219 BEST Middle Names For Sage (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 23, 2023
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Only for You: My special list of 219 Most Beautiful middle names for Sage together with their meaning.

(Additional Bonus for You: at the bottom of this post also a list of Famous People by the name of Sage)

If you’re looking for middle names for your baby boy or girl, then look no further!

I've compiled a comprehensive list of 219 middle names for Sage with meaning.

Whether you are looking for something unique and special or simply want to honor an ancestor, this list has something for everyone.

From classic middle names such as James and Elizabeth to more modern choices like Luna and Zayne, I've got you covered when it comes to the perfect middle name choice!

Read on to discover our top picks of middle names that pair perfectly with Sage.

1. Sage Aaron (meaning: exalted, high mountain)

2. Sage Aiden (meaning: little fire)

3. Sage Alonso (meaning: ready for battle)

4. Sage Amari (meaning: strength of God)

5. Sage Asher (meaning: happy and blessed one)

6. Sage Axel (meaning: father of peace)

7. Sage Barclay (meaning: meadow with birch trees; from a Scottish surname derived from the middle English “bark” meaning bark or bark cloth and “legh”means field or clearing in the woods).

8. Sage Beckett( meaning : stream )

9 .Sage Benson( meaning : son of Ben )

10 .Sage Bentley( meaning : meadow with bent grass )

11. Sage Blaze (meaning: stuttering)

12. Sage Boris (meaning: fighter of a bear)

13. Sage Brady (meaning: wide island)

14. Sage Branson (means small bridge in the town near water; from an English surname derived

from Middle English “brant” and “sune” meaning burning sun or bright one)

15. Sage Braxton (meaning: Brock's village; from an English surname derived from middle English "bract" meaning badger and "tun" for farmstead or enclosure )

16. Sage Bryce( meaning : Frenchman, curly haired )

17.Sage Camden( meaning : winding valley )

18 .Sage Carson( meaning : son of Carr )

19 .Sage Casey( meaning : brave in battle )

20 .Sage Cash( meaning : box maker, money handler ;from middle english casse or old french casse).

21. Sage Chandler (meaning: candle maker)

22. Sage Conner (meaning: wise counsel)

23. Sage Dallas (means from the field of the waterfall; a surname derived from middle English dale and Old Norse “fors” meaning waterfalls or rapids)

24. Sage Dalton (meaning: one who comes from the settlement in the valley)

25. Sage Damien (meaning: to tame, subdue)

26. Sage Damon (Greek origin for someone with great strength and power.)

27. Sage Donovan( meaning : dark haired, brown-haired )

28 .Sage Dylan( meaning : born of sea ;from welsh deilen which means "son/daughter of sea")

29 .Sage Elias( Hebrew meaning ‘Jehovah is God’ )

30 .Sage Emerson( Germanic word erman, which means entire or universal combined with son).

31. Sage Enzo (Italian name meaning winner and conqueror)

32. Sage Ezra (meaning: help or assistance; from an old Hebrew name derived from the word “ezer”)

33. Sage Finn (Gaelic origin for a fair warrior)

34. Sage Foster (means one who takes care of others, from middle English fosterer, related to German führer 'guide')

35. Sage Franklin( meaning : free landholder )

36 .Sage Gabriel( meaning : God is my strength )

37 .Sage Gibson( meaning : son of Gilbert )

38 .Sage Griffin (meaning: brave lord; Welsh origin for someone with courage and leadership skills).

39. Sage Halston (meaning: rock estate; From middle english halig which means holy and stan which stands for stone.)

40. Sage Harrison (Germanic surname derived from Old High German hari "army" combined with sige "victory")

41. Sage Hayden( Anglicized form of Irish Ó Heidín meaning descendant of Heideán )

41. Sage Hayden( Anglicized form of Irish Ó Heidín meaning descendant of Heideán )

42. Sage Hunter (meaning: one who hunts)

43. Sage Isaiah (meaning : God is salvation )

44 .Sage Ivan( Russian origin for a conqueror and leader)

45 .Sage Jagger( English name derived from middle english jaggere which means peddler or hawker)

46 .Sage Jayden (meaning: thankful; Hebrew origin for someone grateful in life).

