213 BEST Middle Names For Avery Girl (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 25, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Only for You: My special list of 213 Most Beautiful middle names for Avery together with their meaning.
  2. Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Avery
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Only for You: My special list of 213 Most Beautiful middle names for Avery together with their meaning.

(Additional Bonus for You: at the bottom of this post also a list of Famous People by the name of Avery)

Avery middle names for girls can be a perfect way to honor family, pay homage to beloved fictional characters, or add an unexpected twist of fun.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

To help you out, here are 213 middle name ideas for Avery that have special meanings and beautiful sounds.

1. Aimée (beloved)

2. Alannah (oath)

3. Amalia (industrious and eager)

4. Amyra (eternal beauty and grace)

5. Anaya (miraculous answer from God)

6. Arlene (pledge; oath)

7. Asha (life; hope; wish)

8. Autumn (beautiful season of harvest time when skies may turn golden-yellow just like the leaves falling on the ground – symbolizing decay in nature as part of its cycle but also renewal with new life.)

9. Ava (breath; life )

10. Blythe (happy and carefree )

11. Brinley (burnt meadow")

12. Cadence (rhythm ; flow )

13. Calla (beautiful)

14. Calista (most beautiful)

15. Caprice (impetuous, capricious nature; whimsical disposition)

16. Celeste (heavenly; divine)

17. Charleigh (free man or woman)

18. Chloe (blooming )

19. Clara (illustrious one )

20. Corinna (maiden )

21. Corrine (maiden; spear-ruler; feminine form of "Corinthians")

22. Daisy (day's eye )

23. Deanna ("divine" , "valley")

24. Delaney ("descendent of the challenger")

25. Demi ("half", from Greek word for “half” or “small”).

26. Devonne ("the beloved one")

27. Elaina (bright one)

28. Ella (all, completely; fairy woman or magical being)

29. Emberlyn (fiery-haired)

30. Everly (wild boar meadow or brave friend's meadow)

31. Felicity (happiness and good fortune; blessedness and contentment)

32. Freya (goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology)

33. Gabriella (God is my strength )

34. Gracelynn (graceful waterfall )

35. Hadley ("heathery clearing" ; "wide meadow")

36. Harper ("harp player"; "minstrel")

37. Hazel (the hazel tree; a light brown color.)

38. Ireland ("from Ireland")

39. Isla ("island", from Scottish Gaelic word for “island”).

40. Ivy ("faithfulness" , from English name derived from the plants of the same name.)

41. Jaida (meaning unknown, possibly a variant of the name Jade)

42. Janae (God is gracious)

43. Janelle (God is good)

44. Jocelyn (member of the Germanic tribe, the Gauts)

45. Juliette ("youthful" or "downy-bearded")

46. June (month named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth; also associated with youth and rejuvenation )

47. Kairi ("sea village", from Japanese words for “ocean” and “village”).

48. Kaya ("restoration", from Native American Hopi language ).

49. Kellan (slender ; fair )

50. Kendall ("valley of the river Kent").

51. Kennedy ("misshapen head" , an Irish surname derived from Cinneide meaning "ugly head".)

52. Khaleesi (queen or ruler in Dothraki language )

53. Kinley (fair haired heroines')

54. Leigh (meadow or clearing)

55. Lilith (night monster in Jewish mythology)

56. London (capital city of England with many historic sites and a bustling culture scene )

57. Loralie ("from the flowery meadow", from French words for “flower” and “meadow”).

58. Lorelei ("murmuring rock" , from German legend about an enchanting female associated with the Rhine River.)

59. Lovelyn (beloved one )

60. Lucia (light; bringer of light ; shining one )

61. Lucille ("little light")

62. Lyra ("lyre" , stringed musical instrument similar to a harp used in classical antiquity.)

63. Madison (son of Maud; son of mighty warrior)

64. Maeve (intoxicating; she who intoxicates)

65. Marlowe ("drift by the lake")

66. Maureen ("bitter, great")

67. Melody ('song')

68. Miracle ('divine intervention

69. Mira (wonderful; amazing)

70. Moira (fate or destiny)

71. Morgan (sea circle or bright sea dweller)

72. Nala (successful; prosperous)

73. Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards)

