211 BEST Middle Names For Chloe (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 23, 2023
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Only for You: My special list of 211 Most Beautiful middle names for Chloe together with their meaning.

(Additional Bonus for You: at the bottom of this post also a list of Famous People by the name of Chloe)

Finding middle names for Chloe can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be!

Whether you want a middle name that carries meaning or simply sounds good with the first name, there are plenty of options.

Here is our list of 211 middle names for Chloe that will help you find the perfect middle name for your little girl.

Each option has a special meaning and history behind it so you can pick one that best suits your baby's personality.

From classic middle names like Rose and Grace to modern picks like Nova and Luna, this list has something for everyone!

So take some time to explore all these possibilities - we're sure you'll find the perfect fit!

1. Chloe Abigail—Father’s joy

2. Chloe Adriana—Dark One; from Hadria

3. Chloe Alexandria—Protector of humanity

4. Chloe Allie—Noble and ready for battle

5. Chloe Althea—Healer, truth and healing herb

6. Chloe Amaya—Night rain or night rain in Japanese language 

7. Chloe Anastasia—Resurrection

8. Chloe Aria/Arya/Ariah—Lioness of God; melody or air; lioness in Hebrew language respectively  

9.Chloe Audrey/Audra–Nobility strength ; noble strength in Old English language respectively  

10.Chloe Aurora -Dawn or goddess of the dawn  

11.Chloe Blythe –Happy 12.Chloe Brooke –Stream

13.Chloe Celeste – Heavenly one

14.C hloe Claire- Bright

15. Chole Deborah–Bee

16. Chole Diana– Divine

17. Chole Eden —Pleasure

18. Chole Ella – Light

19. Chole Faith —Trust

20. Chole Freya — Noble lady

21. Chloe Grace—God’s grace

22. Chloe Harper—Harp player

23. Chloe Hazel—The hazelnut tree; commander

24. Chloe Heidi—Noble one

25. Chloe Hope—A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

26. Chloe Indigo—Deep blue-purple color

27. Chloe Iris –Rainbow goddess in Greek mythology

28.Chloe Isabella/Isabel — Devoted to God ; God is my oath in Hebrew language respectively  

