127 BEST Above Ground Pool Ideas On a Budget (Top)

William T Johnson Aug 10, 2023
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Best Above Ground Pool Ideas

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Incorporating an above-ground pool into your outdoor space doesn't have to be an expensive or daunting task.

With a plethora of budget-friendly designs and styles available, you'll be able to transform your backyard into a personal oasis.

Our curated list of 127 top above-ground pool ideas provides inspiration that caters to every taste and budget, guaranteeing a refreshing, fun-filled summer experience right in your backyard.

So let's dive in and explore the best options that can elevate your outdoor living space.

1. Stock Tank Pool

A creative and affordable option, stock tank pools are made from large metal containers that can be converted into swimming pools.

2. Natural Pool

Create a natural-looking pool by incorporating plants and rocks into the design. This eliminates the need for chemicals and expensive filtration systems.

3. Inflatable Pool

An easy and cost-effective option, inflatable pools are fun to set up and perfect for small spaces or temporary use.

4. Above-Ground Pool with Deck

Enhance the aesthetics of an above-ground pool by adding a deck around it. This provides a designated space for lounging and entertainment.

5. Mini Lap/Narrow Pool

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, this small pool allows for swimming laps in a compact area.

6. Deck-Style Pool

Similar to an above-ground pool, a deck-style pool is built partially or fully into a deck, creating a seamless and elegant look.

7. Small Square Pool

Utilize a small area of your backyard by installing a square-shaped pool. It provides a refreshing space for relaxation.

8. Small Indoor Pool

If you have limited outdoor space, consider constructing a small indoor pool. This allows you to enjoy swimming throughout the year.

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9. Wall-Mount Pool

Save space by mounting a pool against a wall. This unique design is both practical and visually appealing.

10. Above-Ground Pool with Nice Deck

Combine the affordability of an above-ground pool with a well-designed deck to create a stylish and functional outdoor space.

11. Natural Swimming Pond

Instead of a traditional pool, opt for a natural swimming pond that uses plants and natural filtration methods to maintain water quality.

12. Pallet Pool

Repurpose wooden pallets to build a rustic and economical pool. This DIY option is perfect for those who enjoy hands-on projects.

13. Above-Ground Pool With Decking

Enhance the appearance and functionality of an above-ground pool by adding decking around it.

14. Inflatable Pool With Deck Surrounding

Elevate the look of an inflatable pool by constructing a deck that surrounds it. This creates a more permanent and appealing setup.

15. Budget-Friendly Small Above Ground Pool

A small above-ground pool is a cost-effective option that can fit into smaller yards without breaking the bank.

16. DIY Natural Pond Pool

Transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis with a DIY natural pond pool, incorporating rocks, plants, and a filtration system.

17. Container Pool

Repurpose shipping containers to create a unique and budget-friendly pool. This trend combines sustainability and creativity.

18. Trench Pool

Digging a trench and lining it with a pool liner or waterproofing material is a simple and low-cost way to create a pool.

19. Converted Stock Tank Pool

Convert a stock tank into a stylish pool by adding a pump, filter system, and decking around it. This modern and economical option is gaining popularity.

20. DIY Sunken Pool

Excavate an area in your backyard and create a sunken pool. This gives a luxurious feel to your outdoor space while keeping costs lower than an inground pool.

21. DIY Rock Pool

Utilize natural rocks to create a unique and budget-friendly pool. This DIY project allows you to customize the shape and design according to your preference.

22. Temporary Above-Ground Pool

If you're looking for a temporary pool solution, consider an above-ground pool that can be easily set up and dismantled. Perfect for short-term use or rental properties.

23. Solar Pool Heater

Cut down on energy costs by installing a solar pool heater. This eco-friendly option harnesses the power of the sun to heat your pool water.

24. Kiddie Pool Oasis

Create a mini oasis by combining multiple kiddie pools and surrounding them with lush plants and seating areas. An imaginative and budget-friendly option for family fun.

25. Shipping Pallet Lounge Pool

Transform shipping pallets into a lounge pool by adding a waterproof liner and cushions. It provides a cozy and unique space for relaxation.

26. Natural Wood Plunge Pool

Construct a plunge pool using natural wood materials such as logs or tree stumps. This rustic and organic design adds character to your backyard.