47. Sage Jeremiah (Hebrew name meaning "Yaweh exalts")

48. Sage Jensen (Danish surname originated from middle low German, where Jens was the short form of Johannes which means John.)

49. Sage Jonah (meaning "dove"; Hebrew origin associated with peace and joy).

50. Sage Jordan( Anglicization of Hebew Yarden meaning descender or flowing down ).

51. Sage Jovan (meaning "God is gracious"; a form of John).

52. Sage Kendrick (means “the chief’s champion”; English surname derived from middle english ken 'bold' and ric 'power').

53. Sage Kieran (Gaelic name meaning dark, black-haired one)

54. Sage Kingston (From an old English place name derived from middle english cyningestun or king's town)

55. Sage Levi (Hebrew origin for someone who is joined or attached to something else)

56. Sage Lincoln( surname derived from the city in England whose name comes from Latin Lindum which means lake colony).

57 .Sage Logan( Scottish Gaelic origin where logainm means hollow )

58 .Sage Lucas( Greek origin meaning man from Lucania province )

59 .Sage Marshall( occupational English surname deriving from middle french marshal which stands for stable keeper ).

60. Saga Mason (English occupational surname initially given to stoneworkers).

61. Sage Maximus (Latin origin for someone who is greatest or largest)

62. Sage Miles (French origin for a soldier, one who is strong and brave).

63. Sage Nathaniel (Hebrew name meaning ‘gift from God’)

64. Sage Noah (Hebrew origin derived from nacham which means comfort )

65 .Sage Oliver( Latin name derived from middle english olivier which stands for olive tree )

66 .Sage Orion( Greek mythological name associated with the son of Poseidon , god of sea )

67 .Sage Parker( English surname derived from middle english parkere which means gamekeeper).

68. Saga Preston( old English surname originally given to someone living near the priest's estate).

69. Sage Quinn( Irish Gaelic form of Conn meaning chief or leader).

70. Saga Raphael (meaning: god has healed; Hebrew for a divine healer)

71. Sage Reagan (Irish name meaning 'descendant of the small ruler')

72. Sage Riley (English origin derived from middle english ry which means rye clearing)

73. Sage Rowan (Irish surname derived from the rowan tree, associated with protection and divinity)

74 .Sage Ryland( middle english for a person who lives by a field )  

75 .Sage Sebastian( Latin origin meaning venerable or holy )

76 .Sage Sullivan ( Irish surname derived from middle irish suileabain which stands for eye lover)

77 .Sage Theo( Greek form of Theodore which means God's gift )

78. Saga Thomas (Hebrew name deriving from támā which stands for twin)

79. Sage Tobias( Hebrew origin associated with Yahweh is good )

80. Saga Tyler (English occupational name referring to someone who makes tiles).

81. Sage Uriah (Hebrew origin derived from the phrase 'Yahweh is my light')

82. Sage Vance (English surname associated with a wetland or marshy area)

83. Sage Victor (Latin name meaning conqueror)

84 .Sage Wesley( middle english for someone who lives in the west meadow )

85 .Sage Xavier( Latin form of Exavier which means bright )

86 .Sage Zane( middle French and middle English origin referring to John )

87. Saga Judah (meaning: praised; Hebrew root signifying gratitude).

88. Sage Abel (Hebrew root meaning 'breath' or 'vanity')

89. Sage Ace (Latin origin for someone who excels)

90. Saga Adam (Hebrew origin associated with man and created from the earth)

91. Sage Alfonso( Spanish form of Alphonse which means noble, ready )

92 .Sage Angelo( Italian name derived from angelus which stands for messenger)

93 .Sage Antonio( Latin form of Anthony which means priceless one )

94. Saga Asher (meaning: happiest; Hebrew root signifying blessedness).

95. Sage Augustus( Latin origin associated with majesty, greatness )

96. Saga Baldwin (Old English surname deriving from bald wine, referring to a person who was bold and brave).

97. Sage Barrett( Irish Gaelic origin deriving from baroidwhich means spear strength)

98 .Sage Benjamin( Hebrew name meaning son of my right hand side )                

99 .Sage Caleb (Hebrew form of Kaleb meaning faithful ).                          