74. Nyx (night in Greek mythology)

75. Ophelia (helpful; aid)

76. Orla (golden princess )

77. Phoenix ("dark red", a mythical bird that is reborn from its ashes )

78. Piper ("to play on a pipe or flute")

79. Quinn ("wise counsel" or "counselor"; also an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of Conn".)

80. Raelynn ("ray of light" , "woodland clearing")

81. Rowan ("little redhead" , also the name of a type of tree.)

82. Royalty ("royal status or lineage")

83. Ryanne ("little king"

84. Sabine (of the Sabines, an ancient tribe of Italy)

85. Sage ("wise one")

86. Sailor ("one who sails")

87. Seraphina ("burning ones" , a type of celestial being in Jewish and Christian beliefs associated with light.)

88. Shiloh (place of peace )

89. Sienna ("reddish-brown", from Italian word for reddish-brown color or clay earth pigment.)

90. Skylar ("scholar", derived from Dutch surname "Schuyler".)

91. Sloan ("warrior", another form of the Irish name Sloane.)

92. Solana (sunshine)

93. Starla ("star-like")

94. Story ("tale; history")

95. Sydney (wide meadow; south city in Australia")

96. Talia (dew ; lamb ; blossoming tree)

97. Tatum (cheerful giver )

98. Thalia (festive bloom )

99. Trinity ('threefold' -Father, Son)

100. Vivian ("alive; lively")

101. Willa ("resolute protector"; also an English feminine form of William)

102. Winter ("born in the winter")

103. Wren ("small bird" )

104. Xandra (protector of mankind or defender of men)

105. Yamileth (“my God is perfection” )

106. Yara ( small butterfly, from a Tupi-Guarani language used in Brazil meaning 'water lady'.)

107. Yasmin/Yasmine ("fragrant flower", derived from Persian word for “jasmine flower”.)

108. Zada ("prosperous", derived from Arabic.).

109. Zaylee ("God has favored me.") 

110. Zelda ("dark warrior", an Anglicized version of Germanic names beginning with "Gisal".)

111. Aurora ("dawn")

112. Blythe ("happy, carefree")

113. Blair (field or plain)

114. Brooke (small stream)

115. Cadence ("rhythm")

116. Calvin (bald; bald man's head)

117. Celeste ("heavenly" , derived from Latin for "heavenly". )

118. Charlize ("strong and free", variant of Charlotte.)

119. Cora (maiden ; heart )

120. Daisy ("day's eye", a flower name derived from Old English words meaning “eye of the day”.)

121. Ella ("all; completely")

122. Elodie ("wealthy one")

123. Emma (whole or universal)

124. Esme (esteemed, beloved)

125. Faith (confidence; trust)

126. Freya ("noblewoman"; also goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.)

127. Greta ("pearl", derived from the name Margaret.)

128. Halia (remembrance of a loved one )

129. Harper ("harp player" , similar to a harp used in classical antiquity.)  

130.  Isla ("island" ; Scottish form of Elizabeth ) 

131. Juniper (“young”, from Latin juniperus meaning "evergreen shrub".) 

132. Keira ('black-haired' ; dark haired.) 

133. Lila/Lilah ("night" , derived from Hebrew word for “night”). 

134. Luna ("moon" , Latin for “moon.") 

135. Maeve ('intoxicating' she who intoxicates )

136. Magnolia ("magnificent")

137. Marley ("meadow near the lake")

138. Mila ("dear one; beloved")

139. Mira ("look" , derived from Latin "mirare" meaning “to look at” or “admire”.)

140. Noelle ("Christmas day", originally given as a name to babies born on Christmas Day )

141. Oaklee (oak meadow)

142. Ophelia (help; serpentine)

143. Pearl (gemstone of value)

144. Piper ("pipe player"; also refers to a type of bird)

145. Presley (priest's meadow ; island clearing.) 

146. Quinn ("wise-one, descendant of Conn." , originates from Irish surname O'Cuinn.) 

147. Ramona (protector ; wise defender ) 

148. Reagan (little king ; small ruler.) 

149. Ruby ('red jewel', referring to its red color and resemblance to rubies.)

150. Sabine ("from the Sabine tribe")

151. Sadie ("princess; noblewoman")

152. Sahara (desert)

153. Saylor ("gift of God"; also a variant spelling of "Sayler", meaning “one who sails”.)

154. Scarlett ("red-colored" , referring to its red hue.)

155. Stella ("star", derived from Latin for “star”.)

156. Tessa (harvest ; reaper )

157. Thea (divine gift from God or unconditional love.) 

158. Vera ("faith ", interpretation of Latin verus meaning 'true' or 'faith'.") 

159. Violet (purple flower) 

160. Waverly ('meadow full of quivering aspens' ; small meadow near the bend in a river.) 

161. Willow ('graceful', interpreted as gracefulness and flexibility due to their branches that sway with wind.)

162. Zara ("princess; blooming flower")

163. Zoë ("life")

164. Aaliyah ("high, exalted")

165. Abigail (“my father is joy”)

166. Ada ("noble and serene")

167. Adelaide ("nobility", derived from Germanic elements adal meaning “noble” and heit meaning "kind".)

168. Arabella ("beautiful", a combination of the Latin words for ‘beauty’ and ‘lovely'.)

169. Aspen (born in or near the aspen tree )

170. Aubrey ('elf ruler' , interpreted from an Old French form of Alberich which mean elf-ruler.) 

171. Avery ("counselor" , variant of Alfred which means counsel.) 

