361 BEST Romantic Twilight Quotes (Selected)

William T Johnson Mar 28, 2023
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As the sun sets, twilight marks the end of one day and the start of a romantic evening.

Whether you’re watching a romantic comedy or sharing a cozy dinner with your significant other, these romantic quotes about twilights will spark some inspiration.

Let these quotes be your evening soundtrack as you enjoy time together.

Here are 361 romantic twilight quotes:

1. “Twilight is different from morning because it carries an inner beauty, like holding hands in secret." — Craig D Lounsbrough

2. “The peace that comes with dusk has no comparison to any other moment of the day."― Munia Khan

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3. “Twilight fell; The sky grew dark; And all I saw was you in my heart." ― Avijeet Das

4. “If there were two Twilights each night we could still never have enough for our hearts’ delight!”― Richelle E Goodrich

5 .”I love how twilight paints everything lavender before darkness takes over and blue stars come out to play." ― Anthony T Hincks

6 .”It's amazing what can happen during twilight when nothing else matters

7. “The romanticism of twilight is the same as being in love."― Nitya Prakash

8. “Twilight drapes my heart with a thousand layers of dreams and desires."― Avijeet Das

9. “Twilight comes silently, covers the sky with diamonds and fills our hearts with thoughts that we'd like to keep forever." ― Anthony T Hincks

10. “A romantic evening needs no other witness than just us two at twilight” ― Nitya Prakash

11 .”As dusk falls upon the land it's time for me to take your hand!” ― Richelle E Goodrich

12 .”I find myself dreaming until twilight then I know that true love can start!" ― Anthony T Hincks

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13 .”Two souls intertwined by one tender kiss under romantic twilight bliss."― Nitya Prakash

14 .”Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

15. "When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive - to breathe,

16. “The twilight of the day is the golden key that opens the palace of tomorrow." – Author Unknown

17. “Twilight stillness in a romantic scene, I love you more than words have ever been seen.” ― Anthony T Hincks

18 .”Love is a fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand." – Mother Teresa

19 .”In romantic twilight kisses linger on my lips as sweet memories stay with me so long!" ― Anthony T Hincks

20. “Your kiss lingers like a romantic song amid dismal twilights hour so strong!" ― Nitya Prakash

21 .”A romantic evening spent with you is my bliss; I will never forget our

tender kiss!”― Richelle E Goodrich

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22. “Wherever thou art, let there be joy." -Anonymous

23. “As twilight deepens more beauty it seems, romantic night sings its magical dreams!” ― Anthony T Hincks

24 .”I am awed by the magic of tonight's sky when stars glimmer beneath romantic twilight skies."― Nity

25. “Love is a romantic dream in twilight's hour, a sweet emotion never found in power.”― Anthony T Hincks

26. “In romantic twilight emotions soar high; I'm so glad we said our first

romantic goodbye!”― Richelle E Goodrich

27. “It's romantic twilights call that stirs my heart with thoughts of love to linger long after dark." ― Nitya Prakash

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28. “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." -Anthony J D'Angelo

29. "Music is the language of romance; even one note can be enough to set your heart dancing" – Author Unknown

30 .”The stars will shine above us while we stand here beneath romantic twilights sky and say goodbye!" ― Anthony T Hincks

31 .”Dreaming until Twilights end when true Love comes calling again!" ― Nitya Prakash

32 .”Romantic twilights kiss so magical, perfect for two hearts that are lyrical!”― Richelle E Gopdrich

33. “Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.” - Lydia M. Child

34. "I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone." - J.R.R Tolkien

35. "Twilight—a soft and gentle thing, yet startlingly fragile and surprisingly powerful at the same time” - Vera Nazarian

36. "The twilight of the gods has come, yes indeed the twilight is here." - Wagner's Götterdämmerung

37. "At twilight, nature is a genius." - Victor Hugo

38. «When you make me forget the rest of existence, that is what I call romantic» – Enid Blyton

39. “May sweet memories of friends from the past always comes to you at every morning, noon and dusk throughout your life.- Michael Bassey Johnson"

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40. “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." — Unknown

41. “Twilight comes upon the sky, and brings no day but brings a space.” - Thomas Carew

42. "The evening of a well-spent life brings its lamps with it." - Goethe

43. "Twilight is like a canvas painted in soft hues of blue, grey and pink." — Unknown

44. “A love, that will remain until the end of time, through all the twilight hour's still shine.” – Helen Steiner Rice

45. “At night there is no impossible dream for me because I know I am loved by you!" ― Lailah Gifty Akita

46. "The twilight skies are at their best when seen through eyes filled with love." - Uma Asopa

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47. “My love for you knows no boundaries, even in the deep twilight hours of life." – Euginia Herlihy

48. “I know that at midnight I'll be crossing into another realm, so until then let us drift here together in our twilight world” – Lucy Grimble

49. “Like whispers from a distant past, thoughts flow in sweet lullaby's as we watch this perfect twilight pass” ― Heather Wolf

50. "Let us forget the duskiness of the night, and look forward to a bright morning sky" — Unknown

51. “When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far; no one can ever tear them apart” - Magnolia Silverwolf

