109 BEST Middle Names For Adeline (With Meaning)

William T Johnson Jan 23, 2023
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Adeline is a beautiful name, but finding the perfect middle name to pair with it can be a challenge.

With so many middle names to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed.

To make things easier for you, I've put together this comprehensive list of middle names for Adeline that are full of meaning and personality.

From classic middle names like Ruth and Rose to modern favorites like Eden and Quinn, there's something here for everyone!

Whether you're looking for a traditional or unique middle name for your little Adeline, this list has plenty of options to choose from.

So take your time and explore all the possibilities until you find just the right middle name!

1. Adeline Faith – a middle name with religious faith connotations

2. Adeline Joy – a middle name that conveys happiness and joy

3. Adeline Rose – a middle name associated with the beauty of roses

4. Adeline Grace – an elegant middle name that speaks of gracefulness

5. Adeline Hope – an inspiring middle name invoking hope and optimism

6. Adeline Vivian– a middle name paying homage to Latin origin, meaning ‘life’ or ‘alive’

7. Adeline Dawn–a beautiful middle name for your daughter symbolizing the promise of new beginnings and hope in life

8. Adeline Juliet – inspired by Shakespeare's timeless “Romeo and Juliet” story, this is perfect for your little lovebird!

9.Adeline Willow - symbolic of flexibility; letting go when needed just like willow trees swaying in the wind without breaking!

10.Adeline Summer - bring sunshine into her life any day, any season with this lively middle name!

11 .Adeline Harper- from Old English origin meaning "harpist" or "minstrel"; make your daughter sing as sweetly

12. Adeline Harper – from Old English origin meaning “harpist” or “minstrel”; make your daughter sing as sweetly

13. Adeline Rae – a middle name that symbolizes loyalty, grace and beauty

14. Adeline Annabelle –a middle name with a combination of two beautiful names

15.Adeline Eloise – an old French middle name meaning ‘healthy and cunning’

16.Adeline Brooke–meaning either the small stream or meadow near brook; perfect for your little princess!

17.Adeline Claire – inspired by Latin origin which mean 'clear' and 'bright'

18.Adeline Maeve– derived from Irish origin signifying strength, fertility and intelligence

19 .Adeline Freya - Scandinavian middle name associated with Norse mythology of being "lady" or "mistress"

20 .Addie Lucia - derived from Latin, this middle name is associated with light

21 .Addie Sophia - stylish middle name denoting wisdom in Ancient Greek

22 .Addie Genevieve- French middle name conveying white wave; considered to be the patron saint of Parisians

23. Adeline Abigail – derived from Hebrew origin signifying “Father’s joy”

24. Adeline Angelica – a middle name that conveys warmth, innocence and beauty

25.Adeline Isabella - meaning ‘God is my oath'; a middle name that speaks of faith in God

26 .Adeline Faithful– symbolizing faithfulness and trustworthiness

27 .Adeline Gaia - deriving from Greek origin; the earth mother goddess

28 .Addie Oceanne - French middle name for your little mermaid! Meaning 'ocean' or 'sea'

29 .Addie Harmony- this middle name reminds us to stay in harmony with nature

30 .Addie Olive- inspired by Latin origins, it's symbolic of peace and victory

31 . Addie Esme–from old English roots meaning esteemed or beloved

32. Adeline Helena–from Ancient Greek origin denoting light, torch and brightness

33. Adeline Renee–meaning born again with French roots

34. Addie Sage – derived from Latin language which mean wise or wise one

35. Adeline Julia – derived from Latin, signifying youthful and downy

36. Addie Juniper- middle name with a symbolic meaning of protection

37. Addie Marigold – middle name inspired by flowers connoting happiness & joy

38. Adeline Aurora– the Roman goddess of the morning dawn; bring your daughter light and hope!

39 .Addie Athena - Greek middle name associated with wisdom, knowledge and courage

40 .Adeline Clementine - French middle name stands for mildness or mercifulness

41. Adeline Deborah – Hebrew middle that means ‘bee’ denoting industry and diligence

42. Adeline Elizabeth–meaning ‘God is My Oath’; show her dedication to God

43 .Adeline Fiona - Irish middle name associated with fair haired or white

44 .Addie India –name originating from Sanskrit language conveying purest water

45 .Addie Joanna–born again in Greek originSignifying 'God's grace'

46 .Addie Josephine–Hebrew middle partaking 'Jehovah increases'

47. Adeline Katarina - A middle name of Greek origin meaning "pure"

48. Adeline Laura - Latin middle name for Laurel, symbolizing victory and honor

49. Addie Mae - Derived from the Hebrew language meaning "bitter" or "beloved"

50. Adeline Noelle – French middle name conveying Christmas time

51. Addie Penelope–Greek middle partaking 'weaver' or 'spinner'; same as Homer's wife in Odyssey

52. Addie Rose – English middle partaking rose; connote love and beauty

53.Adeline Scarlett – derived from Old English referring to red color

54 .Addie Skye- Scottish middle name denoting beautiful clouds; signifies hope and joy

55 .Addie Vivienne–French middle signifying ‘alive’ with a vivacious spirit

56 .Adeline Willow-English middle associated with mother nature; signify gracefulness & flexibility!

