133 BEAUTIFUL Middle Names For Brielle (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 20, 2023
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When choosing a middle name for your baby girl, you want something that stands out and is unique. It should also be meaningful and reflect the values of your family.

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to pick the right middle name for Brielle.

To help you in this endeavor, I have created a comprehensive list of 135 beautiful middle names for Brielle with their meanings attached!

List of Beautiful Middle Names For Brielle:

1. Abigail – “My father’s joy”

2. Adeline – “Nobility” or “Noble kind”

3. Alexa – “Defender” or “Helper of mankind”

4. Alice – “Of noble birth/nobility”

5. Amelia– “Hard working one"

6. Annabel– "Gracious beauty"

7. Angelina – "Angel" or "Messenger from God"

8. Anya– "Graceful", "Easy to love", or an abbreviation of Anna (gracious)

9. Ashley– "Dweller near the ash tree meadow"

10. Aubrey – "Noble strength"

11. Audrey– "Noble Strength"

12. Ava– "Voice", a variation of Eve, or an abbreviation of Chava (life)

13. Avalon – “Island of Apples” or “Place of paradise”

14. Bella – “Beautiful one”

15. Blaire– "Field" or an abbreviation of Blythe (happy)

16. Brady – “Broad” or “wide meadow”

17. Brooke – “Stream” or “Small water”

18. Cadence – “Rhythm and flow of music or speech” or "Lyrical"

19. Callie – "Most beautiful"

20. Caroline– "Strong woman"

21. Chloe - "Young green shoot", a variation of Clio, meaning ‘glory, fame, beauty and celebrated’

22. Clara – “Bright and clear”

23. Cora – "Maiden"

24. Dahlia - "Flower of enduring beauty"

25. Daisy– "Eye of the day", a delicate flower

26. Dakota – “Friend” or "Ally"

27. Eleanor– "Bright, shining one"

28. Ella – “Light” or an abbreviation of Elizabeth (God is

29. Elodie – “Foreign wealth"

30. Emma – "Universal", a variation of Imma (whole)

31. Faith – “Trust” or "Belief"

32. Felicity - "Happiness"

33. Fiona– "White, fair one"

34. Freya– An Old Norse goddess with the meaning of “Lady”

35. Gabriella – “God is my strength” or an abbreviation of Gabrielle (God is my strength)

36. Grace– A form of charity and kindness, from the Latin word gratia    


37. Hadley- "Heather meadow"

38. Harper- From an Old English surname that means harp player

39. Hazel- Meaning hazelnut

40. Heaven - Divine

41. Heidi - Noble nature

42. Hope- Expectation

43. Isabella - Devoted to God

44. Ivy - Dependence

45. Jade — Precious stone

46. Jasmine — Fragrant flower

47. Joy - Happiness

48. Juliette – Soft haired

49. Keira– Little dark one

50. Kennedy – Helmeted chief

51. Layla – “Night” or “Dark beauty”        


52. Leah - Cow, strong woman

53. Leigh/Lee – Meadow or clearing in the woods

54. Lillian - Lily flower, symbol of purity and innocence

55. Lorelei - Alluring songstress

56. Lucy - Light

57. Luna - Moon

58. Mackenzie - Fair one

59. Madison– Son of a great man

60. Maren– Bitter sea

61. Maya — Illusion

62. Marley — From Old English for "lakes near meadows"

63. Melody— Song

64. Meredith—"Protector of the Sea"

65. Mia— A diminutive form meaning "my", from Hebrew

66. Mila— Graceful

67. Miranda—"Admirable"

68. Molly— Bitter

69. Natalie—"Christmas Day" or "birthday of the Lord"

70. Nevaeh—"Heaven spelled backwards"

71. Olivia — Olive tree, symbolizing peace and victory

72. Paige - Young servant

73. Penelope - Weaver of threads

74. Piper — Flute player

75. Quinn—"Wise" or "Intelligent"

76. Raina— Queen

77. Reagan—"Little King" or "Fiery Leader"

78. Riley – “Valiant”, a variation of Ryleigh (courageous)                                    

79. Rosalie - Rose flower, symbolizing beauty and grace

80. Ruby – Precious red stone

81. Sadie– Princess

82. Sage– Wise one

83. Sarah– Meaning princess in Hebrew

84. Scarlette – Red

85. Selah- Stillness

86. Seraphine — Fiery ones

87. Sienna- Reddish brown

88. Skye — Heaven

89. Sophia— Wisdom

90. Stella— Star

91. Summer — Season

92. Sydney — Wide meadow

93. Tessa — Harvester

94. Winter - Season

95. Wren - Small bird

96. Zara - Bright as the dawn

97. Zoey - Life

98. Abigail - Meaning "father's joy"

99. Adeline – Noble one

100. Ainsley– One’s own meadow

101. Amara— Eternal

102. Anastasia - Resurrection

103. Arabella – “Answering to prayer” or a variation of Annabella (beautiful grace)

104. Aria — Song

105. Aubrey– Elf ruler

106. Avery- Elf counsel

107. Bellamy—"Beautiful friend"

108. Bliss - Joyful

109. Briar Rose - Beautiful, thorny rose

110. Brynn- "Hill", a Welsh name

111. Cadence— Rhythmic flow

112. Callie- Most beautiful

113. Cambria—"Welsh people," a Celtic land

114. Camden— From the winding valley

115. Carmen — Garden

116. Celeste - Heavenly

117. Clara — Bright and clear

118. Clementine - Soft

119. Daisy Mae - Eye of the day

120. Delaney — Of the challenger

121. Ellery— Cheerful

122. Emberlyn – Burning flame

123. Emma Grace - Universal grace

124. Estelle - Star

125. Evangeline - Good news

126. Faith - Hope & Charity

127. Fiona - Joy

128. Freya— Noble one

129. Genevieve— White wave

130. Gigi - Petite and precious

131. Gracelynn — Combination of grace and lynn

132. Hadley— Meadow near the heath

133. Aria – “Aria” or “Solo piece for voice”

Given the range of middle names for Brielle, from Kennedy to Heaven Leigh and India Rose, it is clear that there are many beautiful options available.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or unique, we hope this list has provided some inspiration.

With so many middle name possibilities out there, one thing is certain: finding the perfect middle name for your little girl will be a special moment between you and her!

I wish you all the best in choosing just the right middle name for your daughter Brielle!

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.