141 BEST Middle Names For Camila (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 24, 2023
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Picking middle names for Camila can be a difficult task, as you want to find something that compliments her name and has special meaning.

Whether you’re looking for middle names with traditional Spanish roots or modern American ones, we have compiled an extensive list of middle names for Camila that are sure to please everyone in the family!

From classic middle names such as Maria and Isabelle to trendier ones like River and Phoenix, this list is full of unique ideas that will make your daughter stand out from the crowd!

With meanings ranging from “God's grace” to “friendship”, each middle name chosen is sure to reflect your little one's personality perfectly.

Read on to discover the perfect middle name for Camila today!

1. Amalia – Latin meaning “lovable”

2. Ariella - Hebrew meaning “lion of God”

3. Carla – Spanish and Portuguese form of Charles, meaning “free man”

4. Celia - Latin Meaning "Heavenly"

5. Charis – Greek for grace or kindness

6. Danièle – French feminine form of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”

7. Emilia- Latinate form of Emily, a Germanic name derived from the root word amal which means

to work or strive

8. Eva - From the Hebrew Chava ,meaning life or living one

9. Gabriela– Feminine form of Gabriel, derived from Hebrew gabar (to be strong) and el (God)

10. Iris– Greek origin referring to the rainbow goddess who delivered messages between heaven and earth

11. Isabella– Italian version of Elizabeth with a similar etymology

12. Jade – A gemstone derived from Spanish piedra de la ijada which translates as stone of pain in reference to its reputed healing power

13. Katrina- Scandinavian variation of Katherine with a similar etymology

14 .Lola – Spanish diminutive of Dolores meaning “sorrow”

15 .Luna– Latin for moon, meaning “light in the darkness”

16. Maria – Latin form of Mary, meaning “wished-for child”

17. Maya - Hebrew and Indian origin meaning "illusion" or "vision"

18. Naomi – From the Hebrew Noam, derived from na'am (pleasantness)

19. Olivia - Derived from the Norman French word Olivier, meaning olive tree

20. Paige– Middle English occupation name derived from page (servant)

21. Phoenix - Latin for "the bright one"

22. Piper – Old English for pipe (an old musical instrument)

23. Quinn– Irish origin meaning “counsel” or “wise one”

24. River – Refers to a flowing body of water, symbolizing life and renewal

25. Sasha- Russian form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind”

26. Scarlett – Modern name derived from the color scarlet

27. Selma - Germanic element salm ("protective helmet") combined with middle High German helme ("helmet")

28. Sienna– Italian town in Tuscany where this reddish-brown pigment was first produced

29.Skye – Scottish Isles variant of Sky, referring to an expanse of unbroken clouds above the horizon

30.Sofia– From Greek Sophia which means wisdom

31.Tatiana- Slavic form of Tatius, derived from Roman family name Tatius

32.Violet– Color that is associated with royalty and luxury

33.Ximena- Spanish variation of Jimena (heard)

34. Yael – Hebrew for “mountain goat”

35. Zara - Arabic meaning "princess" or "radiant"

36. Ada – Germanic meaning “noble, nobility”

37. Adele – French form of Adelaide, meaning “noble kind”

38. Aida– Italian name derived from the opera by Giuseppe Verdi

39. Alexa- Latin variation of Alexandra, a feminine form of Alexander which means “defender of mankind”

40.Alma– Latin for soul; inspired by the Mexican state known as Baja California Sur (Soul of Lower California)

41. Arabella – Italian diminutive for Annabella and Arabelle, both originating from the same root word arabesco which refers to an ornamental design with intertwining motifs in Moorish style

42.Ava– Shortened version of medieval given names like Chava and Avigail

43 .Belinda- Spanish origin derived from bella (beautiful) and linda (lovely)