29.Chloe Jade–Stone of the side  

30.Chole Jenna–White wave  

31. Chole Juliet –Youthful

32. Chole Kennedy -Helmet head

33. Chole Layla –Night beauty

34. Chole Lily –Pure

35. Chole Luna —Moon

36. Chole Maya –Illusion

37. Chol e McKenzie–Fair one

38. Cho le Melissa– Bee

39. Cho le Miranda —Marvelous

40.Cho le Nadine –Hope

41.Chloe Naomi—Pleasantness

42. Chloe Nova—New

43. Chloe Olivia—Symbol of peace

44. Chloe Ophelia—Help or serpentine 

45. Chloe Paige/Peyton —Assistant; royal village in Old English language respectively  

46. Chloe Penelope—Weaver 

47. Chloe Piper– A flute player

48.Chloe Quinn –Wise one

49.Chole Riley -Brave and courageous one 

50.Cho le Ruby– Jewel 

51. Chole Sabrina –From the boundary river 

52. Chole Sadie- Princess 

53. Chole Samantha –Listener 

54. Chole Sophia – Wise one

55. Chol e Stella– Star 56. Cho le Summer –Season

57. Cho le Taylor– Tailor

58. Cho le Valerie — Strong

59. Chole Violet -Violet flower

60. Cholo Willow–Slender tree

61.''C hloe Ximena''- Ready for battle

62 ''Chloe Yara''- Small butterfly

63 ''Chlo e Zoey''-Life

64. Chloe Abrielle—God is my strength

65. Chloe Adeline—Nobility; noble kind

66. Chloe Agnes—Pure and holy

67. Chloe Ainsley—Lives by the meadow's edge

68. Chloe Alana—Peaceful or fair one 

69. Chloe Alice/Alicia — Nobility, truthful; noble kind in Old German language respectively  

70.Chloe Amelia – Industrious protector 

71. Chole Annabelle –Graceful lily  

72. Chole Arabella -Beautifully spoken  

73. Chole Arielle– Lion of God  

74. Chole Audrey– Noble strength 

75. Cho le Avery -Ruler of Elves  

76. Cho le Bella– Beautiful 

77. Cho le Blaire- Field of battle

78.Chole Brenna– Little drop

79.Cho le Brynn –Strength

80. Cho le Camille –Attendant

81.''Chloe Caroline''- Joyous song

82 ''Chloe Cassidy''- Clever

83 ''Chloe Cecilia''- Blinded

84 ''Chloe Charis''- Grace

85. Chloe Ciara—Dark-haired; little dark one

86. Chloe Cora—Maiden

87. Chloe Dahlia—Flower with deep, vibrant colors 

88. Chloe Elsie–Consecrated to God  

89.Chloe Emerson–Brave and powerful  

90.Chloe Emilie – Industrious  

91. Chole Esme/Esmeralda —Beloved ;Emerald in Spanish language respectively  

92. Chole Evangeline -Messenger of good news 

93. Chole Felicity – Happiness or luck 

94. Cho le Fiona –Fair, white and smooth  

95. Cho le Gabriella –God is my strength

96. Cho le Genevieve — White wave

97.Cho le Gianna–God is gracious

98.Cho le Gracelynn/Gracen / Gracie -A variant of grace; beauty charm in French language respectively 

99.''Chloe Hadley''- From the heather meadow

100 ''Chloe Harper''- Harp player

101. Chloe Isla—Island

102. Chloe Ivy—Vine plant

103. Chloe Jade—Stone of the side

104. Chole Jenna—White wave

105. Chole Juliet —Youthful

106. Chole Kennedy -Helmet head

107.Chole Layla –Night beauty

108.Chole Lily –Pure 

109.Chole Luna —Moon  

110.Cho le Maya –Illusion  

111.''Chloe McKenzie''- Fair one 

112 ''Choe Melissa''- Bee  

113 ''Cho le Miranda''– Marvelous

114 ''Cho le Nadine''- Hope

115 ''chloe Naomi''– Pleasantness

116 ''Cho le Nova''– New

117''.Chloe Olivia" -Symbol of peace

118 "Cho le Ophelia"- Help or serpentine

119 " Cho le Paige/Peyton "-Assistant; royal village in Old English language respectively

120 " Cho le Penelope"- Weaver

121 " Cho le Piper"- A flute player

122 ". Cho l e Quinn "- Wise one

123". Ch ole Riley "- Brave and courageous one

124". Choi l e Ruby" -Jewel

125. Chole Sabrina – From the boundary river

126. Chole Sadie - Princess

127. Chole Samantha – Listener

128. Chole Sophia – Wise one

129. Chole Stella– Star

130. Cho le Summer –Season 

131.Cho le Taylor– Tailor 

132.Ch ole Valerie — Strong  

133.Ch ole Violet -Violet flower  

134.Cho l e Willow–Slender tree 

135.''C hloe Ximena''- Ready for battle 

136 ''Chloe Yara''- Small butterfly 

137. Chloe Zoey—Life

138. Chloe Abrielle—God is my strength 

139. Chloe Adeline—Nobility; noble kind

140. Chloe Agnes—Pure and holy  

141.Chloe Ainsley—Lives by the meadow's edge 

142.Chloe Alana—Peaceful or fair one   

143.Chloe Alice/Alicia — Nobility, truthful; noble kind in Old German language respectively    

