127 BEST Fake Grass Backyard Ideas (Selected)

William T Johnson May 11, 2023
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fake grass for the backyard

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Are you looking for creative ways to spruce up your backyard?

Fake grass is an excellent solution that can add a modern and stylish look to your outdoor space.

It’s also low maintenance and easy to install, so if you’re short on time or don’t want the hassle of having to mow a real lawn every weekend, fake grass could be the perfect choice for you.

Finding inspiration for your project can often be difficult, but with our selection of 127 best fake grass backyard ideas, we make it easier than ever!

Whether you're looking for something simple and classic or bold and eye-catching, there's sure to be something here that will help bring your vision alive.

We have carefully curated these ideas from some of the top designers in order to provide you with only the very best options available – so no matter what kind of design style appeals to you most, we’ve got it covered!

Benefits of Installing Fake Grass in Your Backyard


One of the significant benefits of installing synthetic grass is its lack of maintenance.

Compared to natural grass, synthetic grass does not require regular mowing, watering, or fertilizing, making it a brilliant option for people who are busy or not physically able to upkeep their lawn.

Artificial grass can also withstand harsh weather conditions, such as droughts, floods, or heavy traffic, without turning brown or developing bald spots.

Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Backyard

Another significant benefit of installing fake grass in your backyard is the crisp, green look it can provide.

With artificial turf, you can maintain the desired look and feel of your outdoor space, without worrying about any ugly brown spots, pests, or weeds.

Synthetic grass comes in different shades, textures, and shapes, allowing you to customize your yard to reflect your desired aesthetic.

Saves Water and Money

In arid regions where water is scarce, turfing your lawn with fake grass could be your best bet and save you lots of money.

With artificial turf, you don't require any irrigation, hence reducing your monthly water bill significantly. Additionally, synthetic grass eliminates the need for purchasing fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers, which can be costly.

And my fake grass backyard ideas chosen specially for you:

1. Artificial turf play area:

Create a designated play space for kids with fake grass and include playground equipment like a swing set or slide.

2. Pet paradise:

Designate a space in the yard for your pets with artificial turf so they have an area to play and do their business. Include toys, scratching posts, etc.

3. Putting green:

For the golf enthusiast, install artificial turf to create your own putting green.

4. Lawn games zone:

Create an area for lawn games like bocce ball, cornhole or ladder golf using fake grass.

5. Zen garden:

Create a peaceful Zen garden with artificial turf, rocks, bamboo fencing and foliage.

6. Outdoor entertaining space:

Cover a patio or deck with fake grass to create an easy-to-maintain space for parties and barbecues.

7. Backyard sports court:

Install artificial turf to create a multi-sport court for tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc.

8. Seating space:

Add benches or chairs on a fake grass area to create a casual seating space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

9. Fire pit:

Place a fire pit in the center of an artificial turf space to create an cozy outdoor living room.

10. Barefoot path:

Create a meandering barefoot path through your yard with fake grass for a unique sensory experience.

11. Garden labyrinth:

Create a maze-like garden using artificial turf and plants to create an interesting landscape feature.

12. Grass roof:

Install fake grass onto the top of your home or shed for an eye-catching look that’s also low maintenance.

13. Swimming pool surround:

Surround your swimming pool with artificial turf for a soft, luxurious feel underfoot when you're enjoying a swim or sitting in the sun poolside.

14. Outdoor movie theater:

Set up an outdoor projector screen on fake grass to have backyard movie nights with friends and family instead of going to the theater!

15. Bocce ball court:

Designate a space in your yard specifically for playing bocce ball by installing fake grass along with sideboards and side markers used in traditional play rulesets .

16. Raised deck seating area:

Add raised decks separated by strips of artificial turf to make use of every corner or inch of space while keeping it looking green year round without having to maintain real grass between each elevated platform .

17. BBQ area:

Section off part of the yard as dedicated barbecue spot, complete with picnic tables , benches , umbrellas , grills and more all surrounded by low-maintenance fake grass for easy clean up after gatherings .

18. Kids’ play area:

Transform an unused corner of the backyard into a fun and safe playground for children with artificial turf, slides, swing sets, climbing frames and other outdoor toys.

19. Outdoor office space:

Create a quiet workspace outside with fake grass flooring and comfortable seating made from weather-resistant materials to enjoy some fresh air while working from home.

