137 BEST Middle Names For Theodore (Selected)

William T Johnson Jan 24, 2023
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Only for You: My special list of 137 Best middle names for Theodore together with their meaning.

(Additional Bonus for You: at the bottom of this post also a list of Famous People by the name of Theodore )

Theodore is a classic, timeless name that has been around for centuries.

It comes from the Greek words "Theos" meaning God, and "doron" meaning gift – giving it an especially meaningful resonance to parents who want their son to honor a Christian background.

With its rise in popularity over the years, middle names for Theodore are becoming more important than ever before.

1. Theodore Augustus (Great, Magnificent)

2. Theodore Alexander (Defending Men)

3. Theodore John (God is Gracious)

4. Theodore Seth (Appointed One)

5. Theodore Maximus (Greatest)

6. Theodore Lawrence (From Laurentum)

7. Theodore Griffin (Strong Lord or King’s Servant)

8. Theodore Ezekiel (Strength of God or God will Strengthen Us )

9. Theodore Leonidas (Lion Strength, Lion Power )

10 .Theodore Adrian (Dark and Rich )

11 .Theodore Xavier (Owner of a New House )

12 .Theodore Nathaniel (Gift Of God, Given By God.)

13 .Theodore Benedicto (Blessed One).

14 .Theodore Harrison ('ruler of the estate')

15 .Theodore Cyril ('lordly', 'masterful' ).

16 . Theodore Damien ('enduring', 'constant').

17 . Theodore Jordan ('descending').

18 .Theodore Fabian ('Bean grower'.

19 .Theodore Titus ('title of honor')

20 .Theodore Lucas ('light giving').

21 .Theodore Magnus ('greatest')

22 .Theodore Dean ('leader of ten people'.)

23 . Theodore Arnold ('eagle power.')

24 .Theodore Reginald ('powerful ruler')

25 .Theodore Thatcher ('roof thatcher').

26 .Theodore Darian ('maintains possessions well')

27 . Theodore Christian (Follower Of Christ).

28. Theodore Elias (My God Is Jehovah ).

29. Theodore Wallace (Welshman )

30. Theodore Levi (Joined To God )

31. Theodore Silas (Man Of The Forest)

32. Theodore Brook ('stream' )

33. Theodore Orlando ('famous land')

34. Theodore Zane (Gift Of God)

35. Theodore Emil (Rival, Industrious)

36. Theodore Owen (Young Warrior)

37. Theodore Caleb (Whole Hearted)

38. Theodore Brendan ('prince')

39. Theodore Lance ('land')

40. Theodore Gideon ('mighty warrior')

41. Theodore Vaughn ('small')

42 .Theodore Mason ('stoneworker')

43 . Theodore Ulric ('wolf power')

44 .Theodore Lewis ('Famous Warrior)

45 .Theodore Elliott ('the Lord is my God')

46. Theodore Rafael (God Has Healed)

47. Theodore Solomon (Peaceful One)

48. Theodore Roger ('famous warrior)

49. Theodore Robert ("bright fame")

50. Theodore Peter ('rock')

51. Theodore Tristan ('tumult')

52. Theodore Blake ('fair-haired one', 'dark')

53 .Theodore Zedekiah (God Is Righteousness )

54 .Theodore Royce ('son of Royce')

55. Theodore Nicholas ('victory of the people')

56. Theodore Zachery ('remembered by God')

57 .Theodore Dalton ('town in the valley')

58 .Theodore Wendell ('traveler')

59 .Theodore Damian ('to tame')

60. Theodore Miles (Merciful )

61. Theodore Marshall ('horse servant')

62.Theodore Sheldon (Sheep Meadow).

63 .Theodore William ("resolute protector")

64 . Theodore Ethan ("strong, firm")

65. Theodore Graham ("gray home")

66. Theodore Ronald ("wise ruler")

67. Theodore Joseph ("God will increase")

68. Theodore Rowan (of the red tree)

69. Theodore Hugo ("mind," "spirit")

70 .Theodore Kenton ('town of Kent')

71 .Theodore Jasper ('bringer of treasure')

72 .Theodore Leon ('lion strength')

73 . Theodore Tyler ('tile layer')

74 .Theodore Elliott ('the Lord is my God')

75 .Theodore Ira (Watchful, Vigilant)

76. Theodore Dominic ("belonging to the Lord")

77. Theodore Coleman ("son of coalman" or "charcoal burner")

78. Theodore Quintin ("fifth born child")

79. Theodore Ross ("red head", "promontory")

80. Theodore Regan (Mighty Ruler)

81. Theodore Alfredo ( wise counselor)

82. Theodore Davis ("beloved one")

83. Theodore Genevieve ("White Wave")

84.Theodore Kaleb ("Fighter of God")

85.Theodore Finley ("fair-haired one")