44. Beatrice – Latin for "she who brings happiness"

45. Bianca- Italian for white or fair

46. Camille – French form of Camillus, derived from the Etruscan god of death, Camillus

47. Carolina - Feminine form of Charles which means “free man”

48. Carmen– Spanish origin derived from the Hebrew Carmel (garden) and Maron (bitter)

49. Claire– Derived from the French word clair, meaning “clear” or “bright”

50.Dominique– Feminine variation of Dominic, a Roman name meaning “belonging to God”

51.Elaine - Greek variant of Helen which means light

52.Estelle – Latin variant of Stella which means star

53.Fiona- Gaelic version of Fionnuala; derived from Old Irish words fionn ("white") and guala ("shoulder")

54.Gabrielle - Female equivalent Gabriel in English origin with same etymology

55.Genevieve– A Germanic name originally composed by two elements, geno (kind, race) and wig (war)

56.Georgia - Greek origin meaning "farmer"

57. Gloria – Latin for glory or fame

58. Helena– Greek form of Helen, a name derived from the Greek word helene (torch)

59. Isabella– Hebrew variation of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”

60. Jocelyn – French form of Joscelin, derived from two Old German elements: gaut (people/nation) and cild (child). It means “member of the tribe”

61. Juliet – Anglo-French form of Julius, derived from the old Latin name Iulius which means “downy” or “soft beard”

62. Layla– Arabic for "night"

63. Leilani - Hawaiian origin meaning "heavenly flower"

64. Lila – Persian for night; also a feminine version of William (willing protector)

65 .Lola– Spanish pet form of Dolores with same etymology as Aloysius (renowned warrior)

66. Lucille – French form of Latin Lux and Lucius meaning “light” and “shining light” respectively

67. Madeline – Hebrew variation of Madeleine which means “tower/fortress in the sea”

68. Maeve– Irish Gaelic origin referring to a royal goddess who was believed to bring fertility and abundance

69. Marisol– Spanish combination marido (husband) + sol (sun), indicating devotion even when life is hard like sun shining through clouds

70. Maya – Sanskrit origin meaning “illusion”

71 .Melanie– Greek for "dark" or "black"

72. Mila– Slavic diminutive of Milena, derived from the elements mil (gracious) and lena (light)

73.Nina– Spanish diminutive of names beginning with N such as Catalina (pure) or Antonia (invaluable)

74.Olivia– Latin variant of Oliver, meaning “olive tree”

75.Penelope– Ancient Greek name composed by two elements: pene (weft/thread) and lopas (spinner)

76.Rachel– Hebrew for “ewe” or “female lamb”

77.Regina – Latin for queen

78. Renée- French form of the Roman name Renatus, derived from renascor (to be born again)

79. Rose– Old French variant of Rosa, referring to the flower with same name

80. Sabrina– Latin origin derived from Habren which is an old Celtic river goddess associated with death and rebirth

81. Samantha – Aramaic variation of Samuel which means “God heard”

82. Sandra – Old English variant of Alexandra, derived from the elements alexo (to defend/protect) and aner (man)

83. Sarah– Hebrew for "princess" or "noblewoman"

84. Selena– Greek form of Helen, derived from the Greek word helene meaning “torch”

85. Sophia- Greek origin meaning "wisdom"

86.Stephanie– Feminine version of Stephen, associated with the Greek word stephanos

87. Sybil - Greek for prophetess

88. Tabitha - Aramaic version of Dorcas, meaning gazelle

89. Talia - Hebrew for dew from heaven

90. Valentina – Latin feminine form of Valentine which means health and power

91. Valerie – Latin variation of Valeria which is derived from the Roman name Valerius (strong)

92. Vivian– Latin variant of Vivien; derived from vivus (alive/lively)

93.Violet– English flower name that refers to the purple-blue color

94.Ximena- Spanish form of the Germanic Simona with same etymology as Simon (to be heard). It means “he who hears” or “listener”

95 .Yara– Brazilian Portuguese origin associated with water goddess Yara and Iara in Tupi tradition; it is also a short form of Larissa (citadel/fortress) or Tamyra (palm tree)