172. Briar (dense growth of wild roses ; thorny shrub.) 173 Celia(heavenly being ; blind one.) 

174. Clara/Clare ('bright', originating from Latin clarus meaning 'clear, bright, famous

175. Cora ("maiden")

176. Daisy (“day’s eye”, the flower that opens in the morning and closes at night)

177. Elaina ("light" )

178. Eleanor ("light", originating from Greek eô meaning "dawn".)

179. Eliza ("pledged to God" , derived from Elizabeth which means “God is my oath.")

180. Emery ('brave; powerful' ; interpretation of Germanic name Amalric.)

181. Esme ('esteemed', originally a Persian name meaning “beloved.")

182. Everly ('boar meadow' ; stream with boars.)

183. Faith ("steadfast belief") 

184 Freya (noblewoman; also goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.) 

185. Georgina (farmer, interpreted from George which means farmer.) 

186. Hadley ('heather covered meadow,' similar to heathland or moor land.) 

187. Harper ("harp player" , similar to a harp used in classical antiquity.)

188. Imogen ("maiden" or "girl")

189. Ivy ("faithfulness")

190. Isla ("island", derived from the Old Norse word ey which means “island”.)

191. Jade ("precious stone", originating from Spanish piedra de la ijada meaning 'stone of the colic'.)

192. Jane (variant of John, meaning “God is gracious”)

193. Juliette (youthful; Jove's child) 

194. Kinsley ('king's meadow' , interpretation of King and leah.) 

195. Layla ('night beauty' ; dark beauty.)  

196. Leilani (heavenly flower ; heavenly flowers.) 

197. Lillian/Lily - "lilies". 

198. Luna ("Moon" , interpreted as Latin luna for moon goddess Diana.). 

199. Marigold ('Mary's gold', referring to its yellow color resembling a golden hue.) 

200. Matilda ('strong in battle.', derived from Germanic Mahthildis which combines elements magan and hildi meaning '

201. Mila ("gracious", meaning “dear and gracious”.)

202. Nora ("honor")

203. Miriam ("wished-for child;" "bitterness" or "rebellion)

204. Noelle ("Christmas birthday.", derived from the French phrase 'Noël' which means Christmas.)

205. Opal ('precious stone', originating from Sanskrit upala which means “jewel.")

206. Penelope (weaver; faithful wife) 

207. Quinn ('intelligent', interpretation of Celtic name Cuinn meaning ‘intelligence.') 

208. Ruby ('red gemstone' , a type of precious red stone.)  

209. Savannah ('treeless plain' ; rolling grassland plains.) 

210. Scarlett (bright red colour; scarlet cloth ) 

211. Sienna (reddish brown, interpreted from an Italian city called Siena.) 

212. Tallulah ('leaping water','interpreted as leaping waters in Choctaw Indian language)

213. Vivian/Vivienne (life; lively )

Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Avery

1. Avery Brooks is an American actor, director, singer and educator. He is best known for his television roles as Hawk on Spenser: For Hire and Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Born in Evansville, Indiana, Brooks graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in music. He went on to teach at Rutgers University and later became a professor of theater arts.

2. Avery Johnson is an American basketball coach. He was head coach for the Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets and Brooklyn Nets in the NBA.

His most successful season came with the Mavericks, whom he led to their first-ever NBA Finals appearance in 2006. Johnson also won an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 1999.

3. Avery Williamson is an American football linebacker who currently plays for the New York Jets of the NFL. He played college football at Kentucky and was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2014.

He has earned a Pro Bowl selection, and is recognized as one of the best inside linebackers in the league for his play against both the run and pass.

4. Avery Dennison is a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology and labeling solutions with products used in everything from cars to computers and clothing brands around the world.

The company produces adhesives, labels, packaging materials, RFID tags, graphic overlays, shrink sleeves and other related items.

5. Avery Brookes is an Australian actress and musician. She is best known for her roles in the television series Glitch, The Wrong Girl and Rake.

In addition to acting, Brookes has established herself as a solo artist, performing her own brand of indie-folk music with an acoustic guitar.

6. Avery Shannon is an award-winning American jazz vocalist, composer and songwriter. Born in Los Angeles, California, she studied music at UCLA before embarking on a career that has taken her around the world to perform in some of the most renowned jazz clubs.

Her debut album “Dreams Come True” was released in 2011 and earned critical acclaim from publications such as JazzTimes magazine.

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Table of Contents
  1. Only for You: My special list of 213 Most Beautiful middle names for Avery together with their meaning.
  2. Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Avery
  3. Please note

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.