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Griff’s Great Australian Rail Trip

Griff’s Great Australian Rail Trip  


***COMING SOON: GRIFF’S KIWI ADVENTURES: 4 x one hour (4 x half hour version also available) ***

British comedian and travel enthusiast Griff Rhys Jones is boarding the trains of Australia to present a very modern look at the land down under.

In this six-part series, Griff will criss-cross the vast continent from the west coast to the east coast, north to south, from surf beaches to dusty outback, he’ll cover thousands of miles through the heart of this great land. In 2015, Griff took a very successful train journey through Africa. Now he’s going to immerse himself in modern Australia, unravel its pioneering history, delight in its indigenous culture, meet some of its more unique characters, and journey through its most isolated towns and spirited cities. 

Along the way, Griff will discover the history of the railroads, the people that operate them and the communities that rely on them – because it’s the railways that made modern Australia.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Travel, Documentary

Year of Production: 2019

Running Time: 6 x one hour (6 x half hour version also available)

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Australia

Production Company:An Essential Media Group Production