44 BEST Tips How to Keep Kids Busy in the Car (Proven)

William T Johnson Jan 15, 2023
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Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially when you have to drive long distances.

Keeping your kids busy and entertained in the car while traveling is essential, not only for their enjoyment but also to maintain sanity among parents!

Fortunately, there are many ways how to keep kids busy in the car while traveling that won’t break the bank or require too much preparation.

In this article, we provide 43 BEST and CHOSEN tips and activities that will help your little ones stay occupied during your next road trip.

From storytelling games and travel bingo cards to audio books and scavenger hunts – these ideas will ensure everyone has fun on the journey!

So let's get started...

1. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks so they can eat or drink when they’re bored or distracted.


2. Have a few items prepared in advance that your kids can play with while in the car such as coloring books, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc.

3. Play audio books or music with fun/catchy beats that will get your kids singing along!

4. Plan out how often you'll take breaks for food and bathroom stops to keep them busy during travel time too!

5. Get creative and put together a “travel kit” filled with items like stickers, pencils, crayons – anything small enough for easy storage but also capable of keeping their attention for more than five minutes at a time!

6. Take advantage of technology by letting them watch movies on tablets (make sure these are age-appropriate) or even let them play interactive video games if necessary – just make sure everyone has headphones on so others won’t be disturbed too much!

7. Let them talk about the things they see outside - this helps build imagination power and creativity while also getting those little brains thinking about how big the world is outside their own backyard.

8. Organize a fun guessing game – prepare questions beforehand and let them guess the answers as they drive along!

9. Create a scavenger hunt of different landmarks or objects around the area to find and explore - this is great for younger kids who are more interested in how things look than how old they are!

10. Play travel bingo cards with your kids – have them search for items whose name starts with certain letters on signs, license plates, etc. that you can see from the car window!


11. Bring along some books or magazines and read stories together aloud or silently (if everyone’s comfortable). This encourages literacy, learning new vocabulary words and passing time in a fun way.

12. Get creative and come up with stories for them to act out as you go along – let your kids decide how the story ends or how their character behaves!

13. Take turns telling jokes, riddles and making up new ones on the spot! This is great for laughs but also helps build their sense of humor in a safe environment.

14. Play “I Spy” where one person looks out of the window to find an object while the others try to guess what it is – this will keep everyone busy searching for clues!

15. Let your little ones take pictures along the waygive them a camera or mobile phone to document any interesting things they see from the car window!


16. Encourage them to come up with their own road trip songs and sing along together – this is great for team spirit and will also provide plenty of laughs!

17. Bring along some simple crafting supplies like paper, crayons, and glue sticks so your kids can make their own art projects while traveling!

18. Make sure to have an emergency bag filled with items that could potentially come in handy if something goes wrong such as wet wipes, a first-aid kit, spare clothes, etc.

wet wipes

19. Pack snacks that take time to eat such as hard candy or lollipops which will keep them occupied for longer periods of time than regular snacks.

20. Get them involved in the navigation process by giving them a map or a GPS device (if age appropriate) to follow along and help you reach your destination.


21. Have a designated “travel buddy” that they can share their secrets and experiences with while on the road.

22. Play travel-themed word games, like making up words related to what they are seeing outside or guessing how many times you pass a certain type of tree before reaching your destination!


23. Give them an age appropriate camera so they can capture memories as you go along – it may also help keep them focused on looking out for interesting things during the journey!

24. Use car trips to teach math concepts - have them track how far you've traveled, how long it's taken, how much money was spent on gas or snacks, etc. They'll learn valuable skills without even realizing it!

25. Bring books from different genres such as adventure stories, biographies and history books so everyone in the car has something exciting to read about or listen too during long drives!


26. Have a family game night in the car with card or board games that you can play together during long trips.

27. Bring along some coloring books and crayons for your kids to keep busy - this also encourages their creativity as they explore different colors and shapes!

coloring book

28. Put on an audio book so everyone can listen and be entertained at the same time – great for road trips with more than one child!

29. Bring along toys such as dolls, action figures or stuffed animals so they have something familiar to cuddle up with while traveling.


30. If age appropriate, let them help plan out how many stops you should make and where – this will give them a sense of responsibility and show how important it is to think ahead before taking any actions!

31. Give them a list of questions to ask each other along the way such as favorite color, favorite food or dream job. This will help keep their minds active and engaged during long drives.

32. Have games that require physical activity like throwing a ball back and forth or tag - this gives them an outlet for energy while still having fun!

33. Bring some audio books so they can listen to stories at any time – great for those times when your kids don’t feel like talking but still need something to do!

34. Make use of technology by downloading educational apps on their tablets that encourage learning without feeling bored or overwhelmed with how much information there is out there!

35. Set up scavenger hunts inside the car where they have to find certain objects in a certain order – this will keep them occupied while also teaching them how to focus and pay attention better than ever before!


36. Turn it into an education opportunity by explaining how things work like how engines operate, how cars are made and what different parts looks like under the hood etc… This could potentially be really interesting depending on your child's age range!

37. Prepare simple snacks ahead of time such as sandwiches and granola bars to help them stay full longer so they can focus on other activities or just relax during long drives.


38. Take turns doing a pretend radio show – each member of the family can take turns acting out characters with different voices and stories – it's a fun game that will keep everyone entertained for hours!


39. Have some sort of reward system in place so there is something to look forward too at the end of each trip, like ice cream or an extra hour to explore once you reach your destination. This also encourages good behavior while traveling in the car!

40. Make sure to pack plenty of drinks and snacks – this will save time (and money!)


41. Stop for short breaks along the way so kids can get out and stretch their legs, use the restroom or just take a breather if they're feeling overwhelmed.

42. Bring music from different genres that everyone in the family likes – you can make it fun by creating a playlist of songs to listen too while on your journey!

43. Play car games such as “Alphabet Game” where each person has to name something starting with each letter in turn before someone else beats him or her too it - great for recognizing words quickly and keeping up with other players!

44. Download some movies or shows onto their tablets/phones so they have something good to watch during long drives – this will help pass time faster and ensure that everyone stays occupied throughout your travels!

Traveling with kids can be tiring, but it doesn’t have to be boring!

With these tips, you'll find that your journey is far more enjoyable and entertaining as everyone can take part in having fun together!

Happy travels!


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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.