100. Sage Cameron (Scottish surname derived from cam and sròn which means crooked nose)

101. Saga Christopher (Greek origin associated with bearing Christ inside)

102 .Sage Damian( Latin form of Damyan which stands for to tame )

103 .Sage Elijah( Hebrew name meaning my god is jehovah )

104. Sage Ellis (English surname deriving from Elias, meaning 'the Lord is God').

105. Sage Emmett( Irish Gaelic origin derived from edmond which stands for wealthy protector )

106. Saga Ernest (Old German name meaning serious or resolute).

107. Sage Franklin( old English surname associated with a free man's land )               

108 .Sage Gideon (Hebrew root depending on Gideoan meaning great warrior ).

109 .Sage Griffin( Welsh mythological name referring to the strong lord or king ).                     

110. Saga Harvey (Old French name deriving from hardy, brave and strong).

111. Sage Isaac (Hebrew origin associated with laughter).

112. Saga Jacob (meaning: supplanter; Hebrew root signifying to seize or take by force)

113. Sage Karter (English name deriving from carter meaning 'one who uses a cart')

114 .Sage Levi( Hebrew name derived from lev which stands for joined )                

115 .Sage Lucas (Latin form of Luke meaning man from Lucania ).                          

116. Sage Mason (English occupational surname referring to a stone worker).

117. Saga Nathan( Hebrew name meaning gift of god )  118 .Sage Owen( Welsh form of Eugene which means noble, well born )

119. Sage Parker( English occupational name referring to someone who worked as a gamekeeper)  

120 .Saga Quinn( Irish Gaelic origin deriving from conn which stands for wise one).

121 .Sage Reed( Middle English surname associated with red haired or ruddy complexioned person ).                     

122. Saga Samuel (Hebrew root meaning the Lord has heard).

123. Sage Sean (Irish form of John meaning God is gracious)

124. Saga Solomon (Hebrew origin associated with peace and wisdom).

125. Sage Tyler( Anglo-Saxon middle name referring to tile worker )

126 .Sage Uriel( Hebrew name derived from u’r which stands for light ).                

127 .Sage Victor (Latin middle name meaning conqueror or victor ).                          

128. Sage Wyatt (Anglo-Saxon middle name referring to brave in war).

129. Saga Xavier( Latin origin deriving from eksavierre which means new house )  

130 .Sage Zander( German middle name associated with defender of men ).  

131 .Saga Zion (Hebrew middle name meaning symbol of hope ).                     

132. Sage Abram (Hebrew origin meaning father of a multitude).

133. Saga Alec (Old German name meaning noble, nobleman).

134. Sage Alfred (English middle name derived from Aelfraed which means wise counselor).

135 .Sage Avery( Old French middle name deriving from the phrase Averi which

stands for elf counsel ).                

136 .Sage Bennett( medieval English middle name referring to blessed or one who is favored).                          

137. Sage Brady (Irish Gaelic middle name meaning spirited individual).

138. Saga Caleb( Hebrew middle name associated with faithful ) 

139 .Sage Damon( Greek middle name depending on Damianos which means one who is tames wildness ).

140. Sage Ernest (German form of Ernust signifying serious or rigorous)

141 .Sage Ford( Middle English middle surname referencing river crossing ).                     

142. Saga Garret( Irish Gaelic middle surname originating from Gerard which suggests brave spear carrier )  143 .Sage Harvey(' German form of Harveg signifying army warrior' )

144. Sage Isaiah (Hebrew middle name meaning 'salvation of the Lord').

145. Saga Jason (Greek middle name derived from Iason referring to one who is healing).

146. Sage Kenneth (Gaelic middle name referring to handsome, good-looking person).

147. Sage Lincoln( Old English middle surname deriving from Lind Coln which translates to lake colony ).                

148 .Sage Marcus( Latin middle surname originating from Mars related to the god of war).                          

149. Sage Nathanial (Hebrew middle name signifying gift of God).

150. Saga Oliver( Latin middle name associated with olive tree symbolizing peace and prosperity )  

151 .Sage Philip(' Greek form of Philippos denoting lover of horses' )

152. Sage Quentin (Latin middle name deriving from Quintinus meaning fifth-born son).

153 .Sage Ronald( Scandinavian origin stemming from Hrothwulf which means fame wolf ).                     

