37 BEST Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Arizona (Selected)

William T Johnson May 18, 2023
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Making outdoor living a part of your home is easy with outdoor kitchen ideas Arizona.

Whether you have an existing patio or need to create one, outdoor kitchens provide the perfect way to bring friends and family together for meals and entertainment.

With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which outdoor kitchen design will work best for your needs.

To help you out, we’ve compiled 27 of the best outdoor kitchen ideas Arizona has to offer!

From classic designs that incorporate brick fireplaces and pizza ovens, to modern layouts featuring stainless steel appliances and sleek countertops, these outdoor kitchen ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for creating the perfect backyard oasis.

So read on for some great outdoor kitchen ideas Arizona style!

1. Stone Feature Wall:

An outdoor kitchen in Arizona can easily be designed with a stone feature wall, helping to provide an eye-catching aesthetic that complements the natural environment of your backyard.

The stones will keep their cool during hot summer days and add texture to create a unique look for you and your guests to enjoy.

2. Outdoor Barbecue Island:

Nothing says “Arizona” quite like an outdoor barbecue island for family gatherings or all-day cooking in the heat of summer!

With plenty of counter space, this functional addition is sure to become a favorite spot year-round.

Add seating around it for added convenience and comfort.

3. Patio Dining Area:

Turn your patio into a chic dining area where you can entertain friends or simply relax after work on warm nights in Phoenix, Tucson or anywhere else in Arizona.

By adding comfortable furniture and lighting fixtures such as string lights or lanterns hanging from posts along the edges of the area.

Make sure there's enough room so everyone can socialize comfortably while enjoying meals outdoors!

4. Fire Pit Seating Area:

A fire pit seating area is an essential part of any outdoor living space — especially if you live in Arizona where temperatures drop below 80°F in the winter months.

Whether you build a permanent outdoor fire pit or opt for a portable option, make sure to provide comfortable seating options and invite warm summer nights with family and friends!

5. Outdoor Kitchen:

An outdoor kitchen is essential for cooking during those hot days in Arizona when the heat can be stifling indoors.

Design your outdoor kitchen with plenty of counter space, storage, and appliances such as a built-in grill, side burner and more so that it's ready to go whenever you need it.

6. Pergola Section:

Add an outdoor living area shade by building a pergola section over your outdoor kitchen.

This will help protect guests from the sun’s harsh rays but still allow them to enjoy outdoor living all year round.

You can also opt to add a fan or outdoor ceiling fan to circulate air and create an outdoor oasis in the summer months.

7. Planted Grill Area:

If you want your outdoor kitchen space to be low-maintenance and still look great, consider building it near a planted area with blooming flowers or succulents that will help give the outdoor kitchen life and color throughout spring and summer!

8. Creative Lighting:

Choose creative outdoor lighting options such as hanging Edison bulbs on trees, installing string lights along pathways, adding colored accent lights for focal points, or using solar powered spotlights for a more dramatic effect.

These elements will help create an inviting atmosphere at night while providing functional

9. Built-in Kitchen Island:

A built-in outdoor kitchen island is a great way to maximize your outdoor living space and storage while still creating a separate outdoor cooking area.

Add countertops, drawers, and cabinets so you have plenty of room to store all your outdoor kitchen supplies – including grills, utensils, dishes and more!

10. Outdoor Pizza Oven:

An outdoor pizza oven can help add an element of fun for family gatherings or special occasions when you want to make homemade pizzas without heating up the entire house.

Not only does it provide delicious meals but adding wood burning stoves can also create an inviting atmosphere in the evenings or chilly winter months.

11. Swimming Pool Feature:

Incorporate your outdoor kitchen into a swimming pool feature by either installing it near the pool’s edge or even underneath one side of the decking so that guests can enjoy their meals just feet away from where they swim!

If your backyard has plenty of room this could be a great option for entertaining large groups at once since there will be enough space for everyone to gather around both areas simultaneously!

12. Rustic Design Elements:

Give your outdoor kitchen some rustic charm with weathered wood and metal outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs, outdoor fire pits, and outdoor pot plants.

These elements will help give your outdoor kitchen an inviting atmosphere no matter the time of year!

13. Outdoor Bar:

Add a fun outdoor bar to serve up drinks or snacks during parties or gatherings so that guests can mingle around it after meals.

