and budget.

11. Dishware Set - A great gift idea to spruce up their kitchen decor, dishware sets come in various shapes, sizes and colors so you can find something that suits their style perfectly!

12. Dollhouse Create magical moments with a doll house! Gift one this season for hours of imaginative playtime fun for both kids and adults alike!

13. Designer Bag- Make a fashion statement by gifting them with a designer bag they’ll love carrying around town all year round! Find classic styles or opt for seasonal pieces depending on your taste and budget

14. Drawing Supplies – Gift the aspiring artist in your life with drawing supplies! Pick out a gift set that comes with everything they need to get started – pencils, erasers, sketchpads and more.

15. Dark Chocolate - Perfect for the chocolate lover in your life, dark chocolate is a gift that will be enjoyed time and time again. Choose from gift sets with multiple flavors or opt for a single bar of their favorite variety.

16. Dinnerware SetFrom plates and bowls to flatware, gift them with a complete dinner set for their next gathering or special occasion.

17. Dessert Platter - Give the gift of decadence by gifting them with a dessert platter! Choose from contemporary or classic pieces in different materials such as porcelain and ceramic.

18. Decorative Vase – A decorative vase is another great gift option this season! Find ones that come in unique shapes and sizes to fit any room decor style.

19. Desk Organizer – Keep things neat and organized with an attractive desk organizer set! Choose from wooden, acrylic or metal styles depending on your preference and budget.

20. Doughnut Maker - Treat yourself (or someone else!) to freshly made doughnuts right at home with a doughnut maker! An ideal gift choice for anyone who loves baking up sweet treats all year round.

21. Diffuser – For the aromatherapy lover in your life, gift them with a diffuser! Choose from various colors and sizes to fit their needs and preferences perfectly.

22. Dinosaur Toys - Satisfy their childhood nostalgia by gifting dinosaur toys! They’re perfect for imaginative playtime or just filling up empty spaces in any room decor.

23. Drinking Glasses - Gift them a set of stylish drinking glasses that can be used for all occasions whether it's hosting dinner parties or enjoying an evening drink at home.

24. DVD Set – Does someone you know love movies? Why not gift them with a DVD set of their favorite films this holiday season? It would make an ideal gift choice for anyone who loves staying entertained at home!

25. Decorative Candles - Add some warmth to their living space with decorative candles! Find unique pieces made from natural materials like beeswax or opt for one made from soy wax depending on your preference and budget limits.

26. Deck of Cards – Perfect for game night, gift someone a classic deck of cards this season! Look for unique designs featuring their favorite characters or opt for one with a special message on the back.

27. Dream Catcher - Gift them with a beautiful dream catcher as an ideal gift to ward off bad dreams and thoughts! Look for ones that come in vibrant colors, materials and shapes depending on your liking.

28. Desk CalendarKeep them organized all year round with a desk calendar gift set! Choose from various sizes and styles to fit any decor style in the home or office space.

29. Decorative Pillows - Complete their sofa corner styling by gifting decorative pillows this holiday season! Pick out ones made from natural fabrics such as cotton or linen depending on your budget limits and preference

30. Disposable CameraCapture every moment of their special day with disposable cameras gift set! Give it away as part of wedding favors or just have fun taking pictures at parties and gatherings

31. Dice Set – A great gift idea perfect for board game fans, dice sets come in different varieties such as metal, plastic or wood pieces depending on your taste and budget limits .

32. Decanter – Perfect for the wine lover in your life, gift them with a beautiful decanter set! Choose from various sizes and styles to fit any bar or home decor perfectly.

33. Drinking Straws - Gift them eco-friendly drinking straw sets complete with cleaning brushes in fun colors like blue, pink and green!

34. Desk Lamp – Add some extra brightness to their workspace gift with an adjustable desk lamp gift set! Choose from modern or classic styles depending on their needs and preferences.

35. Dog Bowl Surprise your furry friends this Holiday season by gifting them a luxurious dog bowl set that’ll last for years to come! Look for ones that are made from stainless steel or ceramic materials depending on durability concerns .

36. Digital Picture Frame - Showcase all of their favorite photos by gifting a digital picture frame this Christmas season! This is perfect for those who want to display all of their memories without taking up too much space.

37. Dish Towel Set – Keep things clean and tidy around the kitchen area with dish towel gift sets featuring vibrant colors such as yellow, blue and red!

38. Decorative Wall Mirror - Give the gift of added style with a decorative wall mirror gift set! Choose from various shapes and sizes depending on their needs or opt for one with an ornamental frame to complete any room decor.

39. Desk Organizer – Keep things clutter-free in the office space by gifting them desk organizer gift sets perfect for stationery items, papers and other small knick-knacks!

40. Drinking Cup Set – Gift someone special a stylish drinking cup set that they can use everyday whether it’s at home or even taking coffee breaks in the office space! Look for ones made from ceramic or metal depending on your preference and budget limits .

41. Desktop Clock - Add some extra timekeeping convenience around their workspace gift with desktop clock gift sets featuring unique designs such as animals, robots, plants and more!

42. Door Mats – Get their entryway ready for visitors this holiday season with door mat gift sets featuring funny messages and designs to keep guests amused every time they come over .

43. Decorative Vase – Perfect for the home decor enthusiast, gift them with a decorative vase gift set! Look for ones made from glass or ceramic depending on your preference and budget limits.

44. Dry Erase Board – Keep track of important tasks and reminders with a dry erase board gift set! Choose one in bright colors to easily draw attention or opt for classic black or white depending on their needs .

45. Desk Organizer Set - Help them stay organized this holiday season by gifting desk organizer gift sets that come complete with pens, pencils and other stationery items they may need during work days.

46. Duffle Bag – Gift someone special an extra stylish duffle bag gift set perfect for any trip whether it’s near or far! Look for ones featuring unique designs such as stars, stripes and more depending on their taste.

47. Diffuser – Add some extra relaxation at home with diffuser gift sets perfect for aromatherapy sessions! Many come in beautiful styles like flowerpots, bottles, etc., so choose one according to your preference .

48. Dinnerware Set - Gift them with a stylish dinnerware set featuring unique designs and patterns such as stars, stripes and more depending on their taste! Many come in various shapes, sizes, materials and colors so choose one according to your preference.

49. Doorstop - Keep the doors open for longer periods of time gift with doorstop gift sets perfect for any home or office space! Choose from various styles like animals, robots, plants and more depending on their needs .

50. Desk Decorations – Add some extra style around the workspace gift with desk decoration gift sets featuring funny messages or artwork that’ll keep them motivated during work days!

51. Drawstring Bag – Perfect for those who love to stay organized while traveling gift with draw string bag gift sets complete with plenty of compartments inside for storing items securely wherever they go.

52. Donut Maker – Surprise someone special this Holiday season by gifting them donut maker gift set that’ll let you make delicious treats without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

53. Dictionary – Helping improve someone’s knowledge base is easy when you gift them with a dictionary gift set filled with thousands of words and definitions from A to Z! Choose one in classic black or white depending on their needs.

Gifting someone special with gift ideas starting with “D” is an ideal way to bring joy, warmth and appreciation this holiday season.

From dark chocolate to dream catchers, there are plenty of gift choices that will make anyone smile!

Choose from the list above or get creative in coming up with gift ideas unique to your gift recipient.

No matter what gift you choose, it is sure to bring a smile this holiday season!

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