52. “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

53. "As sweet as moonlight upon my face, I am forever yours in this gentle embrace" — Unknown

54. “Let this nighttime wash away your sorrows and wrap you in joy untill morning light arrives again” ― Richelle E Goodrich

55. "Love conquers all things; let us surrender to Love"- Virgil

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56. "I want to stand with you on a mountain; I want to bathe with you in the sea" — Unknown

57. “We found love right where we are…In the time between night and daybreak…In that gorgeous moment when dusk turns to dawn” – Ranata Suzuki

58. "Amidst stars glimmering within sight of our dreams twinkle endlessly into eternity" — Unknown

59 .“As long as we have each other we will never see an end to our passionate days and starlit nights"- Tonya Leigh

60 ."Shadows creep up around us as if it were silently guarding our most sacred moments together" — Unknown

61. “The twilight of life should be its most beautiful hour.” - Jean Paul Richter

62. "Our dreamy twilight moments will forever last" — Unknown

63. “Love is a flame that burns in the night, bringing down the curtain on another day gone by”- Richelle E. Goodrich

64. “Those golden moments when I'm alone with you, and the sun melts into the horizon" — Unknown

65. “There is never a wrong time to tell someone you love them; at dusk or dawn, their beauty will only come alive” – Marie Munkara

66. “May we never lose our mesmerizing view of stars twinkling in the sky above us and surging hearts within us” ― Munia Khan

67."Let's find solace in each other's embrace beneath this calm evening sky filled with starlight that kisses our eyes" — Unknown

67. “Life begins at sundown; it takes place in an atmosphere like twilight where we are surrounded by a steady light” – Amber Deckers

69."I pray for us to reach those far away places together, just as dusk turns into full night shining beautifully across our path" — Unknown

70 .“As sweet as moonlight upon my face, I am forever yours in this gentle embrace " ― Unknown

71 .“We can kiss away the pain under that summer sunset sky, fill every moment with tenderness until neither one of us has to cry." ― Pittsburgh Slim

72 .“Every sunset brings us one day closer to our dreams becoming reality!”– Richelle Goodrich

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73 . «When two hearts become one they can beat even through the longest night» – Enid Blyton

74 . “These blessed moments pass so quickly but still leave something special behind—memories of a starlit sky and a love so strong and true until tomorrow arrives again" —Unknown

75 ."The twilight hour awakens feelings inside me that no one else can ever understand"- Unknown

76 ."What is love if not found beneath this glowing half-moon searching across oceans to bring two hearts close enough to touch"?― Unknown

77 ."If I could ask for one gift it would be to be held by you 'til sunrise beneath this beautiful moonlight"-unknown

78 . «I have seen stars shine brighter than jewels on velvet nights, I have felt my heart grow more full than it ever was before» – Enid Blyton

79 . "A single ray of sunlight illuminates my soul whenever I think about your love as dusk approaches" ―unknown

80 . «In the soft embrace of twilight let our love bloom until eternity» – Enid Blyton

81. “The twilight sky was in harmony with my gloomy mood, and only seemed to aggravate my loneliness” ― Santosh Kalwar

82. "My love for you is like the stars at night, it will continue to shine for eternity" — Unknown

83. “I'm forever woven into your heart, tied together in a love so strong that not even the end of twilight could break us apart” – Richelle E Goodrich

84. "We'll sail away on our own two feet, take a dip in the deep blue sea and dance beneath a moonlight" — Unknown

85. “Let us stand still and watch this perfect view of this romantic pink sky until sunrise comes around again” - Jeff Thompson

86."Our eyes meet in the dark night as our souls ignite with sparks of passion behind them" — Unknown

87 .“This is the time when stars sparkle like fantasies and all becomes brighter under moonlight”-Faraaz Kazi

88 . “The gentle noises of nighttime have come alive, your beauty shimmers like diamonds on this starry night sky” ― Heather Wolf

89 ."Your beauty blinds me beneath this dim-lit sky just as shooting stars traverse across our universe"― Unknown

90 . “Our hearts are sparkling like stars in the twilight zone, radiating warmth throughout these peaceful nights” – Ella Sanders

91 ."A love so strong that nothing can compare, no matter how long and hard we stare at those twinkling stars above us" — Unknown

92 ."As stars glimmering within sight of our dreams twinkle endlessly into eternity through these eternal moments together"—Unknown

93 . «When two people are meant for each other, no distance is too far; no one can ever tear them apart." – Magnolia Silverwolf

94. "Though I cannot turn back time or bring daylight closer, I can spend my remaining minutes here loving you"-unknown

95 . «Like fireflies in the deep dark woods let us brighten up each others lives till dawn» – Enid Blyton

96 . “Love is like an eternal flame burning brightly through the night; it's never ending story unwraps with every beautiful starry sight".― Vicky Lombardo

97 ."In your embrace I find peace under this midnight sky filled with stars twinkling brighter as seconds pass by"-unknown

98 ."Hope lights up many a darkened path when we stumble upon our true love amidst this velvet darkness" — Unknown

99 . «In your arms twilight fades away replaced by dreamy illuminated skies» – Ella Frances Sanders

100 . "May our hearts be freed from sorrows and warmed by joy lingering through twilight hours"- unknown