154. Saga Sylvester(' Latin form sylvestris linked with woods or forest land' )  155

156. Saga Tyson (German middle name meaning son of Ty).

157. Sage Ulrich (German middle name derived from Uodalric which means noble ruler).

158. Saga Vance (English middle name referring to one who lives near small streams or marshes).

159 .Sage Walden( Old English middle surname deriving from words Waeld and denu signifying wooded valley ).                

160 .Sage Xavier( Latin middle name derived from eksavierre standing for new house ).                          

161. Sage Yves (French form of Ivo associated with archer or bowman).

162. Saga Zeus( Greek middle name originating from zein connected to living )  

163 .Sage Abel(' Hebrew origin depending on Hevel linked to breath' )

164. Sage Benito (Spanish form of Benedict meaning blessed one).

165 .Sage Clement ('Latin derived Clements which stands for merciful').                     

166. Saga Donald(' Gaelic derivation stemming from Domhnall suggesting world leader' ) 

167 .Sage Elijah

168. Sage Ezekiel (Hebrew middle name derived from Yehezqel meaning strength of God).

169. Saga Flynn (Irish middle name referring to the red–haired one).

170. Sage Gage (Old French middle name deriving from pledge or oath).

171 .Sage Hugo( Latin middle surname originating from Hugh which implies mind, heart ).                

172 .Sage Irving( Middle English middle surname stemming from Erwin related to friend of the sea ).                          

173. Sage Julius (Latin middle name associated with downy-bearded youth or Jove's child).

174. Saga Kendrick( Anglo-Saxon origin meaning royal chieftain )  

175 .Sage Levi(' Hebrew form lewiy meaning attached' )

176. Sage Marlon (Germanic middle name deriving from Madalwald meaning powerful ruler').

177 .Sage Neil (' Gaelic derivation depending on Niall signifying champion').                     

178. Saga Octavius (' Latin based octauio translating to eighth child' )  179 .Sage Preston('

180. Sage Rupert (German middle name originating from Hrodebert meaning renowned and bright).

181. Saga Salvador (Spanish middle name denoting savior).

182. Sage Thaddeus (Hebrew middle name referring to heart or courageous one).

183 .Sage Ulysses( Latin middle surname stemming from Ulixes linked with wrathful ).                

184 .Sage Victor( Latin middle surname originating from Victors implying winner, conqueror ).                          

185. Sage Wesley (Anglo-Saxon origin deriving from Westleah standing for westerly meadow).

186. Saga Xavier (Latin middle name derived from eksavierre standing for new house )  

187 .Sage Zachary (' Hebrew form Zecheriyah which means the Lord remembers')

188. Sage Abelard (Germanic middle name signifying strong as an eagle).

189 .Sage Burton (' Anglo-Saxon derivation depending on Burta meaning fortress town').                     

190. Saga Darius (' Persian based Dareios translating to he who possesses courage' )

191. Sage Edgar (Anglo-Saxon middle name meaning rich and powerful).

192. Saga Fidel (Latin middle name referring to faithful one).

193. Sage Garrett (Gaelic middle name deriving from Gerald implying lord's spear).

194 .Sage Harrison( Middle English middle surname according to Harry which stands for home ruler ).                

195 .Sage Ignatius( Late Latin middle surname stemming from Egnatius related to knowledgeable person ).                          

196. Sage Jeremy (Hebrew middle name associated with appointed by God).

197. Saga Kennedy(' Gaelic origin depending on Cinneide connected with helmet head' )  

198 .Sage Lucas(' Latin form Lucanus signifying the one from Lucania' )

199. Sage Matthew (Hebrew middle name denoting gift of Yahweh).

200 .Sage Nathan (' Hebrew derivation based on Natan suggesting given ').

201. Sage Oliver (French middle name referring to olive tree).

202. Saga Parker (Middle English middle name stemming from Parkar meaning park keeper).

203. Sage Quentin (Latin middle name deriving from Quintinus implying fifth-born).

204 .Sage Reuben( Hebrew middle surname associated with Ra'uwb stands for behold, a son ).            