20. Dog agility course:

Construct an obstacle course in your yard with fake grass for your pup to practice their agility skills on tall barriers or weave poles without wearing down natural grass or getting muddy paws!

21. Horseshoe pits:

Add two horseshoe pits constructed out of artificial turf with sand as the backstop so players can toss shoes without worrying about damage to real lawns .

22. Beach volleyball court:

Designate a beach volleyball court using faux turf along with boundary lines painted on top so it's always game ready no matter what the weather is like that day!

23. Rock garden pathway:

Add an intricate rock garden pathway lined by strips of synthetic turf along its border to create beautiful walkways in your backyard

24. Poolside lounge area:

Create cozy seating areas around the pool decked out with cushions , umbrellas and tables placed atop artificial turf for easy cleaning if spills occur while enjoying drinks or snacks outside on hot summer days .

25. Outdoor kitchen:

Construct an outdoor kitchen with a fake grass flooring for easy cleanup and pleasant views of the outdoors while cooking up some delicious meals.

26. Patio extension:

Install artificial turf around your patio to extend its area without having to worry about maintaining real grass during dry spells or inclement weather conditions.

27. Playground border/safety cushion:

Edge playgrounds, trampolines, and other recreational equipment with strips of fake grass for added safety when children are playing outside .

28. Putting green:

Create a putting green in the backyard using synthetic turf that’s designed specifically for golf practice purposes so you can perfect your swing at home!

29. Picnic tables on fake grass:

Place picnic tables on top of faux turf if your yard doesn’t have enough space for separate seating areas and dining spaces .

30. Roof garden:

Add potted plants, hanging baskets , trellises , etc., on top of artificial turf to create beautiful roof gardens full of lush foliage all year round !

31. Hot tub surround :

Install a hot tub surrounded by soft synthetic turf for a luxurious feel underfoot as you soak in warm waters with your friends.

32. Garden party area:

Set up a garden party space with rugs, cushions and lots of colorful decorations over fake grass for an inviting spot to enjoy outdoor gatherings in style!

33. Trampoline pad:

Put your trampoline on top of artificial turf to cushion the impact when jumping, while keeping the yard looking neat and clean all year long .

34. Garden walkways:

Lay down strips of faux lawn between flower beds or vegetable patches so you can easily walk around without trodding on any greenery .

35. Kids’ sports court:

Build a small-scale sporting area in the backyard using rubberized turf for kids to practice their soccer , hockey, basketball or other sports skills without leaving home.

36. Game area:

Set up a game zone in the backyard using simulated turf as the flooring for a fun spot to play board games and outdoor activities with family and friends .

37. Outdoor movie theater:

string up a projector screen in the yard and use fake grass as seating for an inviting outdoor movie theater experience with snacks, blankets and lawn chairs!

38. Meditation space:

Create a calming meditation area away from distractions with faux turf, comfortable cushions , candles, incense or even water features nearby to enjoy some peaceful moments outdoors.

39. Fire pit lounge:

Construct a fire pit surrounded by artificial turf seating around it so you can gather around a warm fire on chilly nights with friends and family.

40. Dog corner:

Designate an area of your fake grass backyard just for your pup, with their toys, beds, food and water bowls to create a comfortable spot that’s also easy to clean up after them.

41. Birdbath centerpiece:

Create a tranquil centerpiece in the yard with a birdbath set atop faux lawn surrounded by plants and rocks to attract feathered.

42. Pathway:

Line garden pathways with synthetic turf for a unique look that’s sure to be admired by all visitors to your home.

43. Outdoor office/workspace:

Setup an outdoor workspace in the backyard on artificial turf so you can work or study outside in fresh air while being surrounded by nature.

44. Zen garden:

Create a zen garden oasis right in your own backyard using fake grass as a base, potted plants and some outdoor decor for an inviting space of relaxation .

45. BBQ area:

Construct an outdoor kitchen or BBQ space over faux turf for a more comfortable area to prepare and serve food, rather than on hard slabs of concrete or tiles.

46. Carpeted deck:

Lay down faux sod as an alternative to wood planks or stone slabs when building your own backyard decking . It’s easier to maintain and still looks great too!

47. Gazebo lounge :

Build a gazebo in the garden that’s surrounded by fake grass so you can enjoy luxurious outdoor seating with family and friends.

