143 BEST King Von Inspirational Quotes (Selected)

William T Johnson Feb 07, 2023
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King Von was an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago.

His music was a mix of drill and trap that spoke to the struggles of growing up in inner-city neighborhoods.

He tragically passed away at the age of 26 due to gun violence in 2020, but his impact on hip hop and rap will be felt for years to come.

King Von's life experiences are often reflected in his lyrics - he speaks about topics such as poverty, gang violence, police brutality, heartbreak and more.

His words provide powerful insight into what it is like living in disadvantaged communities across America.

Here is a collection of some of King Von’s most inspirational quotes for you to draw strength from during tough times.

1. "I'm just a young nigga from the projects tryna’ stay alive."

2. "All my niggas with me, we gon’ ride."

3. "They sleepin’ on me, I can feel it in my bones."

4. "Don't do no talking when you see us in these streets."

5. "I done came up, now all my bitches they sprung."

6. "Took my pain and turned it into paper."

7. "You know life ain't promised so I gotta live it to the fullest."

8. "My worst days are better than your best days."

9. "Had to switch up, I was eating off them streets."

10. “My story ain’t easy, it be kinda hard to tell.”

11. “I done changed up my life, had to bid them farewell.”

12. “Praying that I make it out alive and well."

13. "They want me dead but they can't kill the king spirit."

14. "Had a lot of losses when I was in the field."

15. "Made a lot of promises that I never kept."

16 ."From hoodies to tuxedos, king still stay dressed"

17 ."Tell these hoes don't act like y'all ain't seen success."

18 ."Ain't nobody gonna do for me what God gon' do for me."

19 ."Ya'll niggas scared and won't admit it, who you foolin', come on nigga!"

20 ."Go against us then we comin' with cash money.'

21. “In the field, king always stay blessed.”

22. “I'ma show 'em what a real king looks like."

23. "Don't let people distract you from your goal"

24. "Stay focused and stay out of that hole"

25. "Just keep grindin', don't ever stop it."

26. "The only way they gon' respect us is if we knock them off it."

27. "Put money on my mind so I never lack it."

28 ."Go against me then have to dodge these bullets.'

29 .'If I fall seven times, rise eight.'"

30 ."Fee fi fo fum, king ain't scared of no one.'

31 .'"King Von will make sure he's forever paid in full.'"

32 ."Gone but never forgotten king still living through."

33 ."My niggas'll stick with me even when the chips are low.''

34 ."It was either gonna be death or prison for my soul"

35 .”Let fear be the fuel in your heart and soul.''

36. "I'm king of the jungle, king of the street."

37. "If they got a problem with king they can meet me in the deep."

38. “They see true potential when I’m on my feet"

39. "They always wanna hate but king too strong to keep down."

40 .'Life's like a chess game so you gotta move your pieces wisely.'

41 .'"My haters tryna take my crown so I gotta be more wise.''

42 ."Been through some tough times and all this pain has made me wise."

43 .'"This king gon' shine no matter what the cost.'"

44 ."Money my motive, living life for each moment"

45 ."The only way out is if you learn how to own it"

46 ."Don't ever worry 'bout them niggas hating on us"

47 ,"Keep working hard and pray that god give us luck"

48 ."Ain't gonna never let nobody stop our dreams coming true''

49. “They can never stop king from doing what I do”

50. "I'm king of the jungle, king of the street"

51. "Life is a chess game so you gotta move your pieces wisely."

52. “Keep grinding and stay focused don't let nothing distract you”

53. “Ain't nobody going to do for me what God gonna do for me”

54 .'Failure ain't an option so I have to succeed.'

55 ."Tell these hoes don't act like y'all ain't seen success.''

56 .'"My worst days are better than your best days."

57 ."Had to switch up, I was eating off them streets.'"

58 .'"The only way out is if you learn how to own it."

59 ."Gone but never forgotten king still living through.''

60 ."Ya'll niggas scared and won't admit it, who you foolin', come on nigga!"

61. “You gotta make sure you keep your circle tight and trust nobody, that's when you make it out the hood.”

62. “Be who you are and not what they want you to be.”

63. "The only thing I got is time so why waste time?"

64. "Never let nobody think for yourself."

65. "Stay true to yourself, even if it means being alone"

66. "When life takes a toll on ya just remember king still rollin.'"

