127 BEST Penelope Middle Names (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 21, 2023
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Choosing the perfect name for your daughter
is a daunting task.

You want to pick something that will represent her throughout her life, but you also want it to be unique and meaningful.

If you are looking for an unusual but beautiful name for your little girl, then look no further than penelope middle names!

Penelope is a timeless Greek classic with an elegant sound and a range of meanings from “weaver” to “lovely” and “wise.”

With such a broad range of options available, there's sure to be at least one penelope middle name that speaks directly to your heart.

To help you on your journey towards finding the perfect penelope middle name for your baby girl, we have compiled 127 of our favorite penelope middle names along with their meanings below!

1. Abigail (Father in Rejoicing)

2. Adriana (From Hadria)

3. Agnes (Pure, Chaste)

4. Aileen (Light Bearer)

5. Alexa (Defender of Mankind)

6. Alice (Noble, Kind)

7. Alisa (Of Noble Kind)

8. Allison (Son of the Highborn Warrior; Nobility and Strength Combined) 9. Amanda (Worthy to be Loved or Worthy of Love )

10 Amelia/Emelia/Amalia/Emilia(Industrious and Striving; Work; Rival; Imitating ;Striving for Excellence )

11 Anastasia/Anastacia /Tasya/(Resurrection or Reborn )

12 Angelina /Angeline/(Messenger Angel ; Graceful Angel )

13 Annalisa(Gracious, Merciful & God has Shown Favor: god is gracious & god has answered me gracefully.)

14 Anna Maria(Bitter Grace : Bitter grace is a term used to describe the sense of being undeservedly forgiven when we have done something wrong .)

15 Arabella(Beautiful Altar : Beautiful altar is a term used to describe the beauty and spiritual significance of an altar .)

16 Aria(Lioness of God: A lioness is a symbol of strength, courage, and protection by God.)

17 Aurora(Dawn : Dawn is the beginning of a new day, signifying hope and renewal.)

18. Beatrice (Bringer of Joy)

19. Bethany(House of Figs or House of Poverty)

20. Brenda (Sword, Hill; Sword Hill)

21. Brianna/Briana/(Strong, Virtuous and Honorable ; Strong & Honourable )

22. Cadence(Rhythmic Flow; Rhythm in Movement)

23. Callie/Cali/(most beautiful, fair one )

24. Cara(Beloved Friend; Dear friend )

25. Carlene /Carline/(strong woman ; small and strong & feminine woman )

26. Caroline(free man or little songbird , Joyous Song).

27 Cassandra /Cassie/(shining upon men: a reference to the mythological prophetess who was blessed with prophetic powers.)

28 Catherine/Katherine/Katrina/(Pure, Torture)(pure & clear water ).

29 Celeste (Heavenly Blue- Sky blue : referring to the sky being full of stars that come out at night.)

30 Chloe (Young Green Shoot ; Blooming green shoot).

31 Clara (Bright Shining One : shining brightly like a star).

32 Claudia /Claudia (/Lame , Disabled : referring to a person with a physical disability or handicap)

33 Cora(Maiden; Virginal ).

34 Courtney/Courtnee/(Courteous, Court-Loving ; Respectful & Courteous )

35 Daisy (Day's Eye: A flower that opens in the morning and closes at night).

36 Dana /Danni/(God is My Judge : referring to God as the ultimate arbiter of justice).

37 Danielle (God is my judge : referring to God as the ultimate arbiter of justice)

38 Delilah(Languishing, Desired One;

39. Dena (Valley; Feminine Form of Dennis)

40. Diana (Divine, Heavenly; Divine and Heavenly Being)

41. Eileen (Bright Radiant Light; Bright and Radiant Light)

42. Elena/Helena/(Light : referring to the light coming from Heaven )

43. Eliza(God's Promise ; God's promise is a term used to describe something given by the Lord).

44. Ella /Ellie/Ella Mae/(otherwise known as Ellen, Meaning “all” or “complete”: All encompassing )

45 Emily /Emma/Emelia/(Rivaling in Excellence and Ambition; Industriousness & Striving for excellence )

46 Esther (/Star or Hidden, Mysterious or Secret: Star that shines brightly at night.)

47 Eva (/Life Giver: A reference to Eve who gave life to mankind .)

48 Faith (/Belief in Something Unseen : Belief in things that can't be seen with our eyes .)

49 Fiona(Fair-Haired One ; Fair haired princess ).

50 Florence (Flourishing , Flowering : Blooming like a

51. Gabriella (God is my strength; God is My Strength)

52. Giselle (Oath of Hostage, Pledge; Oath or Pledge of a Hostage)

53. Grace (Graceful one, Gracious one; Grace and Kindness of God)

54. Harriet/Hattie(Ruler or Home Ruler ; Ruler of an Estate )

55. Hazel(The color hazel; The Color Hazel - light brown to greenish-brown )

56. Helena /Lena/(Light: referring to the light coming from Heaven)

57. Isabella/Isabelle/(Devoted to God : A tribute to religious commitment.)

58. Jacqueline/Jackie/(Supplanter, held by the heel: Supplanter refers to someone who replaces another person in a position.)

59. Jane (God is gracious ; Gift from God , Yahweh has been gracious .)

60 .Jasmine (/Fragrant Flower : Fragrant flower that blooms throughout the year .)