101. “We’re together in this moment, let us make the most of it, even if the stars have to call time on tonight" — Unknown

102. “On this still night our love will shine through - like a billion twinkling stars” – Richelle E. Goodrich

103. "The beauty of this dusk sky is nothing compared to the beauty I feel when you look at me with those special eyes" — Unknown

104. “Let's take our love off into the sky and set it free until morning arrives" ― Jodi Lynn Anderson

105 . “Our hearts beat as one under this midnight sky, for eternity and beyond” – Jeff Thompson

106 ."When two hearts become one, sweet twilight embraces them both with all its glory" ―Pittsburgh Slim

107 ."My heart always skips a beat when I see you here as twilight paints its beautiful shades in the sky"-unknown

108 . «Love me tenderly, embrace me tightly; don't let go until pink hues of dawn break free» – Enid Blyton

109 . “Whenever we share a starry night together, moments seem to stand still in time!”– Richelle E Goodrich

110 . "As a million fireflies light up my soul I won't be afraid to reveal my true feelings to you against the backdrop of dusk "-unknown

111."Love lights up many a darkened path as we look into each other's eyes with that perfect smile upon our lips under moonlight"- unknown

112 . «Beneath this tranquil evening sky filled with loves first kiss and shining stars, your beauty mesmerizes my very being» – Enid Blyton

113 ."Lets spend more time lost in each other while only God knows shall become of us in these mysterious dark nights."― Unknown

114 ."The briefest glimpse of your face makes my world brighter than any sun-kissed star inside my dreams "- unknown

115 . «Mysterious magic lies deep within midnight hours where lovers forever believe in their secret desires» - Ella Sanders

116 ."Long for my touch under this moonlight sea as all worries drift away from us ceaselessly"- unknown

117 . «Let us find solace within each others arms beneath a blanket of stars across an endless sky»– Enid Blyton

118 . "Your touch calms me down just like how twilight soothes everything underneath our gaze."― Unknown

119 . "Your love shines so bright even during the darkest times that life can bring"-unknown

120. "I live for those moments where I'm lost deep within you when eternity starts right before sunset".― Unknown

121. “Every night I look up to these stars and they remind me of the blissful moments that I have shared with you” – Jeff Thompson

122 . "Let's find each other in this twilight, let love soar through the night sky" — Unknown

123 . “We are joined together for eternity beneath a moonlight sky” – Edgar Allan Poe

124 ."Your presence melts my heart just like twilights rays from the sun"― unknown

125 . “My head rests on your shoulder as we watch all our worries drift away under the starlit sky”– Ella Sanders

122. "Hold me close and never let go, for love will stay strong even at dusk"-unknown

123. «Our love is a deep starry night, filled with beauty and light» – Enid Blyton

128 ."As the sun sets upon us let us forget everything else because it's only you and I under this beautiful night"-unknown

129 ."The heart beats old stories as every second passes; when peace overcomes darkness we'll never part"- unknown

130. «I want to lie in your arms, feel every beat of your heart and watch the stars twinkle late into the night» - Richelle E. Goodrich

131. "The brightest stars give outstanding performances every time two lovers embrace under a twilight sky" ― Pittsburgh Slim

132 . “Our hearts intertwine like those twinkling stars above us during these enthralling nights”- Heather Wolf

133 ."Be my midnight Romeo and recreate this beautiful fairytale tonight" ― Unknown

134 . “We can make new wishes every night while glancing at those shining stars in sight” - Faraaz Kazi

135 . "Let's spend countless hours talking about life underneath this blanket of stars"- unknown

136 ."Love is a dreamy ride which eventually lands us into each other's arms against the backdrop of an enchanting evening"- unknown

137."Our hearts dance with joy as if we have found heaven right here on Earth beneath these splendid evening skies"— Unknown

138 . “It was almost like someone had sprinkled glitter into her eyes, making them sparkle brighter than some of the stars in the sky”- Pittsburg Slim

139 ."Amongst these billions of sparkling diamonds that adorn our universe let me be yours before dawn arrives "-unknown

140. "You are my moonlight and starlight- everything that shines bright to me just like when twilight sets upon us".― Unknown

141. “We are living in our own little universe filled with love and magic as the stars glimmer above us” – Gina Marinello-Sweeney

142 . “You are the star that I will navigate my life by, taking my cue from you, even in the darkest sky” – Jeff Taglauer

143 . "Lets watch together as the night sky grows brighter with countless wishes and promises of true love" ― Unknown

144 ."My heart will always search for yours no matter how dark it gets outside as I wait for twilight to arrive"- unknown

145. «Let us lay down together beneath this heavenly canopy of stars and make a wish on every one» - Enid Blyton

146."As soon as you look into my eyes they breach into a million stars just like when the sun says goodbye to twilight "- unknown

147. “Let me whisper all the things I want to show you to cement our love forever under this midnight sky”– Ella Sanders

148 ."The sight of you brings so much joy that I can feel my heart overflow with emotion at dusk"-unknown

149 . "Every shooting star takes away a piece of me towards our love's destiny until dusk sets upon us"― Unknown

150 ."Be mine forever amidst these twinkling stars from tonight till dawn"-unknown

