215 BEST Middle Names For Delilah (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 25, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Only for You: My special list of 215 Most Beautiful middle names for Delilah together with their meaning.
  2. Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Delilah
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Only for You: My special list of 215 Most Beautiful middle names for Delilah together with their meaning.

(Additional Bonus for You: at the bottom of this post also a list of Famous People by the name of Delilah)

Delilah is a beautiful name with biblical and romantic roots.

If you are looking for middle names for Delilah, this article has 215 middle name ideas that carry special meanings.

1. Abigail – “Father’s Joy” in Hebrew

2. Adeline – “Noble or Kind” in French

3. Adelina – “Little Noble One” from Germanic origins

4. Agnes – A Greek name meaning “holy” or “pure"

5. Alice – From Latin origin meaning "truthful"

6. Amaya - Japanese for "night rain"

7. Amelia - Means 'industrious' and 'striving'

8. Aria - Italian term used to describe an aria (musical piece) of operatic music

9. Anaïs - An Old Greek name derived from the word ἀνάγκη (anankē), which means force, constraint, necessity

10. Angelina– Derived from Latin angelus meaning angel

11. Aurora– Meaning "dawn" in Latin

12. Beatrice – Latin origin meaning “voyager” or “bringer of joy".

13. Brielle– A variation on the French name Gabrielle, meaning "God is my strength"

14. Calliope - From Greek mythology and means 'beautiful voice'

15. Caroline– A feminine version of Charles which means “strong and manly”

16. Celeste – Meaning "heavenly" in Latin

17. Clara - Originated from a Roman clan name with the meaning "bright or clear"

18. Cora - Derived from Greek mythological figure Kore, who was another name for Persephone

19. Daisy - English flower-name that implies innocence and purity

20. Daphne – Means “laurel tree” in Greek

21. Delilah - Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew

22. Elizabeth – A Hebrew name meaning “promise of God"

23. Elodie– From French origin, meaning "foreign riches"

24. Emilia – Italian feminine form of Emil, which means “rival” or “emulating”

25. Eva– Latin for "life"

26. Faith– Conveys the idea of strong belief and trustworthiness

27. Felicity – Name derived from Latin felicitas meaning "happiness"

28. Florence - Derived from the Latin word florens which means blossoming

29. Freya - Old Norse goddess associated with love, beauty and fertility

30. Gabriella- Feminine version of Gabriel, which means God is my strength

31. Grace - Meaning “God’s favor, blessing or grace"

32. Halle – Derived from the name of a German city and means “heroine”

33. Hannah – Hebrew for “grace," "favor" or "mercy"

34. Harper– From an Old English word meaning “harp player”

35. Hazel – Name inspired by the hazelnut tree which is symbolic of wisdom and learning

36. Helena– Greek origin meaning “light of the sun”

37. India – Latin origin referring to Indian subcontinent

38. Irene - The Greek goddess of peace

39. Ivy - A symbol of faithfulness, friendship and affection

40. Jade - Symbolic stone that stands for serenity, clarity and purity

41. Jasmine– Persian origin meaning "gift from God"

42. Josephine - Feminine form (Joseph) derived from Hebrew which means 'God will increase'

43. Juliette- French version of Juliet which roughly translates as 'youthful'

44. Karina – Meaning “pure” in Hungarian

45. Kaya - Turkish word for "rock"

46. Leila– Arabic origin, meaning "dark beauty”

47. Layla - An Arabic name which means “night”

48. Lily – Symbol of innocence, purity and beauty

49. Luna – Latin for “moon"

50. Madeline - A French form of Magdalene, a Greek name which translates to hailing from Magdala

51. Maeve– Irish origin meaning “she who intoxicates”

52. Maya - In Sanskrit it means 'illusion' or 'magic'

53. Miranda– From the Latin phrase mirandus which translates as "admirable"

54. Naomi- Hebrew origin meaning pleasantness or beautiful/pleasant one

55. Natalie– Comes from the Latin word natalis, meaning birthday

56. Nicole- Feminine version of Nicholas that means victory of the people