61. Josephine/Josie/(God will increase : A tribute to God's faithfulness and abundance .)

62. Julia (Youthful; Young & Vibrant)

63. Juliette/Juliet(youthful, Joyous Woman ; Youthful & Joyous )

64. June (/Born in the Month of June: Refers to a child born in the month of June.)

65 .Karen/(Pure , Pure One : Referring to purity and innocence ).

66. Katherine /Katrina/Kathy/( Pure Torture ; Pure Water or Tortured )

67 .Kayla/( Slender, Slim ; Slim Beauty)

68.. Kimberly /Kim/Kimberly Anne (Chief Of Hills; Ruler of the Hillside).

69 Lara (Protected by God; Age and Protection by God.)

70 Leah (/ Weary, Tired ; Tired but Willing Spirit).

71 Lillian /Lilly (Flower; Symbolizing Innocence & Purity)

72 Louise(Famous Warrior : referring to a great warrior who has achieved fame.)

73. Madeline (/High Tower; derived from Magdala, meaning 'high tower')

74. Margaret (Pearl ; a precious gemstone )

75. Maria /Mary (/Rebelliousness or Wish for Child : Rebellious woman who wanted children)

76. Maya/May/(Water; referring to the water of life)

77 .Melanie (Dark-Skinned Woman , Dark-Haired Woman ; Dark skin and hair )

78 .Miriam(rebellion, wished for child: Rebellion against authority and wishing for a child.)

79. Naomi (/Pleasantness, Sweetness : pleasant feeling that comes with joy.)

80 Olivia/Livvy/(Symbol Of Peace : Olive branch is a symbol of peace and harmony).

81 Pamela /Pam/(All sweetness: All encompassing sweetness.).

82 Penelope(Weaver Worker; A weaver worker - someone who skillfully weaves fabrics or tapestries).

83 Phoebe/Feebee/(Bright Shining One ; shining brightly like a star ).

84 Priscilla/Prissy/(Ancient, Old ; Ancient and wise ).

85 Rebecca/Becky/(Tied with a Cord; Tied together with a strong cord).

86 Rose(Rose Flower; The flower of love and beauty.)

87 Ruth (/Friendship, Compassion ; A true friend who shows great

88. Sadie (Princess; Princess of God)

89. Samantha/Sam/Sammy (Told by God ; Told by the Lord)

90. Sarah/Sally (Noble Lady, Princess; Noble lady or princess )

91. Sophia (/Wisdom: A reference to wisdom that comes with age.)

92. Stephanie (/Crowned One : One who is worthy of wearing a crown.)

93 .Susan(Lily Flower ; Symbolizing innocence and purity .)

94 .Tabitha/(Gazelle : Fast moving animal - fast thinking person .)

95 .Theresa /Terry/(Harvester , Reaping Woman : Refers to one who harvests crops or reaps what has been planted.)

96 Theresa /Terry/(Harvester, Reaping Woman: Refers to one who harvests crops or reaps what has been planted.)

97 Trinity (/Three Persons in One God : Reference to the trinity of Father, Son & Holy Spirit).

98 Vivian (/Alive, Full Of Life ; Filled with life and vitality ).

99. Wendy (/Friend, Brave Warrior ; referring to a loyal and brave friend)

100. Whitney/(White Island; an island of white sand beaches).

101. Yolanda/Yolie/(Violet Flower ; symbolizing faithfulness )

102. Zoe/(Life: Living life to the fullest).

103. Abigail (/Father's Joy; referring to the joy that a father experiences)

104. Alexa (Defender of Mankind; Defender of mankind's honour and integrity)

105. Alice (/Noble, Noble One ; Refers to one who is noble and kind )

106. Amalia/Malia/(Work Of God; Referring to something done by God)

107. Amelia/Amy (Industrious, Hard Worker ; refers to someone who works hard and diligently).

108. Andrea/Andie/(Bold, Courageous Woman ; To be bold and courageous in times of difficulty).

109 Angelina/Angela (/Messenger Of God ; Messenger from God or messenger for divine purpose).

110 Annabelle /Ann (Graceful & Beautiful: Refers to gracefulness and beauty ).

111 Aubrey /Audrey( Elf Ruler , Nobility : Ruler over all elves with royal nobility.)

112 Barbara(Foreigner, Stranger: Foreign woman or stranger ).

113 Beatrice/(Bringer Of Joy : brings happiness wherever she goes .)

114. Cassandra (/Prophetess : One who can foretell the future ).

115. Charlotte/Charlie (Free Woman; Refers to a woman who is free and independent)

116. Claire/(Bright, Famous ; Brightly shining or famous person).

117. Crystal / Kristen( Sparkling Jewel , Clear as Ice: Refers to a crystal clear gemstone )

118. Danielle/Dani(God is My Judge ; God will judge me for my deeds)

119. Deborah/Debbie (/Queen Bee; Queen of all bees - symbolizing leadership ).

120 .Elizabeth /Liz (/My God Is Abundant; A reminder that God provides abundantly).

121 Emily/(Rival ; Rival in strife and battle.)

122 Faith/(Belief, Trust In God: Believing and trusting in the Lord's will.).

123 Georgia/Gigi (Farmer Worker :Refers to a hardworking farmer .)

124 Grace(Grace Of God; Gods grace bestowed upon us ).

125 Hannah (Favor Or Grace :Receiving divine favor and grace from the Lord)

126 Harper (Harp Player; Referring to a skilled musician who plays a harp).

127 Isabella/Bella(God Is My Oath ; Being true to ones word or promise made to God.)

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.