48. Kids play area:

Set up a safe play zone for kids using artificial turf flooring so they can roll around, climb, jump and run without risking

49. Mini golf course:

Construct a mini golf course in the backyard over synthetic turf for some fun and challenging entertainment with friends and family.

50. Putting green:

Build your own putting green in the yard using fake grass as your base for perfecting those short game shots!

51. Rock garden:

Place stones, pebbles or other decorative rocks over artificial turf to create an attractive focal point in the backyard that’s sure to draw admiring glances from visitors .

52. Picnic area:

Set up a picnic spot with rugs, cushions and lots of colorful decorations over faux lawn so you can enjoy outdoor meals with family and friends without worrying about mud on clothes or insect bites .

53. Labyrinth path:

Lay down strips of simulated turf between flower beds or

vegetable patches to form a labyrinth-style walking path through your garden - it’ll make exploring even more exciting !

54. Outdoor theater stage:

Create an open air stage by laying down fake grass tiles as flooring, add props such as old doors, chairs or sculptures , then invite everyone out into the garden for impromptu performances under starry sky!

55. Driveway extension:

Upgrade traditional driveway materials by covering them with artificial turf to make the area look more natural, while also helping reduce surface temperatures and lower noise levels.

56. Playground:

Create an exciting playground in your backyard that’s padded with synthetic grass for a safe environment where kids can play without worrying about getting hurt from hard ground surfaces.

57. Hideaway:

Designate an area of the yard where you can retreat away from it all by installing fake sod as a base, adding comfortable furniture pieces and some privacy screens or trellises to enclose the space.

58. Sports court:

Construct a sports court over artificial grass so everyone can get active outdoors - whether it be basketball, soccer or other fun games!

59. Garden wall:

Frame the boundaries of your garden with a unique wall made out of faux turf strips for an eye-catching feature that’s sure to stand out.

60. Path edging:

Edge pathways in your yard using fake grass as a creative way to add contrast between green spaces and hard surfaces such as brick or stone.

61. Water feature:

Install a decorative water feature over synthetic lawn so you can enjoy the soothing sound of running water while admiring its pleasant visual effect too.

62. Patio seating area:

Transform any patio into a cozy seating area by laying down some artificial turf and placing chairs, tables and colorful outdoor decor around it for an inviting atmosphere!

63. Garden walkways:

Create pathways in your garden by installing artificial grass as a cost effective and low maintenance option for easy access between sections of plants or trees.

64. Hot tub surround:

Replace the hot tub’s wooden deck with a luxurious covering of fake grass to provide softness underfoot and a natural look that ties everything together nicely!

65. Pool area:

Surround your swimming pool with faux sod to create an inviting atmosphere that also helps keep water clean by preventing dirt, debris and other contaminants from entering in the first place.

66. Balcony decorations:

Transform boring balconies into cozy outdoor spaces using synthetic turf as an easy way to bring the feel of a garden right into your living space.

67. Garden furniture:

Designate a special area of the yard to place outdoor furniture pieces over artificial grass for an attractive seating space that’s sure to get plenty of use!

68. Outdoor kitchen:

Create an alfresco cooking and dining space by laying down faux lawn as flooring, add appliances and cabinets, then enjoy delicious meals served right in your own backyard oasis.

69. Campsite area:

Set up a campsite complete with tents, fire pits and camping chairs using fake turf as groundcover so you can experience the joys of camping without ever having to leave home!

70. Natural garden walkways:

Make pathways through flower beds or vegetable patches more appealing by installing simulated sod between them – it’ll make walking around even more enjoyable!

71. Sunbathing platform:

Build a sunbathing platform in your yard covered with artificial grass for safe suntanning sessions all summer long – just don’t forget the sunscreen!

72. Bird bath station:

Place birdbaths on top of synthetic turf to create an inviting spot where feathered friends can bathe during warm days while also providing some beautiful views too!

73. Dog play area:

Designate an area of the yard as a special play spot for your furry friends by laying down some fake grass, adding toys and other fun elements like tunnels or agility equipment.

74. Garden planters:

Add visual interest to your garden by installing faux lawn as edging around planters – it’ll create lovely contrast with colorful blooms and lush greenery!

75. Miniature golf course:

Construct a miniature golf course in your backyard that’s complete with synthetic turf fairways, sand traps, water hazards and more for an exciting game of miniature golf right at home!