144.Chloe Amelia – Industrious protector   

145. Chole Annabelle –Graceful lily     

146. Chole Arabella -Beautifully spoken     

147. Chole Arielle– Lion of God     

148. Chole Audrey– Noble strength    

149. Cho le Avery -Ruler of Elves       

150. Cho le Bella– Beautiful

151. Cho le Blaire- Field of battle

152. Chole Brenna– Little drop

153. Cho le Brynn –Strength

154. Cho le Camille –Attendant 

155.''Chloe Caroline''- Joyous song  

156 ''Chloe Cassidy''- Clever   

157 ''Chloe Cecilia''- Blinded   

158 ''Chloe Charis''- Grace    

159. Chloe Ciara—Dark-haired; little dark one  

160. Chloe Cora—Maiden    

161. Chloe Dahlia—Flower with deep, vibrant colors     

162.Cho le Elsie–Consecrated to God                                 

168.Cho l e Willow–Slender tree        

169.''C hloe Ximena''- Ready for battle              

170 ''Chloe Yara''- Small butterfly           

171. Chloe Zoey—Life

172. Chloe Abrielle—God is my strength

173. Chloe Adeline—Nobility; noble kind

174. Chloe Agnes—Pure and holy  

175.Chloe Ainsley—Lives by the meadow's edge 

176.Chloe Alana—Peaceful or fair one   

177.Chloe Alice/Alicia — Nobility, truthful; noble kind in Old German language 


178.Chloe Amelia – Industrious protector   

179. Chole Annabelle –Graceful lily     

180. Chole Arabella -Beautifully spoken     

181. Chole Arielle– Lion of God     

182. Chole Audrey– Noble strength    

183. Cho le Avery -Ruler of Elves         

184. Cho le Bella– Beautiful        

185. Cho le Blaire- Field of battle        

186. Chole Brenna– Little drop        

187. Cho le Brynn –Strength        

188. Cho le Camille –Attendant          

189.''Chloe Caroline''- Joyous song             

190 ''Chloe Cassidy''- Clever             

191 ''Chloe Cecilia''- Blinded              

192 ''Chloe Charis''-

193. Chloe Charlotte—Free man

194. Chloe Clara—Bright or clear

195. Chloe Clementine—Gentle and merciful

196. Chole Delilah– Delightful one

197.Chole Eliza– Dedicated to God

198.Cho le Elizabeth –My God is an oath                                      

199.Choice Fiona –Fair; white     

200. Cho le Genevieve -White wave       

201. Ch ole Grace —Grace of God      

202. Choi l e Harper —Harp Player        

203.''Chloe Harmony''- Harmonious song           

204 ''Chloe Honor''- Honorable one          

205 ''Cho l e Isla/Isabella '' - From the island; pledged to god respectively            

206 ''Cho le Ivy''- Faithfulness      

207. Chloe Jade/Jaden –Stone of the side ; thank giving in Old French language respectively 

208. Chloe Janelle –God's grace        

209. Cho le Jocelyn –Raised by Yahweh    

210. Cho l e Josephine– May Jehovah add / increase 

211 Cho le Juniper -Juniper tree        

Free Bonus for You: List of Famous People by the name of Chloe

1. Chloe Bennet is an American actress and singer, best known for her starring role as Daisy Johnson / Quake in the ABC and Marvel television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

She began her career by appearing on the Chinese talent show Up Master in 2012, where she was subsequently signed to a record label before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting opportunities.

After several small roles, Bennet was cast as Daisy Johnson in 2013, which marked her breakthrough role and provided her with mainstream recognition.

2. Chloe Grace Moretz is an American actress and model best known for her roles in films such as Kick-Ass (2010), Hugo (2011), Carrie (2013) and If I Stay (2014).

She began acting at the age of seven, and gained recognition for playing Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, which earned her critical acclaim at the age of 13.

Since then she has appeared in a variety of films and television shows, making appearances on Nickelodeon shows including The Amanda Show (1999–2002) and Zoey 101 (2005–2008).

3. Chloe Sevigny is an American actress and fashion designer who rose to fame after appearing alongside Sean Penn in the 1995 drama film Kids.

Before transitioning into film roles, Sevigny had memorable stints on television series such as Big Love, Portlandia and American Horror Story: Asylum.

With numerous awards under her belt, Sevigny has also been recognized for her fashion design work having collaborated with brands such as Opening Ceremony and Ksubi Jeans. She has also been featured on magazine covers such as Vogue US and W Magazine throughout the years.

4. Chloë Zhao is a Chinese filmmaker, best known for Sundance award-winning films The Rider (2017) and Nomadland (2020).

Born in Beijing in 1982 to two economists from Inner Mongolia, she moved to London when she was 16 before settling down in California at a young age to pursue filmmaking studies at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Zhao's early works include Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) based on childhood experiences growing up on Pine Ridge Reservationin South Dakota; scripted feature The Rider (2017); sci-fi western Horizon Line(2020);and Oscar-nominated drama Nomadland(2020). She is the first woman of color to be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards.

5. Chloe Kim is an American snowboarder and Olympic champion who has been competing in her sport since she was four years old, winning medals in numerous international competitions including the Olympics, X Games and World Championships.

Kim rose to prominence after becoming the youngest athlete ever (at 15 years old) to win a gold medal in Snowboarding Halfpipe at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. She followed this up by becoming Double Gold medalist at 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics—winning both Golds in halfpipe and slopestyle events.

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