151 . « Beneath this magical night sky lies a secret world waiting to come alive between two entwined hearts» – Enid Blyton

152 ."Our souls meet each other's gaze with an intensity that cannot be matched even by the brightest star in twilight "-unknown

153 . “Our faithfulness is stronger than any circumstance we may face; let us write beautiful stories against shimmering night skies”– Richelle E Goodrich

154."My soul aches for yours while darkness surrounds us, yet at twilight we shall be reunited forever"-unknown

155 ."How can I stop loving you when your eyes sparkle more than any star during dusk" ―Unknown

156. «Your beauty penetrates deep into the midnight hours making my heart skip a beat each time»- Enid Blyton

157."These longing nights will remain endless if only true love comes along with every dawn"― Unknown 158 . "When our two hearts become one, it is as if we have found paradise beneath this breathtaking dusk sky"-unknown 159."Take me away with you into an adventure full of hope and excitement tonight underneath these vibrant evening skies"- unknown 160. “I will never forget this moment nor let go of your hand. Let us live here in peace among these twinkling stars for eternity”– Jeff Thompson

161. “Your kiss is the sweetest thing that I have ever tasted providing me with a magical experience even under twilight” – Jeff Taglauer

162 . "We can dance to our own song in each other's arms as the stars twinkle above us"- unknown

163 . “We will take long walks beneath starry skies, where I will whisper all my secrets into your ear” – Ella Sanders

164 ."I'm mesmerized by your grace and want to be held close to you forever at dusk"― unknown

165 . «Let us disappear together into this blissful night, for here we can be as one amongst these radiant stars» - Enid Blyton

166."Our souls intertwine just like those of the stars in a sky of midnight blue "-unknown

167. “It was like magic when my heart answered your call; it was the perfect ending to a moonlit night on the beach”- Pittsburg Slim

168 ."Be my constant companion throughout this alluring evening because no one else matters when I am with you"-unknown

169 ."My silent prayers are answered every time you come close to me just before twilight sets"- Unknown

170. «Hold my hands tight and never let go, not until our everlasting love has reached its peak right beneath these sparkling stars» - Richelle E Goodrich

171. "The gentle breeze caresses us two lovers entwined within each other's embrace underneath this beautiful night sky" ― Pittsburgh Slim

172 . “Our love story can come alive again with new colors of joy and passion under the light of disappearing sun”- Heather Wolf

173 ."I wish for an eternity of nights filled with passion and warmth as we embrace each other under a velvet sky"- unknown

174."Forever shall dance together hand in hand against the backdrop of star filled evening skies"— Unknown

175 . "You pull me closer to you as if there is nothing that could stop us from being together even during twilight "-unknown

176."Come away with me before daybreak so that we may fulfill our destiny beneath this remarkable night sky"-unknown

177."As time passes by in silence, let us live out all our dreams beneath these bright evening skies full of surprises"— Unknown

178. "Let's get lost in each other until daybreak falls upon us while watching these endless twinkling stars"― Unknown

179. «Every glance makes me feel like I have been sprinkled with glitter and I face difficulty separating myself from your warm embrace»- Enid Blyton 180. "We will fly together under the starlight until eternity passes by"―Unknown

181. “We shall disappear together in the mid of this enchanting night amidst these beautiful stars”– Jeff Taglauer

182 . "Let us marvel at the beauty of this starry sky and explore its wonders from dusk till dawn"― Unknown

183 . “Let us wander wherever our hearts take us until we find our way back to each other with the light of twilight” – Pittsburg Slim

184 ."Just stay close to me so that I can protect you from all harm even during the glowing sky of twilight"-unknown

185 . “I will wait for you under this breathtaking night sky until all your wishes have been heard and fulfilled” - Richelle E Goodrich

186 ."I love every moment when I'm in your embrace, nothing can be compared to it not even the twilight "-unknown

187."I will never forget how our souls meshed together under a canopy of stars as blissful moments between us passed away"- unknown

188."Stand still and watch with me as we witness together an amazing evening sunset full of unbridled passion"― Pittsburgh Slim

189. «Your love is like a fairy-tale made real beneath these shimmering evening skies» – Enid Blyton

190."My heart beats faster than any star has ever twinkled during dusk"- unknown

191 . "Every time I look up at the dark night sky, I am reminded that somewhere up there you are always taking care of me"– Heather Wolf

192 ."The sweetness of your embrace always leaves me speechless even on those long and dark twilights"- unknown

193."Our dreams will become reality when we look into each other's eyes tonight beneath a sky full of stars"— Unknown

194. "Every dream comes true when our lips meet under a carpet of shimmering stars above us" ― Unknown

195 . «As soon as dusk arrives,the world around us transforms into something magical just like my feelings for you»- Enid Blyton

196. "The sun desires to stay longer but alas it must bid goodbye as we prepare ourselves for a blanket full of stars awaiting us"―Unknown

197. “Take my hand and I will lead you to all breathtaking corners that lie hidden in the midnight hours” – Jeff Thompson

198."Whenever two lonely hearts reach out towards each other during twilight,a miracle is surely on its way "-unknown

199."I feel transported to the world after sundown where no one else exists except us among those million blinking stars"- unknown

