From the creator of Trailer Park Boys, Mike Clattenburg, and featuring an all-star cast including Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan, Law & Order), John Carroll Lynch (The Founder, Crazy, Stupid, Love) and Kyle Mac (Miss Sloane, 21 Thunder), the world of Crawford is a familiar yet unusual one. When raccoons invade the world’s most functioning dysfunctional family’s home, they help breathe life and new meaning into the odd behaviours of the family.  

It’s weird, but in Crawford weird is the new normal. Join us on a journey with this not-so-typical family as they navigate the murky waters of fractured relationships, financial troubles, old resentments and new enemies. Along the way there will be raccoon whispering, open relationships, breakups, hillbilly hipsters, clingy U2-obsessed boyfriends and shady lawyers. This family comes out the other end realising they will always have the most important thing: each other. 



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“Expect an original and possibly mind-bending comedy” - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Crawford is an antidote for the despair in the zeitgeist: quirky, charming, unexpected, funny, and weird in a totally relatable way” - YVR SCREEN SCENE

“Crawford is sweetly subversive, delightfully off kilter and pure catnip to TV critics who tend to always be on the lookout for something different” - BRIOUX TV

“Clattenburg brings his talent for writing and directing from the street up as well as for keeping every character as eccentric and as original as possible” - BRIOUX TV

“Clattenburg and O’Neill delight in creating characters who tiptoe between grounded charm and pure absurdity.” - STARWEEK MAGAZINE, TORONTO SUN

“The real beauty of Crawford is that the absurdity is downplayed throughout, this makes everyone and everything feel much more real than if this was going straight for laughs” - STARWEEK MAGAZINE, TORONTO SUN

“…stellar casting.” - STARWEEK MAGAZINE, TORONTO SUN

“And now we all get to enjoy the weirdness that is Crawford” - STARWEEK MAGAZINE, TORONTO SUN

“In new CBC comedy series Crawford, the ubiquitous backyard bandits get something of an image overhaul” - CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC

“Director Mike Clattenburg on "Crawford," a comedic tribute to raccoons” - CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC

“The result is a quirky look at family dysfunction that also sheds light on our complicated relationship with the wild creatures with whom we share our urban environments.” - CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC

“CBC’s Crawford is weird, in a beguiling and hopelessly sweet way.” - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“It has a fine cast and a style and tone that is bonkers but seductive.” - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Strange, yes, and wonderful too – the loopiness being kind of addictive.” - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Startlingly original” - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“[The series] is at once deadpan and delirious. It is nobody's idea of a family sitcom and the better for that.” - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Lynch never says a word but is the most empathetic Dad you will find on TV” - TORONTO STAR

“Top-notch cast” - TORONTO SUN

“Entertaining” - TORONTO SUN

Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Family, Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 12 x half hours

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Canada

Production Company:Produced by Rabbit Square Productions for CBC