Include seating at the bar if you have enough room so that everyone has a spot to relax while they enjoy their drinks!

14. Fire Table & Seating Area:

Create a cozy gathering spot by adding a few fire tables with seats arranged around them.

Your guests can gather around the flames to keep warm on cool nights in Arizona – making it a great place for family game nights, outdoor movie nights, or just spending time with friends!

15. Outdoor Playground:

A playground is a great outdoor kitchen idea for families with kids who need somewhere to play while the adults cook and entertain.

Make sure you install outdoor lighting so they can safely use the outdoor space after dark.

16. Outdoor Grill Station:

Create a dedicated outdoor grilling station for your outdoor kitchen – complete with built-in cabinets and countertops so you have plenty of room to store all your outdoor cooking supplies.

Add a few stools and chairs nearby for seating options when entertaining guests!

17. Built-In Seating:

Incorporate built-in seating into your outdoor kitchen space so that everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit while the food is being prepared or enjoyed afterwards!

Choose outdoor furniture that matches your outdoor kitchen aesthetic – consider incorporating benches, banquettes, and/or bar stools depending on the size of the area you have available.

18. Custom Accent Pieces:

Having custom pieces in an outdoor kitchen can help add personality and flair to any design style – whether it’s rustic chic or modern minimalism!

Consider adding some unique touches such as wrought iron railings, decorative tile accents, handcrafted frames around the grill station, etc., to make it truly one-of-a-kind!

19. Built In Shelving & Storage Units:

Maximize storage by installing shelves and cabinets into one corner of your outdoor kitchen where you can keep dishes, utensils, cookware, food items, etc., neatly organized and out of sight.

20. Outdoor Pizza Oven:

Add an outdoor pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen space so you can enjoy delicious homemade pies with family and friends!

You’ll be able to get creative with recipes while giving everyone a unique dining experience.

21. Pergola Shade Structure:

Install a pergola shade structure in your outdoor kitchen area where you and your guests can take refuge from the sun during hot, summer days.

This is
especially great if you’re planning on entertaining large groups since it will provide adequate coverage for all of them at once!

22. Smoker Station:

If you like to smoke meats, add a smoker station into one corner of the outdoor kitchen for easy access when prepping meals or snacks for parties or gatherings

just remember to make sure that it’s situated away from any nearby trees or shrubs as they may catch fire if exposed to too much heat from the grill/smoker!

23. Outdoor Kitchen Island:

An outdoor kitchen island provides both form and function – thus making it perfect for those who want their outdoor cooking area organized and stylish at the same time!

Not only will this give you plenty of countertop space but also provide seating around its perimeter.

24. Fire Pit:

Incorporate a fire pit into your outdoor kitchen area to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining!

Add comfortable chairs and benches around it so you can all gather around to enjoy some drinks, snacks, or simply just relax and take in the night sky.

25. Outdoor Bar:

Install an outdoor bar in your outdoor kitchen space so that everyone can enjoy cocktails while they cook up their favorite meals.

Choose high-quality outdoor furniture such as bar stools, bar tables, and more to complete the look!

26. Herb Garden:

Plant a herb garden next to your outdoor kitchen – this will give you easy access to fresh herbs when cooking up delicious meals for family & friends!

Consider adding raised beds if you don’t have enough ground space available or install hanging planters on walls/fences for extra color & texture!

27. Decorative Lighting:

Install decorative lighting fixtures throughout your outdoor kitchen space so that guests can see during evening get-togethers or romantic dinners under the stars

– consider opting for string lights hung from trees/posts or wall sconces mounted above countertops & other areas of interest (such as near seating arrangements).

And bonus one: Covered Sitting Area:

Give your outdoor kitchen a covered sitting area with plenty of comfortable lounging and dining furniture so you can spend time outdoors even when the Arizona sun is too hot!

Install outdoor ceiling fans to keep air circulating in the summertime while you enjoy meals and conversations outside.

These outdoor kitchen ideas in Arizona will help you create an outdoor living space that’s both inviting and entertaining for years to come!

Whether it’s for hosting dinner parties or playing board games with friends, your outdoor kitchen can be designed to fit any occasion.

With just a few simple design touches and features, you’ll soon have an outdoor space that you’ll be proud to show off to your visitors.

Happy outdoor cooking!

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