200. “Tonight let us unlock all mysteries surrounding us; let us get lost in each other's embrace amidst these silent night hours”– Ella Sanders

201. “As soon as twilight sets in, I feel my soul is connected to yours like an unbreakable bond”– Jeff Taglauer

202 . "Come away with me so that we can both escape amidst these glowing yellow twilights"- unknown

203 . “Let us find solace in each other's arms when the night sky turns dark and our dreams start to ignite” - Pittsburg Slim

204 ."I wish I could transform this moment into eternity and watch the sunset together forever"― Unknown

205 . «Sometimes all we need is one beautiful night beneath a heavenly starry sky to make all of our dreams come true» - Enid Blyton

206."Our hearts will beat as one when we are together watching this enchanting golden horizon set"-unknown

207."Unlock your heart so that you may see what I am feeling, just before twilight comes upon us tonight" – Heather Wolf

208 ."Be mine forever at the brink of dusk and never leave my sight even when all the stars have gone away "-unknown

209 ."Let's trust in fate as we drift off into a captivating star filled evening enveloped by love, warmth and passion" ― Unknown

210. «Has anyone ever told you that you are more beautiful than those shimmery stars shining through the sky?»– Enid Blyton

211. "We will be under blankets of stars cuddled up close until our fairytale story reaches its climax right beneath this starlit sky"―Pittsburgh Slim

212. “The night is heading in so let's create a magic of our own while I tell small stories into your ears during twilight” - Ella Sanders

213 ."Your eyes shine brighter than any star light present during dusk making me lose my breath for a moment "- unknown

214. “Together let us discover a world full of mystery at nightfall and dance till the end of time in each other's arms” – Jeff Taglauer

215 ."No matter how far apart we are, I will always be able to find comfort through looking up at the same night sky"-unknown

216."Tonight under these brilliant stars, let us get lost in each other until tomorrow comes along bringing new promises"— Unknown

217 . "My world has become so much more beautiful ever since I met you and every evening gives me hope just before twilight falls"- unknown

218."Let us travel to distant galaxies hand-in-hand shrouded by an infinite number of sparkling stars above us"― Unknown

219. «This magical evening calls out for two hearts to be entwined beneath this stunning dark canvas decorated with millions of stars»-Enid Blyton

220."Every single time I look into your eyes it feels like standing underneath vast oceans full of twinkling stars during twilight"-unknown

221. “Tonight I will look for your soul in the star-dotted sky and hope to find it before twilight sets in”– Jeff Taglauer

222 . "Let us embrace each other till we reach infinity under this mesmerising night sky which stretches out forever"― Unknown

223 . “Take my hand and we shall run away together till dawn searching for our happy place within this incredible evening sky” - Pittsburg Slim

224 ."Let us step out of reality and dive deep into the mysterious darkness of a romantic twilight just like our love"-unknown

225 . «All that is beautiful and serene awaits us as soon as nightfall arrives, like the glittering stars in the distance» - Enid Blyton

226."As long as I'm with you, I feel safe amidst all those million twinkling stars during twilight"-unknown

227."Take me away somewhere so that I may be able to watch this enchanting sunset with you until eternity passes away"- Heather Wolf

228 ."Let's spend some quality time together gazing up at all these shining stars scattered across the midnight horizon"-unknown

229 ."We are inseparable souls connected to one another as endless galaxies fill up our dark blissful night" ― Unknown

230. «Our dreams start coming true when we watch them paint a beautiful picture upon the star spangled sky above us»– Enid Blyton

231. "My heart beats stronger than any pulsar can ever shine during dusk when you are around me all alone"―Pittsburgh Slim

232. “We will discover new magical worlds every single night separately or together under this enchanting night sky” - Ella Sanders

233 ."When I look at the dazzling stars in front of me, your face appears making my heart skip a beat each time "- unknown

234. “Let us fly up high tonight towards an unknown future safely tucked away within each other's arms beneath this enigmatic evening sky” – Jeff Taglauer

235 ."Every glowing star in tonight's firmament reminds me why I fell in love with you before it became dark outside"-unknown

236."Every moment spent lost among millions of galaxies has become part of who I am because it was created with you"— Unknown

237 . "Lover come closer to me; let our destinies merge together hidden between a blanket of stars on a peaceful yet romantic night "- unknown

238."Let us embark on an amazing journey under this starlit sky, following our hearts until we reach distant shores beyond what's real"― Unknown

239. «This tranquil stillness of the evening makes it easier for two lovers to ponder over life while wishing upon thousands of falling stars»-Enid Blyton

240."The beauty of having someone special by your side during dusk is something that cannot be put into words but can only be felt with one's soul"-unknown

241. “My soul is captivated by you when the sun starts to set and night slowly reveals a glowing horizon of stars"– Jeff Taglauer

242 . "Let us free ourselves from the shackles of reality tonight while the twilights slowly eclipse all that keeps us apart"― Unknown

243 . “We will discover true happiness in each other's arms tonight as millions of stars begin to sparkle above us” - Pittsburg Slim

244 ."Love me through this beautiful star-lit night, for it was made to be spent in your embrace never letting go until sunrise"-unknown