27. DIY Concrete Block Pool

Build a pool using concrete blocks and waterproof materials. This affordable option allows for customization in terms of size and shape.

28. Pond Conversion Pool

Convert an existing pond into a pool by adding a pool liner, filtration system, and decking around it. This repurposing idea can save you money while maximizing your outdoor space.

29. Urban Rooftop Pool

Utilize your rooftop space by installing a small and sleek pool. This urban-inspired pool is a unique addition to any city dwelling.

30. Tyre/Tire Pool

Repurpose old tires to create a budget-friendly pool. Stack and secure the tires, line them with a pool liner, and fill with water for a fun and eco-friendly pool option.

31. DIY Above-Ground Wood Pool

Build an above-ground pool using wood materials such as planks or pallets. This customizable and cost-effective option adds a rustic charm to your backyard.

32. Wading Pool with Fountain

Enhance a small wading pool by incorporating a fountain feature. The soothing sound of flowing water adds a touch of relaxation to your pool experience.

33. Backyard Stream Pool

Create a natural-looking pool by designing a flowing stream that leads into a pool. This eco-friendly setup provides a serene and refreshing environment.

34. Tarpaulin Pool

Use a tarpaulin or heavy-duty plastic sheet to create a quick and inexpensive pool. This temporary solution is perfect for summer parties or events.

35. DIY Plunge Pool with Waterfall

Dig a small plunge pool and add a waterfall feature using rocks and a recirculating pump. This DIY project offers a tranquil and visually appealing pool experience.

36. Horseshoe Pit Pool

Repurpose a horseshoe pit into a unique pool by adding a pool liner and filling it with water. This unconventional idea adds a playful touch to your backyard.

37. Concrete Block Raised Pool

Build a raised pool using stacked concrete blocks. This modern and cost-effective design allows for easy access and can be customized to fit your space.

38. Patio Paver Pool

Utilize patio pavers to construct a small pool. This option is relatively simple and budget-friendly, offering a sleek and seamless look.

39. DIY Hillside Pool

If your backyard has a sloped terrain, create a hillside pool by excavating and constructing retaining walls. This innovative solution maximizes space while providing a stunning view.

40. Dual-Level Pool Deck

Design a dual-level pool deck that incorporates both a shallow wading area and a deeper swimming section. This versatile pool design caters to different preferences and ages.

41. DIY Tire Inner Tube Pool

Repurpose large tire inner tubes by cleaning them thoroughly and filling them with water. This easy and affordable option creates a cozy pool for lounging.

42. Stock Tank Pool

Use a stock tank as a stylish and budget-friendly pool option. These galvanized metal tanks come in various sizes and can be easily transformed into a refreshing pool.

43. Bamboo Enclosed Pool

Create a tropical getaway by enclosing your pool with bamboo fencing or panels. This natural and affordable solution adds privacy and a serene ambiance.

44. Inflatable Pool with Shade Canopy

Opt for an inflatable pool that comes with a built-in shade canopy. This convenient and portable setup provides protection from the sun while enjoying the water.

45. Natural Stone Waterfall Pool

Incorporate a natural stone waterfall into your pool design. This DIY project adds a touch of elegance and serenity to your backyard oasis.

46. Tiered Fountain Pool

Install a tiered fountain feature near your pool, creating a tranquil atmosphere with the sound of cascading water. This budget-friendly addition enhances the aesthetics of your pool area.

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47. Plastic Barrel Soaking Pool

Repurpose plastic barrels or large containers as soaking pools. Add water, seating, and bubble jets for a relaxing and affordable spa-like experience.

48. DIY Gravel Bottom Pool

Instead of using traditional pool flooring, opt for a gravel bottom pool. This low-cost option provides a unique texture and visual appeal.

49. Rustic Wooden Bench Pool

Integrate a wooden bench into your pool design. This dual-purpose addition offers seating and a refreshing dip in the water, perfect for small spaces.

50. Small Aesthetically Designed Pool

Opt for a small and aesthetically designed pool that focuses on style rather than size. This minimalist approach allows for cost-effective construction and utilizes space efficiently.

51. Cocktail Pool with Swim-Up Bar

Create a mini cocktail pool by incorporating a swim-up bar area. This entertaining feature is perfect for hosting poolside parties without breaking the bank.

52. DIY Mosaic Tile Pool

Add a touch of creativity to your pool by using mosaic tiles to create patterns or designs on the pool walls or floor. This DIY project enhances the visual appeal of your pool area.