96 .Zahra- Persian expression referring to beauty,

97. Zara - Arabic for flower

98. Zoey - Greek for life

99. Aaliyah - Arabic for high and exalted one

100. Abigail – Hebrew for my father’s joy

101. Adelaide – Germanic form of Adelheid which means “noble kind" or "of noble figure"

102.Alexandra– Feminine version of Alexander, derived from the elements alexo (to defend/protect) and aner (man)

103.Amelia– Latin variant of Amalia which is derived from amalos (work). It can also refer to 'rival' in Latin

104. Anastasia – Greek for resurrection

105. Angelina – Latin diminutive of Angela, derived from angelus (angel)

106. Beatrice– Latin feminine form of Beatrix which means “she who brings happiness” or “voyager through life”

107. Camille - French version of Camilla, meaning a young ceremonial attendant in the Roman mythology

108. Carolina– Italian/Spanish origin associated with Charlemagne which means free man

109 .Cecilia – Feminine variation of Cecilio; derived from the Roman family name Caecilius and is associated with caelum (heavenly)

110.Claire– French form of Clara , stemming from clarus (clear/bright/famous)

111.Clarissa– Feminine variant of Claris, derived from clara (clear). It may also refer to "most brilliant" in Latin

112.Danielle- Feminine version of Daniel, referring to God being my judge in Hebrew

113.Elise - Germanic variant Elisa which is composed by two elements:

114. Elizabeth– Hebrew for “God is my oath” or “pledged to God”

115. Ella – A short form of numerous names such as Eleanor, Ellen and Alexandra

116. Emily – Latin feminine version of Emil which means “rival/laborious”

117. Emma– Old Germanic name derived from ermen (whole) or irmin (strong/powerful)

118. Esperanza- Spanish origin referring to hope

119 .Fiona– Gaelic variant of Fionnuala meaning fair shoulder

120 .Gabrielle - Feminine version of Gabriel which means ‘God is my strength’ in Hebrew

121.Grace– From the Latin gratia, meaning favor or blessing

122. Hadley- English origin meaning 'field of heather'

123. Helena- Greek for "bright and shining light"

124. Isabella - Hebrew for “God’s promise” or “devoted to God”

125. Josephine– Feminine version of Joseph which refers to God will add (Hebrew)

126.Katherine– Greek variant of Hecate meaning pure/clear

127.Layla – Arabic form derived from layl; it is associated with night, beauty and softness

128. Lillian – Latin diminutive Liliana; derived from lilla (gentle)

129.Lola- Spanish pet form Dolores that means Lady of Sorrows in reference to the Virgin Mary

130.Lucy– Old English feminine variation of Lucius which is originally derived from lux (light). It

also has an association with Lucia, Lucille or Lucinda

131.Mabel– French form Maribel that may refer to beautiful as well as illustrious in Latin

132. Makayla – Variant of Michael (Hebrew for “one who is like God”)

133. Mariah – Hebrew form of Mary, derived from Miriam which means “beloved” or “bitter one"

134. Maya - Sanskrit for "illusion" or "enchantment"

135. Mia - A short form of various names such as Amelia and Maria; it may also mean mine in Latin

136. Nadia – Russian diminutive Natasha that can refer to someone born on Christmas Day (Slavic origin)

137. Naomi - Hebrew meaning "pleasantness", could be a reference to the sweetness of life

138.Olivia– Feminine version Oliver which links to olive tree in Latin language

139.Paige- Old English referring to young assistant/attendant

140.Patricia– Feminine version Patrick, derived from patricius (nobleman/member of the ruling class)

141.Penelope– Greek variation derived from pene (threads); associated with Odysseus' wife

I hope this comprehensive list of middle names for Camila has been helpful and inspiring.

From Carolina to Penelope, each name comes with its own unique meaning that could help you find the perfect middle name option for your daughter or granddaughter.

Whichever middle name you choose, make sure it resonates with your family’s values and is something she can carry proudly throughout her life.

Good luck in finding a meaningful middle name!

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