76. BBQ station:

Put together a full outdoor kitchen setup with a BBQ grill, countertop and chairs over artificial grass for an easy cooking station that’s both stylish and functional.

77. Outdoor movie screen:

Turn your backyard into an outdoor theater by setting up a large projector screen over fake turf – it’ll be the perfect spot to watch movies under the stars!

78. Putting green:

Create a putting green in your yard using synthetic turf for practice sessions or friendly tournaments with friends and family – just make sure to keep score!

79. Meditation zone:

Set up a peaceful meditation space with comfortable seating, stones, Buddha statues and artificial turf as the flooring so you can relax while enjoying the beauty of nature.

80. Beach area:

Bring the beach to your backyard with a sandy shoreline bordered by simulated grass – it’s perfect for enjoying a few hours of fun in the sun without ever having to leave home!

81. Outdoor art installation:

Create your own outdoor gallery by setting up sculptures, wall murals and other works of art over faux lawn for an eye-catching display that’s sure to be admired!

82. Water fountain feature:

Add a water fountain surrounded by simulated grass to your backyard oasis for a calming sound that creates the perfect atmosphere after long days at work or school.

83. Playground area:

Transform part of the yard into an exciting playground with slides, swings and monkey bars all laid out on top of artificial turf – it’ll make playtime even more enjoyable!

84. Garden games area:

Set up a fun garden games corner complete with badminton nets, volleyball courts and horseshoe pits using synthetic grass as flooring so you can have some friendly competitions right in your own backyard.

85. Bocce ball court:

Construct a full bocce court made from false sod for hours of fun playing this timeless game filled with strategy, skill and lots of laughter too!

86. Pet obstacle course:

Let your four-legged friends have plenty of fun running around an obstacle course made from artificial grass – it’ll keep them entertained and exercised.

87. Hot tub lounge:

Build a hot tub surrounded by synthetic turf for a relaxing spot to soak and unwind after long days – it’s the perfect way to end any day!

88. Treehouse deck:

Construct a treehouse deck with faux lawn as flooring to create a special space for your kids to play and explore!

89. Beach volleyball court:

Design an outdoor beach volleyball court in the yard by laying down some artificial turf – it’ll be perfect for summer fun all year round!

90. Zen meditation area:

Set up a tranquil Zen garden with low-maintenance synthetic grass that adds just enough texture and color while providing comfortable seating spots around it so you can relax and meditate in peace.

91. Chessboard terrace:

Create an eye-catching chessboard terrace using fake grass as the squares for hours of checkers, chess or any other game you desire!

92. Kids’ playroom:

Transform part of the backyard into a dedicated kids’ playroom complete with toys, books, slides, climbing structures and more over simulated lawns – they won’t ever want to leave this one!

93. Batting cage practice area:

Put together a batting cage set up where your little slugger can get ready for their next game with hour after hour of batting practice on fake grass!

94. Putting range:

Create a little putting range in the yard using synthetic turf for all your practice sessions – and don’t forget to keep track of who wins each game!

95. Bistro area

Design an outdoor bistro area with faux sod as flooring, covered seating and even a bar cart or two so you can enjoy al fresco dining or drinks at any time.

96. Trampoline court:

Set up a full trampoline court complete with interactive LED lighting, sound system and plenty of padding over artificial turf – it’ll be like having your own amusement park right in your backyard!

97. Fire pit seating area:

Construct a fire pit surrounded by faux grass for cozy fireside chats or s’mores with friends and family it’s sure to be the favorite spot of everyone who visits!

98. Soccer field:

Create your very own soccer field using artificial turf so you can practice like a pro without ever having to leave home.

99. Glow-in-the-dark mini golf course:

Take mini golfing to the next level with glow-in-the-dark obstacles, putting greens and more all laid out on simulated grass – now that's a fun night time activity!

100. Tree fort

Create a tree fort with artificial turf as the base, providing your little ones with hours of fun and exploring all while in comfort and safety.

101. Outdoor movie theater

Put up a projector screen along with some comfy couches and bean bags over simulated grass for an outdoor cinema experience right in your own backyard!

102. Playground maze:

Construct a playground maze complete with tunnels, slides, bridges, monkey bars and more using synthetic turf to cushion any falls or tumbles that may occur during playtime.

103. Outdoor gym area:

Design an outdoor gym filled with pull-up bars, dipping stations and other equipment all set up on false sod so you can take your workout routine outdoors whenever you wish!