53. All-Natural Pool Filtration System

Implement an all-natural filtration system that uses plants and natural processes to keep the water clean. This eco-friendly solution reduces chemical usage and maintenance costs.

54. DIY Sun Shelf Pool

Build a sun shelf within your pool, providing a shallow area for lounging. This budget-friendly addition allows you to relax and soak up the sun in comfort.

55. Rustic Stone Pool Deck

Construct a pool deck using rustic stone materials such as flagstone or slate. This natural and affordable option adds beauty and durability to your pool area.

56. Contemporary Glass Wall Pool

Create a modern and luxurious look by incorporating glass walls into your pool design. This sleek option allows for unobstructed views while maintaining privacy.

57. Floating Pool Hammocks

Invest in floating pool hammocks or lounger chairs for ultimate relaxation. These budget-friendly accessories provide a comfortable and enjoyable pool experience.

58. DIY Water Slide Pool

Add excitement to your pool by constructing a DIY water slide. Utilize durable materials such as PVC pipes or tarpaulin for a thrilling and budget-friendly ride.

59. Fire Pit Pool Combo

Combine a fire pit and pool into one multifunctional design. This innovative setup allows for year-round enjoyment by providing warmth and relaxation both in and out of the water.

60. DIY Pool Bar

Build a poolside bar using pallets or reclaimed wood. This budget-friendly addition creates a social hub where you can enjoy drinks and snacks without leaving the pool area.

61. Solar-powered Pool Heater

Install a solar-powered pool heater to extend the swimming season without increasing energy costs. This eco-friendly option utilizes the power of the sun to warm up the water.

62. DIY Pallet Pool Steps

Repurpose wooden pallets to create steps or a ladder for your pool. This inexpensive and creative solution makes entering and exiting the pool easier and safer.

63. Floating Pool Bar

Invest in a floating pool bar that keeps drinks and snacks within reach while you're in the water. This fun and functional addition enhances the poolside experience.

64. Rock Water Slide

Incorporate a rock water slide into your pool design for a thrilling experience. Use synthetic rocks or repurposed materials to create a budget-friendly and adventurous feature.

65. LED Lighting Effects

Install LED lights around your pool to create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere after sunset. This affordable option adds ambiance and enhances the visual appeal of your pool area.

66. Bamboo Pool Fence

Use bamboo poles or panels as a cost-effective and stylish pool fence. This natural and durable material provides privacy and a tropical touch to your pool area.

67. DIY Fountain Jets

Create fountain jets using PVC pipes and small water pumps. This budget-friendly addition adds a touch of elegance and movement to your pool.

68. Solar-powered Pool Cover

Invest in a solar-powered pool cover that helps retain heat, reduces water evaporation, and minimizes debris. This energy-efficient option saves money on heating and maintenance.

69. DIY Pool Shade Sail

Install a DIY pool shade sail using fabric or mesh material. This affordable solution offers protection from the sun's rays and creates a shaded area for relaxation.

70. Beach Entry Pool

Design a beach entry pool that gradually slopes into the water, mimicking the feel of a sandy beach. This budget-friendly option provides a natural and inviting pool entrance.

71. DIY Poolside Cabana

Build a DIY poolside cabana using curtains or fabric panels supported by bamboo or wooden poles. This cozy and shaded retreat offers a relaxing space by the pool.

72. Container Pool

Repurpose shipping containers as swimming pools. This innovative and budget-friendly option allows for customization and easy installation, perfect for small spaces.

73. Floating Pool Volleyball Net

Set up a floating pool volleyball net to add an element of fun and friendly competition. This affordable accessory provides entertainment for swimmers of all ages.

74. Planter Box Pool Fence

Use planter boxes as a pool fence alternative. Fill them with plants or flowers, creating a beautiful and cost-effective barrier around your pool.

75. DIY Pool Waterfall

Construct a DIY pool waterfall using rocks, a water pump, and PVC pipes. This budget-friendly addition creates a soothing water feature that enhances the aesthetics of your pool area.

76. Saltwater Pool Conversion

Convert your conventional chlorine pool into a saltwater pool. Although there may be initial costs, this long-term solution reduces chemical usage and maintenance expenses.