57. Adeline Alexandria - middle name meaning ‘defender of mankind’

58. Addie Annabelle - middle name derived from Latin, signifying grace and beauty

59. Adeline Beatrice – middle name of Italian origin conveying one who brings joy

60. Addie Celeste – middle partaking ‘heavenly’ implying your little angel is sent from heavens!

61. Adeline Danielle–middle moniker associated with God's judgement; a reminder to stay humble in life

62 .Adeline Eden- middle partaking Hebrew for 'delight' or 'pleasure'; symbolizing paradise & innocence

63 .Addie Felicity- middle naming after the Roman goddess of happiness & good fortune

64 .Adeline Georgina – Greek origin signifying farmer or earthworker

65 .Addie Henrietta– German middle denoting home ruler expressing strength & power

66 .Adeline Ivy – English origin refers to faithfulness; loyalty and unwavering devotion

67 .Addie Juliette- French version of Julius connoting youthful energy and enthusiasm

68. Adeline Karen – middle name of Greek origin signifying pure

69. Addie Laurel – middle naming for laurel tree, symbolizing victory and honor

70. Adeline Maeve– Irish middle partaking ‘intoxicating’; implies a mesmerizing personality!

71. Addie Natalie - derived from the Latin language meaning "birthday" or "Christmas Day"

72 .Adeline Ophelia- middle moniker of Greek origin meaning 'help'; signifies protection & aid

73 .Addie Paige - Old English middle denoting young attendant serving noble lady

74 .Adeline Quinn–Irish middle connoting wise counsel; to be on your daughter's side forever!

75 .Addie Rachelle- Hebrew middle name implying ewe which is the female sheep

76. Adeline Sophia–Greek version signifying wisdom; show her that knowledge has no end!

77 .Addie Taylor - Middle moniker derived from French word tailleur, denoting cutter of cloth

78 .Adeline Ursula – German middle part meaing female bear

79. Adeline Valerie – middle name derived from Latin, meaning to be strong and valiant

80. Addie Veronica - middle moniker of Latin origin signifying true image; a reminder for her to remain truthful!

81. Adeline Willow – middle partaking Old English referring to graceful & flexible

82. Addie Zoey–Greek middle denoting life force; hope that she can bring vibrancy into all her ventures!

83. Adeline Abigail – middle name derived from Hebrew, signifying ‘father’s joy’

84. Addie Blythe - English middle name meaning 'carefree and happy'

85. Adeline Charity– middle moniker of Latin origin implying kindness; encourage her to do good!

86 .Addie Dahlia- middle partaking flower with deep spiritual meanings

87 .Adeline Elise- French middle denoting God is my oath; a reminder for your daughter to stay strong in faith

88 .Addie Faith - derived from Latin language conveying trust & belief in religion

89 .Adeline Gemma–Italian middle moniker connoting precious stone; signify your love & care for her!

90. Addie Harlow – English middle naming after the meadow near the hill connoting hope & joy

91. Adeline Isla–Scottish version implies island; may she find solace during hard times!

92. Addie Jocelyn - Middle name of German origin denoting a merry child who brings happiness around them

93. Adeline Kara – middle moniker of Turkish origin signifying ‘friend or beloved’

94. Addie Liberty - middle name derived from Latin language implying freedom and independence

95 .Adeline Maya– middle naming after the Greek goddess symbolizing motherhood & nurturing

96 .Addie Naomi- Hebrew middle partaking ‘pleasantness'; a reminder to your daughter to bring positivity into her life!

97. Adeline Olivia–Latin middle denoting olive tree; signify peace, abundance & victory!

98 .Addie Piper- English version referring to flute player; encourage music in your daughter's life

99 .Adeline Quinn – Irish middle connoting wise counsel; reminding her that you are by her side forever!

100. Addie Rosalind– middle moniker originating from Germanic languages, meaning 'gentle horse'

101. Adeline Starla - middle name of German origin implying 'star'

102. Addie Tabitha - middle moniker derived from Aramaic language, signifying grace and beauty

103. Adeline Unity – English middle denoting ‘union’; may your daughter bring togetherness in all her endeavors!

104. Addie Veda– Sanskrit middle connoting knowledge & wisdom; a gentle reminder to keep learning!

105 .Adeline Willow- middle partaking Old English referring to graceful & flexible

106 .Addie Xanadu- middle name of Persian origin implying the place where Genghis Khan lived

107 .Adeline Yolanda- Greek version which signifies violet flower; symbolizing faithfulness & loyalty

108 .Addie Zelda – Hebrew middle naming after the dark battling heroine imply courage & strength

109. Adeline Zoey–Greek middle denoting life force; reminding her that she can make things happen!

Adeline is a beautiful name that has many middle names with meaningful origins and backgrounds.

From Adeline Willow to Addie Zelda, each middle name offers something special for your daughter’s identity.

Whether it be an Old English reference of grace or a reminder to stay strong in faith, these middle names will help guide her throughout life.

Whichever middle name you choose for your daughter, may it bring joy and love into her days!

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.