35 BEST Family Photoshoot Outfit Ideas Winter (Top)

William T Johnson Jan 24, 2023
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When family photos are taken, there’s no denying that everyone wants to look their best.

If you're planning a family photoshoot this winter, you need to think carefully about your family outfits and come up with something stylish and timeless.

Especially for you I've rounded up the top 35 family photoshoot outfit ideas for winter that will make your family portraits look absolutely perfect!

1. All White:

Everyone in white looks clean and bright in photos, especially against snowy backdrops.

Pick out matching white sweaters, scarves, and hats for the family and add some extra sparkle by accessorizing with silver jewelry or shimmery shoes.

2. Winter Hues:

Consider dressing your family in shades of grays and blues.

Choose coordinating coats and add in some accessories like colorful mittens or a bright beanie to break up the look.

3. Black & White:

Classic black and white family outfits never go wrong in family photos, especially for winter photoshoots.

Pick out matching suits or sweaters for the family and dress them up with sparkling jewelry for an elegant look.

4. Plaids & Polka-Dots:

Going for a fun family vibe?

Mix plaids and polka-dots to keep things looking stylish but still casual enough for outdoor family portraits. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with bright colors!

5. Cable-Knit Sweaters:

Keep it cozy and warm with family outfits featuring cable-knit sweaters.

Choose coordinating colors like navy, cream, or black and accessorize them with scarves, beanies, and mittens for a perfect family photo look.

6. Throwback Outfits:

If you’re doing family photos to celebrate a special occasion such as Christmas or Hanukkah, consider dressing your family in retro-inspired outfits like bell bottoms or sequined blouses!

7. All Denim:

Give your family portraits a modern twist by putting everyone in denim from head to toe.

Pick out matching jackets, skinny jeans, and bootcut styles for an effortless yet sophisticated look that will stand the test of time!

8. Pop of Color:

Incorporate some bright pops of color into the family’s winter photoshoot wardrobe with colorful accessories like hats, scarves, boots—even statement earrings are enough to add flair to all outfit combinations!

9. Windbreakers & Vests:

Keep it preppy yet stylish by having the family dress up in windbreakers and vests over button down shirts paired with dress pants or skirts.

Don’t forget accessorize with warm bright colors.

10. Faux Fur & Leather:

Dress up family portraits with some faux fur and leather!

Pick out matching coats or jackets in neutral colors like gray, black, or beige and accessorize them with leather bags, gloves, or shoes.

11. Matching Plaids:

Have everyone dress in plaid for a family look that’s both classic and festive.

Accessorize the outfits with colorful scarves to keep it looking playful yet put-together!

12. Winter Jackets:

Puffer jackets are always a great choice for family photos as they can instantly make any outfit look stylish and cozy at the same time—matching puffer coats will do wonders for family portraits!

13. Unexpected Colors:

Use unexpected colors such as oranges and yellows to bring warmth into family winter photo shoots even when temperatures outside drop drastically low.

Incorporate these hues into accessories like hats, mittens, or earmuffs!

14. All Turtlenecks:

Keep things simple yet chic by having everyone wear chunky turtlenecks in coordinating colors such as burgundy reds or navy blues—pair them with dark trousers to complete the look!

15. Jeans & Blazers:

Dress up family portraits with some jeans and blazers!

Pick out matching dark wash denim or black trousers and pair them with coordinating blazers for a timeless family look.

16. Jumpers Over Shirts:

For an effortlessly chic family photo shoot, consider having everyone dress in jumpers over crisp collared shirts—don’t forget to accessorize the look too!

17. Statement Accessories:

Make family winter photos stand out by incorporating statement accessories like berets, felt hats, or fur-lined coats into the outfits.

Choose colors that complement each other to keep things looking cohesive yet stylish at the same time!

18. Monochromatic Look:

Go for a monochromatic family outfit featuring shades of pastels such as blues, pinks, and purples all dressed up in bright sweaters topped off with colorful scarves or gloves!