77. DIY Poolside Fire Pit

Build a DIY fire pit near your pool for cozy evenings outdoors. Use fire-resistant materials and adhere to safety measures to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

78. Solar-powered Pool Lights

Install solar-powered LED lights around your pool area. This energy-efficient option illuminates the surroundings without increasing electricity bills.

79. Repurposed Bathtub Soaking Pool

Transform an old bathtub into a luxurious soaking pool. This budget-friendly option provides a unique and relaxing experience.

80. DIY Poolside Movie Screen

Set up a DIY poolside movie screen using a white sheet or projector screen. Enjoy movies or sports events while floating in the pool or lounging poolside.

81. Poolside Tiki Bar

Create a poolside tiki bar using repurposed materials like pallets or bamboo. This tropical-themed addition provides a fun and stylish space for serving drinks and entertaining guests.

82. DIY Poolside Shower

Install a DIY poolside shower using a garden hose and basic plumbing fixtures. This convenient addition allows swimmers to rinse off before and after swimming, keeping the pool water cleaner.

83. Inflatable Pool Toys

Invest in affordable inflatable pool toys such as floats, loungers, and games. These budget-friendly accessories add excitement and entertainment for all ages.

84. Repurposed Tire Planters

Turn old tires into planters and place them around your pool area. Fill them with colorful flowers or greenery to add a touch of nature and visual interest.

85. Poolside Hammocks

Hang hammocks between trees or posts near your pool. These relaxing and low-cost additions provide a cozy spot for lounging and enjoying the surroundings.

86. DIY Poolside Barbecue Station

Build a DIY poolside barbecue station using bricks or cinder blocks. This functional addition allows you to cook delicious meals while enjoying the poolside atmosphere.

87. Poolside Lounge Chairs

Invest in affordable poolside lounge chairs for relaxation and sunbathing. Look for lightweight and weather-resistant options that offer both comfort and durability.

88. Water Volleyball Court

Create a water volleyball court by placing a net across your pool. This budget-friendly addition encourages family and friends to engage in friendly competitions and stay active.

89. Tropical Landscaping

Enhance your pool area with affordable tropical landscaping. Plant palm trees, vibrant flowers, and lush foliage to create a tranquil and vacation-like atmosphere.

90. DIY Poolside Mosaic Art

Create DIY mosaic art on the poolside walls or flooring using colorful tiles or broken ceramics. This artistic addition adds a unique and personalized touch to your pool area.

91. Poolside Cabana Bed

Build a poolside cabana bed using curtains, cushions, and a sturdy frame. This cozy and private space offers a luxurious spot for relaxation and napping.

92. Poolside Yoga Deck

Install a poolside yoga deck using wooden pallets or composite decking materials. This budget-friendly addition provides a dedicated space for practicing yoga or meditation.

93. Kid-Friendly Water Features

Install kid-friendly water features such as splash pads or small fountains. These interactive and affordable additions keep children entertained and engaged in water play.

94. Recycled Glass Bottle Borders

Create borders around your pool using recycled glass bottles. Sink them partially into the ground to create an eco-friendly and eye-catching design element.

95. Poolside Sauna

Convert a small shed or unused structure near your pool into a DIY poolside sauna. This affordable addition allows you to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy without breaking the bank.

96. Floating Pool Speakers

Invest in floating pool speakers that wirelessly connect to your music devices. These budget-friendly accessories provide high-quality sound while you swim or relax in the pool.

97. DIY Poolside Games

Create DIY poolside games like water balloon toss, ring toss, or cornhole. These cost-effective options provide entertainment and friendly competition for both kids and adults.

98. Poolside Herb Garden

Plant a small herb garden near your pool, using pots or raised beds. This budget-friendly addition not only adds visual appeal but also provides fresh herbs for cooking and garnishing.

99. Poolside Lounge Area

Set up a comfortable lounge area near your pool using outdoor furniture and waterproof cushions. This inviting space is perfect for socializing, reading, or simply enjoying the poolside atmosphere.

100. Outdoor Shower

Install an outdoor shower near your pool for easy rinsing and refreshing. This practical addition helps keep the pool area clean and minimizes the tracking of dirt or sand indoors.

101. Poolside Movie Night

Set up a DIY outdoor movie screen near your pool. Hang a white sheet or use a portable projector screen and enjoy a movie night while lounging in the pool or sitting poolside.