57. Nora- Derived from an old Celtic language and is related to honor

58. Olivia- Latinate feminine form derived from Oliver (elf army)

59. Paige – Derived from page and means “attendant”

60. Pearl– Symbol of purity, innocence and wealth

61. Penelope - Greek origin meaning “weaver” or "duck"

62. Piper - From the English word for a flute player

63. Quinn– A Gaelic name which translates as 'wise'

64. Raina – Slavic version of Regina, meaning queen

65. Rose- English moniker associated with beauty

66. Rowan – Meaning “little red head” in Irish Gaelic

67. Ruby - Name derived from the Latin word ruber which means red

68. Sabrina– Celtic name that means "from the boundary river"

69. Sapphire - Gemstone linked to loyalty, truth and faithfulness

70. Scarlett – Colorful name that is associated with fiery passion

71. Sofia– A form of Sophia which has Greek origins and roughly translates as wisdom

72. Stella- From Latin word stellaris, meaning starry or celestial

73. Sylvie - French version

74. Talia – Hebrew origin meaning “gentle dew from God”

75. Thea - A form of Goddess Athena and is associated with wisdom, purity and truth

76. Trinity - Name derived from Triad or trinity of gods in Christianity

77. Trudy– Germanic diminutive for Gertrude which means "spear strength"

78. Ursula - Latin word for 'little female bear'

79. Valeria/Valerie– Meaning “brave warrior” in Latin

80. Veronica – Comes from the Greek phrase eironeia meaning "true image"

81. Victoria – Derived from the Latin word victoria which translates to victory

82. Vivienne - French version of a name that means life or alive

83. Willa– Old English word for protection

84. Xandra- Feminine variation on Alexander which roughly translates as defender of mankind

85. Yara – Arabic origin referring to an ancient goddess associated with water

86. Zara – Hebrew origin meaning “princess”

87. Zella - Derived from the German word zelle, meaning “cell”

88. Zoe– Comes from a Greek phrase and means "life"

89. Abigail – Hebrew name meaning “father’s joy”

90. Addison - An English-language surname which means son of Adam

91. Adeline– French origin, derived from a Germanic word that translates to noble or nobility

92. Agatha – Greek origin referring to one who is good and kind

93. Amalia - Derived from the middle high German word amal meaning "labour"

94. Amy - A form of the Latin word amatus, meaning loved

95. Annabelle - Compound given name composed of Anna and Belle which mean grace and beautiful respectively

96. Arabella– Meaning 'yielding to prayer' in Latin

97. Aria– From Italian for air or melody

98. Aurora – Name derived from dawn in both Roman mythology as well as Italian language

99. Autumn – Season associated with beauty, change and abundance

100. Bella– A shortened version for Isabella which means "devoted to God"

101. Brielle/Briella- Meaning Hill's strength in Celtic languages

102. Callie– A feminine variation of the name Charles which means 'manly'

103. Carmen - Derived from the Latin word for a song or poem

104. Carolina – Refers to someone from Charles, and is associated with joy

105. Celeste – French origin meaning “heavenly”

106. Clara– Latin word meaning “clear” or “bright”

107. Clementine – From the French form of Clementius, derived from a Roman family name that translates as merciful

108. Cora- Greek mythology referring to one of three maiden goddesses who presided over banquets

109. Delaney/Delanie - Irish surname derived from Gaelic Ó Dubhshláine meaning descendant of Dubhshláin

110. Eden– Meaning pleasure in Hebrew

111. Eleanor– Comes from an old Provençal phrase aliénor d'aquitaine, which means ‘other Aenor's daughter.'

112. Ella – Derived from German origin and roughly translates as fair maid

113. Elodie – Derived from Greek word meaning “marsh flower”

114. Emilia– Germanic origin, derived from the Latin word aemulus which means "rival"

115. Eva - Latinate form of Eve and is associated with life

116. Felicity– From the Latin noun felicitas, meaning good luck or happiness

117. Finley/Finnley - Irish surname that translates as fair-haired hero

118. Freya – Scandinavian goddess of love and fertility

119. Grace– Meaning grace or favor in English language