245 . «Life without you would have been incomplete if I wasn't able to witness the twilight like I did today with you» - Enid Blyton

246."As long as we remain together our blissful moments will be timeless even during twilight when nothing else seems to matter "-unknown

247."Tonight in front of these gorgeous stars, my prayer is that we stay together and find solace within each other's presence "- Heather Wolf

248 ."Our love is an undying flame which glimmer more than any new born star at dusk giving out a brilliant light"-unknown

249 ."The way our eyes meet under this moonlight sky feels like two galaxies merging into one incredible cluster of stars" ― Unknown

250. «When I gaze up at the sky on a romantic evening, all I can think about is finding someone special who loves me more than all those shining stars»– Enid Blyton

251. "Let's create a magical dreamland where time does not exist beyond these eternal gold twilights embodied by passion”―Pittsburg Slim

252. “Our dreams will come true just before dusk because my heart pulsates faster when I'm close to yours beneath this endless sea of stars” - Ella Sanders

253 ."The way my soul burns brighter than the brightest visible star during twilight makes your smile even more luminous"- unknown

254. “I want you near me every single night till eternity so that I may get lost exploring different galaxies lying next to each other within this beautiful night sky” – Jeff Taglauer

255 ."Let us run away and create our own world away from here amidst these diamond sprinkled skies where only love exists forever"— unknown

256."Tonight let us connect with each other beyond what we understand while watching the sun disappear below the horizon"— Unknown

257 . "A spark has been ignited deep within me due to your presence which makes me feel complete and happy when twilight arrives"- unknown

258."No matter how far apart we are, all those million shining stars up there remind me why my heart chose yours over everyone else"― Unknown

259. «When it gets dark outside and everything else begins to fade away, our connection still remains as strong as ever just like those twinkling stars»-Enid Blyton

260."Wrapped up tight in your arms during twilight is all I need forever; for no universe can offer what you do with infinite warmth & love"-unknown

261. “Every night I think of you when the sun sets, and I marvel at how vibrant our love is compared to the stars in the sky”– Jeff Taglauer

262 . "Tonight let us live like there is no tomorrow, free within this momentary twilight under a star filled sky"― Unknown

263 . “We will discover the meaning of true love together tonight during dusk as we watch thousands of stars sparkle above us” - Pittsburg Slim

264 ."Let's take our time and explore every single star up there while waltzing under this romantic twilight"-unknown

265 . «Let us escape from reality for a while and seek refuge in each other's embrace surrounded by a beautiful sky full of stars» - Enid Blyton

266."Forever I am yours and forever shall be till twilight arrives with its soothing breeze reminding me why we are meant to be "-unknown

267."Come closer to me now and let us get lost amongst these enchanting constellations before dawn comes along"- Heather Wolf

268 ."Your glowing eyes outshine all those sparkling little stars in front of me during nightfall making them dim in comparison"--unknown

269 ."Each nightfall brings with it something special that can't be seen yet felt deep within; so bravely let go off yourself"- Unknown

270. «The beauty that lies beneath this peaceful evening sky reminds us how two hearts get intertwined after spending some quality time together»– Enid Blyton

271. "Each star that flickers up there visits us with a message of everlasting love which I will never forget until eternity passes away"―Pittsburgh Slim

272. “This dreamy night awaits ahead with numerous adventures lined up which will define our fate in each other's arms amidst the starry sky” - Ella Sanders

273 ."No matter what happens we both shall remain close like Pluto & Jupiter beneath this alluring twilight illuminated by bright shining stars"- unknown

274. “As soon as dusk approaches, everything else fades as if destiny itself has chosen us to explore galaxies existing beyond this star filled night sky” – Jeff Taglauer

275 ."Let your soul bring out the child still existing within you so that we may keep dancing freely beneath these twinkling skies forever"— unknown

276."Don't worry about anything because even if we drift apart, those burning flames ignited between our souls at twilight will never cease to exist"― Unknown

277 . "Falling into your eyes is better than getting lost among millions of stars in a pitch-dark night because they offer more clarity and peace "- unknown

278."Your presence inside me is stronger than any force present outside during nights when only darkness surrounds full of twinkling stars"― Unknown

279. «For years together our destinies have been trying to meet each other atop a hill watching countless shooting stars while the twilight slowly fades away»-Enid Blyton

280."Whenever I look up at those billions on twinkling starts, my heart whispers one single word—forever telling me why you belong here"-unknown

281. “Let us become lost in each other's embrace and create a different reality where our love will be illuminated by the stars during twilight”– Jeff Taglauer

282 . "Tonight let us escape into a world of our own with no boundaries, away from this mundane life to a place where wishes come true in twilights"― Unknown

283 . “As dusk approaches and the sun starts to set, let us watch together how these brightest stars ignite our dreams which we have long been longing for” - Pittsburg Slim

284 ."Tonight let's make it special for each other and witness this magical night sky full of uncountable stars together hand in hand"-unknown

285 . «Just before twilight creeps up on us, I feel the happiest when you smile looking up at those billions of sparkling stars with me» - Enid Blyton

286."Our souls were destined to meet one day while halos of light slowly surrounded us during an evening sunset beneath limitless stars"-unknown