19. Winter Floral Prints:

Incorporate some floral prints into family winter wardrobe looks for an unexpected touch of color against snowy backdrops—choose muted hues like blues and greens to keep it subtle yet eye-catching!

20. Animal Prints:

Add some wildness to family photoshoots with animal print wardrobes!

Choose coordinating colors like blacks, whites, and grays—accessorize the look using pieces in metallic shades or bright colors.

21. Knitwear & Jeans:

Get cozy yet stylish family portraits by having everyone dress up in matching knitwear such as cardigans over jeans for a timeless family look that screams warmth and togetherness!

22. Layered Vests:

Layer up family outfits for winter photos with some vests!

Pick out neutral colors such as khaki, white, or black then accessorize them with statement hats or earmuffs to keep it looking effortless and polished at the same time!

23. Neutral Linens:

Dress up family photographs with some neutral linen looks featuring cream-colored trousers paired with matching shirts and blazers—accessorize them using brown leather bags or gloves for extra coziness during cold weather photo shoots!

24. Winter Knits & Blazers:

Stay chic even when temperatures drop low by dressing up your family’s winter photoshoot outfit ideas in knits topped off blazers—pick out coordinating accessories such as hats or gloves for an added touch of style!

25. Colorful Scarves:

Use family winter photographs to showcase some lightweight scarves in vibrant colors such as oranges and pinks—pair them with neutral coats or jackets for a festive family look that won’t over-power your photos!

26. Dark Wool Coats:

Go for a timeless family look with some dark wool coats!

Pick out colors such as black, navy blue, or gray and accessorize them with statement hats or scarves to bring an extra touch of warmth into family winter shoots.

27. Corduroy Look:

Get creative with family photoshoot ideas by having everyone dress in corduroy looks—choose bright colors like reds, oranges, and yellows then pair them up with chunky jumpers for extra coziness during cold weather family portraits!

28. Plaid Patterns:

Give family photos a traditional twist by incorporating plaid patterns into the outfits—pick out coordinating tartans featuring earthy tones such as browns and greens that will give your photos an old-school yet cozy vibe!

29. Denim & Leather:

Create family photo looks with some denim and leather!

Choose colors like black, brown, or gray for the denim then accessorize them using pieces in bright colors such as reds and blues—don’t forget to add statement hats too!

30. Colorful Blazers:

Take family winter photos up a notch by incorporating colorful blazers into the wardrobe looks—choose shades of pinks, purples, and blues that will stand out against snowy backdrops during family photoshoots!

31. Fur Coats & Boots:

Go all out this winter season with family photography wardrobes featuring fur coats paired with chunky boots—accessorize the look using knitwear in neutral hues like whites or grays to keep it looking timeless yet fashionable at the same time!

32. Rain Gear Look:

Get creative with family pictures taken during cold weather seasons by having everyone dress in matching rain gear looks featuring waterproof trousers alongside matching slickers for extra protection against wet conditions!

33. Matching Beanies:

Have fun taking family portraits outdoors even when temperatures drop low by coordinating beanies over jackets and jeans for an effortless chic look that brings warmth and coziness into family photoshoots!

34. Winter White:

Create family looks featuring all-white ensembles that will stand out against snowy landscapes—such winter photoshoot outfit ideas can be accessorized using pieces in varying shades of blues and purples for extra personality during family photos taken outdoors!

35. Earmuffs & Scarves:

Keep family members warm during winter photo shoots with some matching earmuffs and scarves—go for bright colors like pinks and oranges then pair them up with neutral coats or jackets to give your photographs an added touch of color that won’t over-power the theme!

By combining different colors, textures, layers, and accessories, you and your family can create unique and stylish family photoshoot outfit ideas for winter that will bring warmth and personality into family photographs.

Whether you choose to go for chic all-black looks or vibrant ensembles featuring blues, purples, pinks, oranges, or yellows—anything goes when it comes to family photography during cold weather seasons!

Try out different family photoshoot outfit ideas this season and have fun capturing family memories with the help of some timeless wardrobe looks!

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