205 .Sage Sebastian( Latin middle surname originating from Sebestyen suggesting one who honors the god of fleece ).                          

206. Sage Theodore (Greek middle name related to divine gift or God's gift).

207. Saga Urbain(' French derived urbanus pertaining to city dweller') 

208 .Sage Vincent(' Latin form Vincentius signifying victorious ' )

209. Sage Wyatt (Old Germanic middle name denoting brave in war).

210 .Sage Xavier (' Roman based xaverio intimating new house').

211. Sage Yves (French middle name meaning yew tree).

212. Saga Zane (Hebrew middle name derived from John that translates to God is gracious).

213. Sage Abram (Hebrew middle name related to high father or exalted father).

214 .Sage Brendan( Irish middle surname based on Breanainn implying prince ).                

215 .Sage Clarke( Anglo-Saxon middle surname referring to cleric in charge of clerical duties).                          

216. Sage Davenport (' Old English origin depending on Daefen signifies deep water').

217. Saga Ellison(' Middle English derivation based on Ellis standing for kind one')  

218 .Sage Flynn(' Gaelic form Flannabhra connected with red brow ' )

219. Sage Gary (English middle name derived from Garret meaning might spearman).

Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Sage

1. Sage Kotsenburg - American snowboarder who won the first-ever Olympic slopestyle gold medal in 2014. He was born and raised in Park City, Utah and began his career as a freeskier before switching to snowboarding at age 12.

Kotsenburg is considered one of the most influential riders in snowboarding culture, having helped popularize the “slash” technique, which involves riding off-piste terrain with speed and finesse.

He has been featured in numerous films and television interviews including on ESPN's E:60 show.

2. Sage Francis - American hip hop artist and spoken word poet from Providence, Rhode Island. Francis has recorded several albums, beginning with his solo debut Personal Journals (2002).

His prominence grew after signing to Epitaph Records in 2003 and releasing the critically acclaimed album A Healthy Distrust (2005).

His work is largely autobiographical and often addresses social issues such as poverty, race, politics, media exploitation, war, drugs and censorship.

He is a founding member of Non-Prophets which released two studio albums between 2004–2007 before disbanding due to creative differences among its members.

3. Sage Steele - Emmy Award-winning sports presenter for ABC News who started out as an ESPN host for shows such as SportsCenter, NBA 2Night and NFL Live.

She's also known for her appearances on Good Morning America discussing women's sports topics as well as being a sideline reporter at major sporting events such as the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four Championship Game or the World Marathon Majors races in New York City and London.

She is an outspoken advocate for female athletes from all backgrounds who face discrimination or lack of representation throughout their athletic careers.

4. Sage Northcutt - Professional mixed martial artist who currently competes for ONE Championship under the Flyweight division after making his debut in 2019 with UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Northcutt won The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Faber series at 20 years old while also receiving international recognition thanks to his appearance in several mainstream media outlets promoting MMA culture including Entertainment Tonight magazine and Sports Illustrated magazine.

His fighting style is primarily based on kickboxing experience he gained growing up in Texas but it also includes wrestling techniques he learned while training at Team Alpha Male gym facilities under coach Urijah Faber direction after turning professional MMA fighter at 18 years old

5. Sage Ross - American video game designer, musician and writer who created the popular indie game The binding of Isaac (2011). He also is a founder of Kollide Entertainment LLC and works as a composer for film scores, commercial jingles and other sound design projects.

6. Sage Taylor - Canadian singer-songwriter from Winnipeg who has released three independent albums since 2012: Medicine For Melancholy (2012), Out Of My Head (2013) and Scatterbrain Romance (2019).

She was chosen as one of the top 10 finalists in CBC Music’s Searchlight Competition in 2014, opened up for multiple acts such as City & Colour at Festival du Voyageur 2015 while having her music featured on television shows like Iron & Fire or Soul Food Junkies.

7. Sage Weil – American computer scientist known for creating Ceph, an open-source distributed storage system used by companies such as Red Hat Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp., HPE , Dell EMC , Lenovo Group Ltd .

Weil holds Bachelor's degrees from Caltech in mathematics/computer science and physics with minors in economics and electrical engineering, a PhD from UC Santa Cruz focused on distributed

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