287."Look at that resplendent sky above dotted with myriads of diamond bright twinkles, making me believe everything is possible"- Heather Wolf

288 ."The feeling that arises within me when I look into your eyes at nightfall is something greater than gazing towards galaxies unfolding mile after mile"--unknown

289 ."Let's take some time off now, forgetting our worries while admiring those twinkling little stars caressing the horizon just like your fingers do"- Unknown

290. «Our paths have collided together by chance yet here we are able to explore galaxies within galaxies thanks to this warm starry night»– Enid Blyton

291. "I don't need any extravagant paradise because as long as you are here beside me at nightfall then nothing else matters but us"―Pittsburgh Slim

292. “From this powerful moment onwards, may all our dreams take the form of twinkle shining brightly above illuminating our path” - Ella Sanders

293 ."Nothing can ever match up to your company during nights alike before dawn beneath these star spangled skies offering tranquillity"- unknown

294. “Your love has filled every aspect in my life with eternal joy like those glittering stars lighting up my dark cloudless days and twilight nights” – Jeff Taglauer

295 ."Take my hand now and let's go beyond this crater filled universe so that we can stay entwined in passion under those thousands of stars"— unknown

296."On such peaceful evenings I wish forever would last so that I can remain forever here locked inside your arms amidst the star lit night"― Unknown

297 . "We shall set out to places far where we both can find ourselves lost within each other without breaking away till dawn arrives "- unknown

298."Let this special moment linger around for as long as possible underneath these infinite starry skies giving us hope or whatever we are searching for"― Unknown

299. «Every time I close my eyes and take a deep breath, my soul searches yours amongst all those million twinkling stars existing alongside ours»-Enid Blyton

300."Tonight while sitting near you beneath a violet dusk sky, let's get drowned deep into our romantic fairytale promised by trillions of shining starts"-unknown

301. “Since you and I are together, everything around us shimmers like these stars during twilight making our life's journey so beautiful and worth it”– Jeff Taglauer

302 . "Tonight let us spread magic across this star filled sky forming a bridge of love between the two of us so that we can always stay connected"― Unknown

303 . “Let’s explore for one night the mysteries existing in the universe as we journey together side by side away from reality beneath this twilight sky” - Pittsburg Slim

304 ."We should cherish every single moment spent tonight under the dazzling night sky before it all comes to an end"-unknown

305 . «We have been blessed with this romantic sunset illuminating everything that stands between us while a million twinkling stars continue to watch over us» - Enid Blyton

306."As long as you live inside me, there shall be no nights left unblessed by those thousands of stars shining brightly above me"-unknown

307."The gaze of your eyes ensnared within its depths is brighter than any star present up in the heavens above during nighttime "- Heather Wolf

308 ."My heart celebrates in joy each time I find myself in front of your warmth when darkness approaches and coldness sweeps over with millions of little sparkling stars"--unknown

309 ."When you look at me with love, I am capable of conquering mountains just like those stars existing out there amidst the dark nothingness of endless space"- Unknown

310. «Our souls will be connected through lifetimes if we keep exploring new galaxies together under the same moonlit sky far from the boundaries set by men»– Enid Blyton

311. "From dusk till dawn, I sit here admiring those tiny drops of crystal light slowly falling from above towards earth told my rigorous constellations up there"-Pittsburgh Slim

312. “Underneath these countless twinkling stars, let's weave a story about our never ending love which has kept fueling since forever” - Ella Sanders

313 ."Let's keep finding new stories amongst that never-ending night sky full of numerous mysterious little sparkles while holding hands tightly until daylight arrives"— unknown

314. “In your eyes lies a universe filled with many enchanting galaxies which reveals itself beautifully as soon as twilight settles down hugging us tenderly” – Jeff Taglauer

315 ."No matter how many miles away I am from you, my soul will always remain close beside yours beneath these eternal skies full of stars"— unknown

316."This time spent alone beneath this tranquil dark blue expanse adds beauty to our dying romance filled with infinite shooting twinkling stars"― Unknown

317 . "Come closer now and put your head on mine; let's drift away into oblivion to seek a paradise hidden among billions of diamond bright burning sparks"- unknown

318."Every single day without fail my dreams take form while gazing towards zillions & zillions of dancing starts taking place near earth each night"- Unknown

319. «Whenever tensions arise between us two, just remember then that we both are brought together here again by those millions & millions of glimmering stars above»-Enid Blyton

320."Tonight we stand proudly among trillions and trillions existing specks spreading their colourful hues even before morn announces its arrival"-unknown

321. “As twilight appears, emptiness within me pours out—the only thing that can fill it is the spark of your love twinkling like a star in an infinity sky”– Jeff Taglauer

322 . "Tonight let's forget about all our worries and spend some marvelous moments together hand in hand getting lost beneath this star illuminated sky"― Unknown

323 . “Let's give time a pause together and admire those thousands of stars creating a magical blanket for us during this picturesque twilight moment” - Pittsburg Slim

324 ."We must never forget about these precious nights when we stare up at the heavens full of light far away from worldly responsibilities "-unknown

325 . «I believe there holds something divine in store for us when during twilight our eyes merge together to witness those million stars glistening in the night» - Enid Blyton