120. Hadley – Old English name referring to one who lives near a heathland meadow

121. Harper – An occupational name referring to someone who plays the harp

122. Honorée - French origin referring to honor, respect and value

123. Isabelle – Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath”

124. Isla– Scottish island referred to as Ì Chaluim Chille in Gaelic language

125. Ivy– English name referring to the evergreen climbing plant

126. Jade – Spanish origin meaning “stone of the colic”

127. Jovie - Latin diminutive form of Joseph, which means 'May God add/give increase'

128. Juliette- French origin associated with youth and beauty

129. Juno − Roman goddess who was considered protector of marriage and patroness of women

130. Kaitlyn/Katelyn – Irish name derived from Cathán meaning battle or fighter

131. Kara - Greek feminine version for Charles, which refers to a manly person

132. Katie/Katy– Pet form of Katherine, which roughly translates as pure

133. Kiara – Feminine variant on Ciáran meaning dark haired in Gaelic language

134. Layla– Arabic origin used to refer to night or dark beauty

135. Leila− Persian word that translates as "dark-haired beauty"

136. Leah - Hebrew origin referring to one who is cowherd's daughter

137. Lia - Italian origin referring to the bringer of good news

138. Lily- English origin associated with purity and innocence

139. Luna – Latin name for moon, which is related to the goddess of hunting Diana

140. Mabel– Latin origin meaning “lovable” or “blessed”

141. Maeve/Maev - Irish name derived from the goddess Medb, which means she who intoxicates

142. Maria– Derived from Jewish language, roughly translates as bitter

143. Marielle – French feminine form of Marie that refers to a sea godess

144. Maya – Sanskrit word for illusion or dreamlike quality in Hinduism

145. Mira – Name has Slavic roots and translates as peace and wonderful

146. Naya − Native American origins meaning 'one who speaks wisely'

147. Olivia− Roman derivative originally linked to olive trees symbolizing abundance

148. Phoenix - Greek origin referring to one who is born from the ashes

149. Piper – English name associated with a flute player

150. Quinn– Irish/Gaelic surname derived from Ó Cuinn meaning “descendant of Conn”

151. Rae − Hebrew word for shepherdess or ewe

152. Remy− French origin linked to Latin remigius, which means oarsman

153. Rhea – Variant spelling of Rea, which is linked to an ancient goddess in Greek mythology

154. River– Unisex name originally used by Native Americans and refers to running water

155. Rosalie – German derivation meaning rose or life-giving flower

156. Sabine – Italian version of the Roman goddess Sabinus, who was associated with growth and fertility

157. Scarlett- English name that references a rosy color

158. Sienna - Italian word for red-ish brown color traditionally seen in paintings

159. Sophia– Derived from Greek language meaning wisdom or knowledge  

161. Talia - Hebrew origin referring to the dew of heaven

162. Tessa- Greek name meaning harvester

163. Trista – Latin origin linked to sorrow and sadness

164. Vanessa – English version of a Germanic term that translates as ‘butterfly’

165. Vivienne– French derivative derived from vivre or ‘to live’

166. Willow – Old English, refers to the willow tree known for its flexibility

167. Zoey− Greek word for life

168. Zara - Arabic origin referring to a princess

169. Abigail - Hebrew origin meaning “father’s joy”

170. Adeline - French name with Latin origins, translated as "noble" or “kind”

171. Delphine - Greek word for dolphin

172. Faith- English origin associated with faithfulness and trustworthiness

173. Freya – Old Norse reference to the goddess of love, beauty and fertility

174. Genevieve – Derived from middle ages French terms that translate as 'tribe woman'

175. Grace – Name has Latin roots linked to graciousness and charm

176. Harper– Unisex English name derived from harp player

177. India− Hindi variant on Indus river valley civilization   

178. Isabella − Spanish derivation originally linked to Isabel who was known for her devotion to God

179. Jasmine – Persian term used in reference to jasmine flower 180 Jewel– Middle English version of jewel or precious stone 