102. Solar-Powered Pool Heater

Install a solar-powered pool heater to extend your swimming season without relying on expensive energy sources. These eco-friendly devices capture sunlight to warm up the water.

103. Poolside Fire Pit

Create a cozy poolside ambiance by installing a fire pit. Gather around the fire in the evenings, roast marshmallows, and enjoy the warmth and relaxing glow it provides.

104. Poolside Waterfall

Build a DIY poolside waterfall using rocks, stones, and a water pump. This eye-catching addition not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides a soothing sound of cascading water.

105. Floating Pool Bar

Construct a floating pool bar using foam noodles, a cooler, and a sturdy board. Fill the cooler with chilled beverages and snacks, and let your guests enjoy refreshments without leaving the water.

106. Poolside Lounge Bed Swing

Hang a lounge bed swing near your pool area. This comfortable and stylish addition allows you to relax and gently sway while enjoying the poolside environment.

107. Poolside Planters

Place colorful planters around the pool area to add pops of color and greenery. Choose low-maintenance plants or succulents that thrive in outdoor settings.

108. Poolside Gazebo

Install a poolside gazebo for shade and relaxation. This budget-friendly structure provides a sheltered space where you can escape the sun while still enjoying the poolside atmosphere.

109. Poolside Water Slide

Add a budget-friendly water slide to your pool setup. Look for inflatable or plastic options that can be easily set up and used for hours of fun and excitement.

110. Poolside String Lights

Hang string lights around your pool area to create a magical and inviting atmosphere in the evenings. Opt for solar-powered or LED lights for energy efficiency.

111. Poolside Cabana Curtains

Install flowing curtains around your poolside cabana or seating area. These inexpensive additions offer privacy and a touch of elegance to your pool setup.

112. Poolside Bar Stools

Invest in affordable poolside bar stools for your outdoor bar or counter. Look for weather-resistant materials like plastic or metal that can withstand exposure to water and sunlight.

113. Poolside Canopy

Set up a canopy near your pool for shade and protection from UV rays. Choose a lightweight and portable option that can be easily adjusted and repositioned as needed.

114. Poolside Water Feature

Add a small water feature to your pool or poolside area, such as a tabletop fountain or a bubbling rock. These budget-friendly additions create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere.

115. Poolside Volleyball Net

Install a volleyball net across your pool for a fun and active game. Look for adjustable options that can accommodate different pool sizes.

116. Poolside Swing Chair

Hang a swing chair near your pool area for a comfortable and relaxing seating option. This budget-friendly addition adds a touch of whimsy and fun to your pool setup.

117. Poolside Shade Sail

Attach a shade sail above your pool to provide protection from the sun. These cost-effective and versatile shading solutions come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

118. Poolside Chess or Checkers Table

Create a DIY chess or checkers table near your pool using a large outdoor rug or tiles. This entertainment option allows you to enjoy friendly games while cooling off in the water.

119. Poolside Sunbeds with Curtains

Invest in sunbeds with attached curtains or canopies for added privacy and shade. These adjustable loungers offer a luxurious and comfortable spot for sunbathing.

120. Poolside Waterfall Shower

Install a poolside waterfall shower that mimics the natural flow of waterfalls. This unique addition provides a refreshing experience and adds visual appeal to your pool area.

121. Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

Consider building an outdoor kitchen near your pool. This upgrade allows you to prepare meals and snacks without leaving the fun atmosphere of the pool area.

122. Inflatable Floating Pool Furniture

Purchase inflatable lounge chairs or tables that float in the pool, providing convenient places to relax or set drinks while in the water.

123. Poolside Hammock

Install a hammock near your pool for a relaxing spot to rest and enjoy the serene pool ambiance.

124. LED Pool Balls

Add color-changing LED pool balls to your pool. These waterproof, floating lights create a magical glow, adding a fun and festive touch to nighttime swimming.

125. Poolside Mini Golf

Set up a mini-golf course around your pool area. This engaging activity provides hours of entertainment for guests of all ages.

126. Poolside Yoga Deck

Build a dedicated space for yoga and meditation near your pool. The tranquil environment of the pool area makes it a perfect spot for relaxation and mindfulness practices.

127. Poolside Sandbox for Kids

Create a sandbox near the pool for younger guests. This simple addition provides a fun, creative outlet for kids when they need a break from swimming.

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