326."Take my hand firmly now and let's explore each other while sitting near each other nearness beneath an uncountable cluster of stars"-unknown

327."At times life seems so chaotic but then I recall these star filled evenings when everything felt still as galaxies shimmered miles below us "- Heather Wolf

328 ."It's been ardently awaited and with you here beside me under such night skies replete with shimmering stars, it has finally all become worthwhile"--unknown

329 ."The glow illuminating around us is because of your entrancing presence here beside me while millions of stars slowly perishing up above"- Unknown

330. «Hold my hands tightly as we walk through this adventure ahead together amidst all those innumerable shining twinkles of times past long gone by»– Enid Blyton 3

31. "On these tranquil twilight nights I feel at complete ease being embraced by you accompanied by countless burning spangled stars"-Pittsburgh Slim

332. “This special moment where the night skies are carpeted with thick layers of shimmering diamond dust will forever remain etched inside my memory” - Ella Sanders

333 ."Every time I look up at that infinite star sprinkled night sky, I feel overwhelmed knowing how much beauty lives around us unseen except on such evenings"— unknown

334. “Whenever I am alone, I whisper your name underneath the star-filled sky hoping that somewhere you too might be looking up at same moon & twilights” – Jeff Taglauer

335 ."Our passionate feelings are more powerful than any other heavenly force present around us existing right here right now beneath endless sparkling stars"— unknown

336."This unexpected surprise brought forth by milky way amidst an immortal dark blue tide continues listen to even small whispers uttered while twilights arrive"― Unknown

337 . "Look how those billions of shining crystals cheerfully decorate this vast canvass tonight! Come closer now so that both our dreams can coalesce into one within them"- unknown

338."Your heart is home to many bright twinkling sparks resembling tomorrow's hope which matches perfectly with mine witnessed atop that never-ending night sky"- Unknown

339. «Each day & every evening I make a wish encompassed by billions of galaxies above hoping that one day all my dreams come true just like those little specks of light »-Enid Blyton

340."Thanks to this romantic eve filled with scintillating twinkles coming from beyond yonder, our passionate journey from dusk till dawn shall remain evergreen in my mind "-unknown

341. “Your presence is like the love filled twilight relaxing my soul in contentment amidst millions of little sparks twinkling from a distance”– Jeff Taglauer

342 . "Come let us spend this exquisite night together coming alive beneath that star-spangled sky full of secrets and promises"― Unknown

343 . “Let's dive beneath this velvet sky and try to find our inner galaxies of joy, peace & tranquility where we can find an enchanting respite during twilight” - Pittsburg Slim

344 ."It never ceases to amaze me how during these heavenly nights time stands still and stars appear closer while winking at us with immense warmth "-unknown

345 . «As we both disappear courageously into the depths of night skies, I hope your one embrace will keep me warm amongst million twinkling stars» - Enid Blyton

346."Tonight we stand alone amidst those countless sparkling emblems up above dreaming endless dreams while they keep on glimmering all around us"-unknown

347."Love exists in its purest form when souls meet under those blanket of twinkles above unvoiced yet assuring us that life is beautiful & eternal"- Heather Wolf

348 ."If I close my eyes, it'll be like both traveling through ancient galaxies illuminated by countless bright burning stars showing our way to ultimate fulfillment"--unknown

349 ."The sound of silence will come alive as both our hearts beat faster when we get lost in each others eyes away from suns rays scattered across distant universes"- Unknown

350. «My heart races in glee just thinking about when the two of us reunite again under that magic bed of softly shining stars rewriting stories again»– Enid Blyton

351. "No matter what happens even if these heavens are far away tonight I know you will always remain close inside me with galactic showers of love"-Pittsburgh Slim

352. “Let's promise each other right here right now among those celestial constellations up there that no matter what, our souls shall entwine until eternity” - Ella Sanders

353 ."We may be separated by miles but my undying affection for you shall prevail over any distances as long as each night brings comforting sparkling starlight"— unknown

354. “Whenever my heart gets heavy with sadness , your name appears among thousands glowing specks alleviating everything making this world seem so much better” – Jeff Taglauer

355 ."Our bond transcends beyond mere words and only comes alive under such beautiful midnight skies holding within them infinite burning stars"— unknown

356."Each time I look up towards twilight skies, I feel blessed knowing I have you nearby witnessing gems twinkle upon galaxies so far away living within them"― Unknown

357 . "Let's run together towards the horizon until time stops chasing after us while every single wish we make comes true with assistance from billions or effervescent starts"- unknown

358."I sometimes stop and ponder what made us join hands today but then answer crystalizes when millions-millions glisten reminding me that it was destiny all along"- Unknown

359. «Let's sneak away unseen tonight into dreamy paradise amidst eons old hidden behind thick sheets of dark blue where zillions& zillions await for visionary people like two such like half moons »-Enid Blyton

360."Twilight beckons upon another balmy evening which reminds me how special you are to me as a billion little diamond fragments revel in eternal rays without fail "-unknown

361. “When twilight falls, let us take a stroll hand in hand with our arms linked together, as stars twinkle on with all their might, whispering secrets of grandeur and joy” – Pittsburg Slim

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