67."It ain't never been no handouts always had to grind out"

68. "Love conquers all, that's what I heard king say"

69. "Gotta stay ready so ya don't gotta get ready"

70. "Be patient, even when you're running out of time"

71. "Get yours no matter who try to slow you down"

72. "Life is what you make it, king ain't never fake it."

73. “I got love for everybody except the opps”

74. “My ambition greater than my pride”

75. “Took a loss but still gon win in the end”

76."Live fast die young, king von influence on me".

77. “Money, power and respect, king Von was on the quest”

78. “If you knew king von then you know I'mma stay true”

79. "Real life ain't no movie can't take a loss like Rocky"

80. "I got legends in my heart so they'll never forget me"

81."Do it with passion or don't do it at all"

82."Everybody want to be king but nobody wanna die for it"

83."The game won't wait, king von straight outta state".

84 ."Live your dreams and never give up hope".

85 . Keep going through adversity even when times are hard ".

86. "It's always king von no matter what they say"

87. “My vision getting clearer every day”

88. “Remember king Von, never let them steal your joy”

89."Dreams don't come true if you don't get up and chase 'em"

90. "Don't ever give up on yourself, king still countin'"

91. "Success is not given it is earned"

92."Nobody can stop kingvon from shining bright like a diamond"

93 . "Put in the work and stay committed to the mission".

94 . “Make sure you make moves before time takes you away”

95 ."No need to worry bout haters kingvon still stand tall".

96. “Money motivate me kingvon still stay fly”

97. "Life is too short to be living with regrets"

98. "Live life king size and keep it king Von style"

99 . “Always have faith in yourself even when no one else does”

100 . “Don't ever let anyone stop you from achieving your goals”

101 . “Set the bar high and never settle for less than you deserve”

102. "Success takes hard work, king von put it first"

103."You can do anything if you put your mind to it"

104."Be proud of who you are and where you come from"

105 ."Stay humble king von never stumble".

106. "Take advantage of opportunities and never give up"

107."Be someone king von could be proud of"

108. "If you believe in yourself, no one can keep you from success"

109 . “No matter how hard times get kingvon still stay strong”

110 ."If it ain't king von then I don't want it at all".

111. “Leave a legacy that will last forever”

112 ."You have the power to succeed, just believe in yourself"

113. "Actions speak louder than words king Von always heard"

114."The only person who can stop you is you".

115."Trust nobody but king Von no matter what they say'.

116. “Reach for the top and never settle for less”

117 . “Focus on your vision and don't let anyone pull you off track”

118.. “Successful people are not afraid to take risks”

119 . "Create your own path even when everyone doubts you ".

120. “Be consistent even when the odds are against you”

121. “Always do what's best for your future”

122. "Prioritize kingvon and put family first"

123."Knowledge is power king von still burst"

124. "Stay focused no matter how tough it gets"

125."Don't just talk about it, king Von walk about it"

126 . “A winner never stops even when life gets hard”

127 ."Make sure king Von legacy lives on forever".

128."Take risks and don't be afraid to fail"

129 ."Success doesn't come easy kingvon stay ready".

130 . “Never give up hope no matter what

you face”

131."It takes courage to keep going king Von always know that".

132 . "You have the power to make a difference in this world".

133 ."No mountain too steep kingvon always gots da heat".

134 ."The only way out is through hard work and dedication ".

135. “Believe in yourself even when others don't believe in you”

136. “There is no limit to what kingvon can achieve"

137. "Make your dreams a reality kingvon still get it poppin'"

138 . “Success doesn't come easy king von stay ready”

139 ."Stay positive and don't let anyone tear you down".

140."Never give up, king Von keep grindin'".

141."Life is what king Von make it, so make the best of it"

142 . “Take risks and never be afraid of failure”

143."Stay humble kingvon always shine bright".

King Von was an exceptional artist and a deeply inspiring individual.

His words of wisdom help to remind us that life is short, and success only comes through hard work and dedication.

The king von inspirational quotes above are just some of the many inspiring messages he shared throughout his career.

King Von's legacy will live on forever in our hearts and minds as we strive for greatness with courage, resilience, and positivity.

May these king von inspirational quotes be your source of motivation during challenging times!

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