86.Theodore Maxwell (greatest stream)

87.Theodore Emery ("Bravery, Home Ruler")

88. Theodore Bryce ("alert","speckled")

89. Theodore Grant (Great)

90. Theodore Felix (Happy, Fortunate One)

91.Theodore Garrett ('Strength Of The Spear')

92. Theodore Edison ('son of Edward' or 'wealthy protector')

93 . Theodore Stuart ('steward')

94. Theodore Emmett ('universal')

95. Theodore Tristan ('tumult')

96 .Theodore Weston ('west town' )

97 . Theodore Quincy ('estate of the fifth son')

98 .Theodore Terrence (Smooth, Polished)

99. Theodore Benedict ("blessed")

100.Theodore Kendrick ('royal champion')

101. Theodore Everett ("wild boar"; "strong")

102. Theodore Nigel ("champion of the people")

103. Theodore Emerson ("son of Emery; brave")

104. Theodore August ("venerable" )

105. Theodore Harold ("army commander")

106. Theodore Giles (Servant Of God)

107. Theodore Knox ('round hill')

108. Theodore Rowland ('famous land')

109 .Theodore Edgar ('wealthy spear')

110 .Theodore Deacon (Messenger, Minister)

111. Theodore Everett ("wild boar"; "strong")

112. Theodore Nigel ("champion of the people")

113. Theodore Emerson ("son of Emery; brave")

114. Theodore August ("venerable" )

115. Theodore Harold ("army commander")

116. Theodore Giles (Servant Of God)

117. Theodore Knox ('round hill')

118. Theodore Rowland ('famous land')

119 .Theodore Edgar ('wealthy spear')

120 .Theodore Deacon (Messenger, Minister)

121 .Theodore Vaughn ('small')

122 .Theodore Mason ('stoneworker')

123 .Theodore Ulric ('wolf power')

124 .Theodore Lewis ('Famous Warrior)

125 .Theodore Solomon (Peaceful One)

126 .Theodore Rafael (God Has Healed)

127 .Theodore Damian ('to tame')

128 Theodore Miles (Merciful )

129 Theodore Quintin ("fifth born child").

130. Theodore Brady ("spirited")

131. Theodore Joel ("Yahweh is God")

132. Theodore Lucian ("light")

133. Theodore Macon ('son of the great one')

134. Theodore Carson ("son of Carr")

135. Theodore Malcolm ("Devotee Of Saint Columba" )

136 .Theodore Marshall ('horse servant')

137. Theodore Pierce ('rock')

Additional Bonus for You: at the bottom of this post also a list of Famous People by the name of Theodore

Theodore is a popular male name with a rich history and many famous namesakes.

Here are some of the most notable Theodores:

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909, was known for his policy of counteracting trusts and monopolies, as well as for his foreign policy agenda that included expanding U.S. influence in Latin America.

He also won a Nobel Peace Prize for mediating an end to the Russo-Japanese War and was one of the first presidents to be an advocate for conservationism.

Theodore "Teddy" Geisel, better known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, was an American writer and cartoonist who is best known for his series of children’s books featuring characters such as The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who!.

His work has been translated into more than 20 languages, has sold over 600 million copies worldwide, and his books have become timeless classics read by generations of children around the world.

Theodore Bikel was an Austrian-American actor, folk singer, musician, composer and political activist best known for roles such as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway and various film adaptations thereof.

He also acted in movies such as My Fair Lady (1964), The Russians Are Coming! (1966) and The Defiant Ones (1958).

In addition to acting he was an enthusiastic participant in human rights causes including Jewish causes throughout his life.

Theodore "Teddy" Pendergrass was a legendary R&B singer whose career spanned across four decades from 1970 until 2010 when he died from colon cancer at age 59.

He had numerous hits throughout his career such as "If You Don't Know Me By Now," "Love TKO," "Turn Off The Lights" and many others that earned him several awards including five gold records during his lifetime.

He also made history by becoming the first African-American male artist to record five consecutive platinum albums with hits like “Close The Door” and “Wake Up Everybody” earning him critical acclaim along with commercial success.

Theodore Dreiser was one of the most prominent American authors of the late 19th century whose writing style often focused on stories depicting gritty reality over romantic idealism. His works include Sister Carrie (1900) which is considered a classic piece of literature about how industrialization affects people's lives; An American Tragedy (1925) which served as inspiration for multiple films; Jennie Gerhardt which is considered one of his greatest works; and 12 other novels including The Financier (1912).


With so many middle names for Theodore to choose from, you can easily find one that matches your child's personality and taste!

From more traditional middle names like Macon, Carson and Quinn to more modern middle names like Malcolm, Royce, and Pendergrass - there's something to suit any taste. We hope this list has been helpful in finding the perfect middle name for Theodore!

Good luck!

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