Toxic Beauty

Toxic Beauty  


Each morning we spritz and slather ourselves in over 100 different chemicals – yet the cosmetics and personal care industry in North America is not required to prove an ingredient is safe for human health before it is on the shelves. So when we run a bath, lather cream for a shave, carefully apply our makeup or deodorise our underarms, we could be exposing our bodies to myriad toxic chemicals.

Hormonal disruption in baby boys, developmental delays, ADHD, low sperm count in men – the cosmetic industry isn’t pretty. Toxic Beauty is a documentary feature that follows the class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and the plaintiffs; women fighting for justice in a race against time.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Films

Sub Genre: Political, News & Current Affairs, Health & Lifestyle, Documentary

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 1 x 88-minutes (1 x 78-minute version also available)

Available in HD: Yes

Available in 4K: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:A White Pine Pictures Production