104. Zen garden nook:

Carve out a small corner of the yard dedicated to relaxation by laying down some fake lawns then add a few chairs or benches so you can kick back anytime life gets hectic.

105. Mud kitchen playset:

Let their imaginations run wild by building them a mud kitchen made from simulated sod – it’ll be packed full of creative possibilities that will keep them engaged for hours!

106. Outdoor playroom:

Transform your backyard into a kids' paradise with brightly colored furniture, toys and multiple artificial grass play mats so they can let their imaginations run wild and explore to their heart's content!

107. Backyard golf course:

Install fake grass mats in an L-shape around the yard then add some obstacles for an ultimate mini golf experience – it’ll be like having your own personal golf course at home!

108. Sandbox area:

Let the little ones build sandcastles all year round with a dedicated sandbox built on top of simulated lawns and filled with colorful beach toys.

109. Water fountain oasis:

Create a water oasis right in your own backyard by setting up low maintenance synthetic turf along with bubbling fountains, soothing lighting and comfortable seating spots – perfect for winding down after work or just soaking up the tranquility when you need it most!

110. Horseshoe pit:

Build yourself a horseshoe game court using false sod as flooring that comes complete with posts, stakes and plenty of space to throw those horseshoes around without worry about damaging any real grass underneath!

111. Adventure Park:

Set up a mini-adventure park with rope bridges, rope swings, monkey bars and a rock wall over synthetic turf for an exciting way to test their strength, balance and agility all in one!

112. Putting green:

Create your own putting green using artificial grass mats so you can practice your golf swing anytime without having to leave the comfort of home.

113. Dog run area:

Design a dog run complete with fake turf that’s perfect for both small and large breeds – it’ll be like taking them on daily walks right in the backyard!

114. Water slide area:

Build their own personal water park by installing some faux lawns then adding sprinklers, slides, slip n’ slides and more - now that's guaranteed fun!

115. Hideaway hut:

Construct a wooden hideaway hut over simulated grass so they can have their very own special hideout whenever they need some alone time or just want to get away from it all!

116. Scavenger hunt course:

Plot out an interactive scavenger hunt course using imitation sod complete with clues, riddles and puzzles – it’s the perfect way to keep them entertained and challenge their skills.

117. Garden paths:

Lay down some fake grass matting in between gardens beds and other outdoor features to create winding pathways that will add an extra touch of charm to your backyard!

118. Outdoor art gallery:

Showcase your favorite artwork in a unique way by displaying them on simulated lawns then use lighting and plants to enhance the effect.

119. Swing set area:

Build a swing set area complete with slides, monkey bars and plenty of swings over synthetic turf for hours of outdoor fun without making too much mess!

120. Miniature playground:

Set up a miniature playground that includes swings, slides, seesaws and more all over simulated grass for hours of fun without worrying about making a mess.

121. Climbing wall frame:

Construct a wooden climbing frame with reinforced steel beams for safe climbing then lay down some false sod underneath it so kids can explore the joys of rock-climbing and stay safe at the same time!

122. Trampoline court:

Build your own trampoline court complete with fake turf and multiple large trampolines so they can jump around to their heart’s content – it's guaranteed fun every single time!

123. Outdoor movie theater:

Transform your backyard into an outdoor cinema by installing some synthetic lawns then setting up bean bags, folding chairs and projectors – don’t forget the popcorn!

124. Pet park area:

Create a dedicated pet play area using false grass mats as flooring then add benches, toys, water dishes and anything else you think would make Fido or Fluffy feel right at home!

125. Treehouse hideaway spot:

Build a small treehouse using false turf for the floor and surrounding area so kids (or adults!) can have their own private hideaway spot in the backyard!

126. Sandbox place:

Create your own personal sandbox area over artificial sod so they can play with sand without worrying about ruining any real grass underneath – this one’s a definite winner!

127. Garden maze:

Construct an intricate garden maze using simulated lawn as flooring then add plants, hedges and other features to make it even more challenging – perfect for both young and old!


Artificial grass can be a fantastic addition to transform your backyard.

With low maintenance requirements, enhanced aesthetics, and money-saving benefits, fake grass is a brilliant option for people looking to enhance their outdoor living experiences.

The above backyard ideas with artificial grass can inspire you to create an outdoor space you can be proud of.


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