181. Joanna − Greek origin meaning God is gracious 

182 Juliet– Variant spelling of Julia which refers to youthful

183. Kaelyn - Irish origin meaning “beloved” or “crowned with laurels”

184. Kaia – Scandinavian version of Katherine, which has Greek origins and means pure

185. Laurel – Name derived from Latin word laurus meaning laurel tree

186. Leila − Persian name associated with night and darkness

187. Lilah– Hebrew reference to God who is able to bring a miracle

188. Lucia– Italian derivative linked to the Roman goddess of light

189. Luna – Latin word for moon

190. Lyric− English term that references music or songwriting  

191. Margot - French derivation derived from Margaret, which means pearl 

192. Maya - Sanskrit word for illusion or dreamlike quality in Hinduism 

193. Mira- Name with Slavic roots translating as peace and wonderful 

194. Naomi- Hebrew origin referring to one who is pleasant or beautiful 

195. Naya- Native American derivation roughly translating as "one who speaks wisely" 

196. Noelle/Noelette - French variant on Noel that can be translated as birth day 

197. Nora − Irish form of Honora, meaning honor 

198. Ophelia 

199. Paisley - English origin referring to a type of patterned fabric

200. Pearl – Derived from middle English term for an iridescent gem

201. Piper– Unisex name with Greek roots linked to ‘pipe’ or flute player

202. Quinn− Irish form of Conn, which means wisdom or counsel   

203. Ruth– Hebrew origin associated with friendship and kindness 

204. Sage- Latin derivation meaning wise one or prophet 

205. Sahara – Name derived from Arabic word for desert 

206. Selena − Greek version of Diana, the goddess who ruled over the moon 

207. Seneca - Native American reference related to Iroquois tribe 208 Seraphina - Refers to angelic beings in Jewish, Christian and Islamic religion 

209. Siobhan – Irish variant on Joan that translates as God is gracious 

210. Soraya/Suraya – Persian name meaning shining star 

211. Sylvie- French derivation derived from Sylvia that refers to forest 

212. Talullah − Name has Hebrew origins associated with morning dew 

213. Tara– Sanskrit word used in Hinduism relating to a holy place 

214. Thalia− Greek derivative connected to joyous occasions 

215. Thea− Shortened form of Dorothea

Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Delilah

Delilah is a name with biblical roots, derived from the Hebrew for “delight.” The name is shared by numerous famous people and characters in history, literature, television, and film.

1. Delilah DiCrescenzo is an American long-distance runner who represented the United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

2. Delilah Belle Hamlin is an American model and reality television personality, best known for appearing on the E! Network show The Platinum Life.

3. Delilah Rene Luke, better known by her stage name Delilah, is a British DJ, singer and songwriter. Her music has been used in television shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and One Tree Hill.

4. Delilah “Lila” West is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama series NCIS: Los Angeles. She was played by award-winning actress Linda Hunt and appeared throughout seasons 1–9 of the show.

5. Delilah Dusticle is a major character in the children’s book series A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by Daniel Handler under the pen name Lemony Snicket. She is a student at Prufrock Preparatory School who befriends the Baudelaire orphans and helps them in their quest to uncover the truth about their parents' death.

6. Delilah Copperspoon is a character in the 2009 fantasy-adventure film 9. Voiced by Jennifer Connelly, she is an ancient rag doll with magical powers that help save humanity from extinction.

7. Delilah Davis is a fictional character from the 1994 romantic comedy film Four Weddings and a Funeral, played by Toni Collette. Delilah works as an artist's

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Table of Contents
  1. Only for You: My special list of 215 Most Beautiful middle names for Delilah together with their meaning.
  2. Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Delilah
  3. Please note

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.